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10 Korean Dramas like “Our Blooming Youth” | 10 Kdramas similar to Our Blooming Youth

kdramas like our blooming youth

Want something fun to watch like the Kdrama Our Blooming Youth?  Yes you are at the right place for fan recommendations.

After Kdramas like Happiness and “Soundratch #1” Park Hyung Sik came back with another fun watch “Our Blooming Youth” starring Jeon So Nee.

This historical mystery – romance Kdrama also has cute second main leads. So here I will list down some kdramas with similar plot, theme and vibes as Our Blooming Youth.

Watch these Korean Shows if you enjoyed Our Blooming Youth –


Scarlet Heart Ryo

Strong Woman Do Bok Soong

You are beautiful

Coffe Prince

kdramas like our blooming youth

The King’s affection

kdramas like our blooming youth

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

kdramas like our blooming youth

Love in the moonlight

To the beautiful You

Empress Ki

So this was it for this list ! You can check more such recommendations on our blog or YouTube channel  !

Comment Down Below which of these shows you have watched and what did you love in them?

I hope you liked it … !



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FAQ “Our Blooming Youth”

What is the cast of Kdrama Our Blooming Youth?

Jeon So Nee and Park Hyung Sik.

Where to watch Our Blooming Youth Kdrama?

Watch it on Dramacool for free !

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