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10 Underrated Korean Dramas to watch in 2024 | 10 Underrated Kdramas released in 2022

underrated korean dramas to watch

2022 was a rollercoaster year for Kdrama fans !

It  gave us many hit Korean dramas like Twenty Five Twenty One , Tomorrow and All of Us are  Dead !

We also got shows like A Business Proposal and Reborn Rich that became everyone’s favourite as soon as they released !

But there were also some shows that you might have missed to watch !

There are many underrated Korean dramas released in 2022 ! And We think it would be a loss to not watch such shows !

So here is a list of Underrated Korean Dramas of 2022 that you should definitely not leave out !


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Check this video to know some must watch korean dramas in 2023 that you missed !

What is the best Kdrama of 2023?

The Glory

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