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13 Kdramas similar to Welcome to Samdalri in 2024

welcome to samdalri

Did you watch Welcome to Samdalri  starring everyone’s favourite Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun. 

Then you must be looking for something similar to watch like me ?

Yes I curated a list of my favourite Korean Dramas like Welcome to Samdalri.

Here is a list of Korean Dramas similar to Welcome to Samdalri :

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Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hometown cha cha cha is all similar to Welcome to Samdalri where female leads come back to small towns after some failures in Seoul.

However in Welcome to Samdalri, Sam Dal comes back to her own hometown but in Hometownch cha cha cha is not like that. 

They both fall for a countryside boy who hates Seoul and loves the good enough life. 

Both dramas give summer vibes with chills. It’s like these countryside dramas are all about giving us those warm fuzzies. 

Summer Strike

Here comes one of my most favourite shows Summer Strike. Same story line where female lead takes break from her busy life and comes to a small town. 

Both Welcome to Samdalri and Summer Strike are teaching “When life and work get tough, it’s totally fine to hit pause and give yourself a fresh start”.

You might’ve missed something important along the way. Both of these shows are like a healing balm, providing comfort and solace in those moments when you just need a breather.

lovestruck in the city

Lovestruck in the city also depicts the story of female lead going to a small town along the beaches and falls for the rich guy. Starred by Ji Chang Wook and Kim ji won the show is packed with sizzling chemistry and cozy vibes. 

When the weather is Fine

Both shows When the weather is fine and Welcome to Samdalri has the female lead coming back to hometown and meeting the male lead from same town. 

Both Korean dramas are romantic and slice of life. 

Our Beloved Summer

If you haven’t watched Our Beloved Summer then its a must watch for a comfy summer vibes. Although the story line and plots are quite different from Welcome to Samdalri but both have romantic, slice of life vibes. 

Reply 1988

Both shows spin tales of childhood buddies evolving into something more, blossoming into love. They also dive into the everyday lives f various families in the same town or neighbourhood. It’s like peeking into the regular, relatable stories of the people around them.

My Liberation Notes

Both shows happen in the summertime in the countryside. They both follow three siblings who sometimes cause a bit of chaos for their parents, each with their own stories. 

And in both shows, one of the siblings falls for a local guy, even though the main guys are different. It’s like a simple summer story with some family drama thrown in!

Although the characters of main leads are quite different in both kdramas but both are cozy watch. 

If you wish upon me

If you wish upon me revolves around the story of a hospital for old people. It has similar slice of life vibes like Welcome to Samdalri. The chaos and romance is also there. However the plot is different. 

Another similar thing in both Korean Shows is – Ji Chang Wook is the main lead. 

Meet Yourself

Meet yourself This drama is all about tourism and running a business, adding a bit of spice to the story.

In Meet Yourself the girl in the story decides to check out the countryside to honor her late best friend’s wish. They were supposed to explore the place together.

She used to be a Hotel Front Office Manager in the city, so the male lead  asks for her help with his tourism business in the village.

The whole trip turns out to be just what she needed to mend her broken spirit. 

To me , It’s simply You

Just like Jo Sam Dal, the male lead, has to head back home because of some bad luck. Everyone in the village still calls him by his old nickname, even though he can’t stand it.

He used to be a country kid, but city life changed him after he went through some tough times with bullies. Now, he’s all city, not a fan of the small-town way of life.

Coming back home teaches him a bunch of life lessons. Hard work, family, friends, and a bit of romance help him heal and find his way.

Our blues

Both dramas Our Blues and Welcome to Samdalri are set in Jeju Island and feature childhood friends who reunite and fall in love after overcoming hardships and misunderstandings

Forecasting Love and Weather

In both kdramas the male lead is a weather forecaster, and are in love with female lead while being head over heals for her. 

Forecasting love and weather starring Song Kang and Park Min Young has heating chemistry while Welcome to Samdalri has romance full of butterflies. 

The Good Bad Mother

Single mom Young Soon, a pig farmer, faces strained relations with son Kang Ho. After a life-changing event where he loses his memories and becomes 7 year old mentally, Kang Ho returns home, fostering a fresh start and reconnecting with childhood friend Mi Joo who is also his past lover and mother of his unknown kids. 


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FAQ : Welcome to Samdalri

Where to watch Kdrama Welcome to Samdalri for free?

Dramacool, HITV, Kisasian

How many episodes are there in Welcome to Samdalri ?


What genre Welcome to Samdalri kdrama is?

Slice of Life

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