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5 must watch Kdramas similar to “Bad and Crazy” | Korean Dramas like Bad and Crazy

kdramas like bad and crazy

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If you are looking for something similar to Kdrama “Bad and Crazy” then here are some of my recommendations for you.

Bad and Crazy : Cast, Episodes, Story, Recommendations

Cast – Lee Dong Wook (Ryu Soo Yeol), WI Ha Joon (K), Han Ji Eun (Lee Hee Kyum)

Episodes – 12

Synopsis “Bad and Crazy”

Kdrama “Bad and Crazy” is starred by Lee Dong Wook along with Wi Ha Joon (Squid Game) and is full of craziness. It deals with the concepts of justice, psychology, cop investigation and politics. Bad and Crazy seems to have a really unique concept. This thriller series is the best pick for Kdrama fans who enjoy bromance themed shows.

 Drama is about two main lead where one is known to be “Bad Guy” and another is known to be “Crazy Guy” but the twist is that the “crazy guy” is just a mind character and never existed in real.

Here are some more Kdramas like “Bad and Crazy”

Watch these shows if enjoyed “Bad and Crazy of Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha-Joon

The Ghost Doctor

The plot and genre of these two shows – The Ghost Doctor and Bad and Crazy is different but similar to Bad and Crazy this medical-comedy drama also deals with the theme of two personalities in one body. Ghost Doctor is also a 2022 released Kdrama like Bad and Crazy.

God’s quiz

As per the plot God’Quiz has similarity to Bad and Crazy. In both dramas the main leads are funny and has a split personality in his head which changes his real life incidents and behaviour. God’s Quiz was released in 2010 and is a good watch in this genre.

It’s okay, that’s love

The genre of “it’s okay that’s love” is different but it similar to “Bad and Crazy” the main lead in this series also has a virtual personality in his head that directs him in his real life actions. It’s okay that love is more like a rom-com but both shows have comedy elements.

Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Similar to bad and crazy the main lead creates and imaginative character in his head which he thinks is real. However in bad and crazy these two personalities are played by two different actors while in “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” its played by the same actor.

The psychopath diary

There are a lot similarities between “The psychopath diary” and “Bad and crazy” as both deal with the concept of split personality or virtual personality of one’s inner self. However “The psychopath diary” depicts more of a horror concept while bad and crazy is down to more of thriller concept.

After watching WI Ha Joon in “Squid Game” I got really excited for this show but the drama seems more than promising. So which similar drama are you going to watch next chingu? Or if you have any other and better recommendation then don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.

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