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Our Partner Brands...

BTS Boutiquee
Agassi & Sanai

How we shall promote you?

KdropCart is open to promote your Indian or International store/shop/blog/website/campaign to its audience. However it should be relevant to our audience and it must be authentic. 

We shall promote it through banners on our home page/sidebar/ footer widget and through special blog mentions. 

We shall promote it by writing special guide articles as well as sending emails to our growing email list. 


Why choose KdropCart?

KdropCart is rapidly growing India based Kdrama, BTS, Kpop Blog and Shopping guide platform. 

We had achieved success to be on the first page of google through our SEO strategies with our very first blog and by just posting 15 articles in our first 7-8 months we are often ranked on top positions in google. This made KdropCart a reputed site in search engines and a lovable brand among lovely Kpop/Kdrama audience in India and globally. 

Apart from this our blogs are very user focused and often get viral (we have reports on it).

Our user base and SEO audience is growing and  they are willing to know exciting deals/offers for their favourite Kpop/Kdrama merch & Korean products and culture. 

Before making a deal we can show you our analytic reports also. 

KdropCart promises to serve rich user focused content by making your brand visible to our fun audience. 

How to do it?

To Advertise / partner / collab with KdropCart please fill this form below & KC Team will reply you ASAP  : )

In other cases you can mail us with your Idea/proposal/offer ! 

MAIL TO – [email protected] 

SUBJECT – “Advertise/Partner/Collab”