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8 Kdramas similar to SNOWDROP | Watch Korean Dramas like Snowdrop

kdramas like SNOWDROP

Annyeong chingu-ya!

After experiencing the magical love of Snowdrop if you are looking something similar to watch then I have some recommendations for you.

 Recently Kdrama Snowdrop reached at number one on Disney plus. Despite being in many controversies this melodramatic show has become everyone’s favourite. Since its release on 18th December 2021 the show has been in news like EVERYDAY. But these controversies are not only reason for success of this Korean show.

Snowdrop Kdrama : cast, episodes, story

Cast – Kim Ji Soo (BLACKPINK), Jong Hae In (D.P. Kdrama)

Episodes – 16

Where to watch – Watch Now on Dramacool

Snowdrop synopsis

Snowdrop Kdrama is a love story between  two youngsters studying in university where the male lead is actually a North Korean Spy. It is a melodrama set in `1987 of Seoul and depicts the incident of Korea’s democratic reforms in that time.

So if you experienced the magic of this romantic series and want something similar then here I have a list of Kdramas similar to SNOWDROP –

Enjoyed SNOWDROP? Here are some similar shows to watch –

Youth of May

Similar to Snowdrop plot of the Youth of May also takes place in political history of South Korea. Although it doesn’t involve North Korea part much but both dramas are melodramas and present love despite rough political environment.

Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger is about a kid who gets kidnapped in North Korea with his doctor father and falls in love with North Korean girl related to political family. Similar to Snowdrop, Doctor Stranger has North Korean and South Korean love angle amid political tensions.

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Crash Landing on You

Talking about shows about North Korea and South Korea relationships and not this legendary drama – Crash landing on you, it is not possible. This drama might not need any introduction but the similarities it has with Snowdrop is, romantic angle between North Korean male lead and South Korean female lead.

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Similar to Snowdrop King2hearts Kdrama has love story between a North Korean female soldier and South Korean prince, arising from the political aspects of both countries.

Korean Peninsula

Like Snowdreop Korean Peninsula also has North Korean and South Korean love story including political angle with suspense and thrill. In Korean Peninsula a North Korean scientist falls for South Korean scientist.

kdrama mer h

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Son is a legendary drama and doesn’t need any introduction. The vibes we get while watching it are similar to Snowdrop as both has political-military aspects, spy and history of Korea with a beautiful romantic relationship. Decendentas of the Sun is a multi starrer drama that consists – Song Jong Ki, Song Hyo Kyo, Kim Ji Won, Jin Goo etc.

City Hunter

City Hunter is again a fictional story based on South Korea’s political history and revolves around revenge and romance. City Hunter will give same vibes as Snowdrop as both the male leads try to hide their identity from female lead but end up falling for her. Starred by Park Min Young and Lee min Ho this is a power pack series.

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Healer is similar to Snowdrop in terms of male lead hiding his identity from female lead but starts falling for her. In both Kdramas female lead falls hard for male lead despite a stressing political angle they survive through their love. Healer has power pack cast of Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young.

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So chingu, which of these drama have you watched or going to watch next? Must let us know in the comment if you have any other recommendation, I would love to know.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. And if you want to buy kdrama merch then visit our KdropCart shop or DM us for free customization.


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Where to watch Snowdrop Kdrama?

You can watch Snowdrop on Disney plus, Dramacool or Asianwiki.

Where to watch Snowdrop kdrama in India?

In India you can watch Snowdrop kdrama on Dramacool and Asianwiki for free and also on Disney plus which is paid.

Why was Snowdrop Cancelled?

Drama Snowdrop was alleged to showcase “historical inaccuracy” by the citizens so three of its sponsors cancelled their sponsorship for the drama.

Who is the male lead in Snowdrop?

Korean actor Jong Hae In is the main lead of Snowdrop who played the character of a North Korean Lim Soo Ho.

What is SNOWDROP drama about?

Snowdrop kdrama is about a North Korean student Lim Su Ho (played by Jong Hae In) and a student of women’s university Young Ro (played by Kim Jisoo) who develop feelings for each other in the era of 1987, Seoul.

Is Snowdrop based on true story?

No, Snowdrop kdrama is based on a fictional story.

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