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“Summer Strike” Korean Drama Summary Explained in English | Summer Strike Korean Drama Review by Fan

summer strike kdrama summary and review

About “Summer Strike/I don’t want to do anything” Korean Drama : –

Released Year – 2022

CAST – Seol Hyun, Im Si Wan

Director – Lee Yoon-jung; Hong Moon-pyo

IMDB Rating – 7.8/10

My Dramalist Rating – 8.63/ 10

Genre – Slice of LIfe, Comfort, Romance, Melodrama


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Is Summer Strike Worth Watching?

Of course it is ! If you like Kdramas, DO NOT miss this great watch show 🙂

Is there romance in Summer Strike?

Summer strike has healthy romantic natural relationship between a calm guy and a girl who always gets bullied.

What Kdrama is similar to Summer Strike?

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