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11 Kdramas similar to REVENGE OF OTHERS “| 11 Revenge Korean dramas like Third Revenge

revenge kdramas

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

Here is a list of Kdramas to watch if you enjoyed REVENGE OF OTHERS –


CAST – Shin Ye-Eun, Park Solomon

IMDB ratings – 8/10

My Dramalist ratings – 8.6/10

Episodes – 12

Watch Kdramas on – VIKI, Dramacool, HiTV, Kisassian, Netflix, Disney+, Watchasian


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Kdramas like Cheer Up

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6 Kdramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo

What is the cast of kdrama Revenge of Others ?

Park Solomon and Shin Ye Eun

Where to watch THIRD REVENGE Kdrama ?

Watch REVENGE OF OTHERS on HiTV, VIKI, Dramacool for free and on Disney +!

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