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Best Kdramas similar to Reincarnation Love | Reincarnation Love 2022 : release date, cast and story

reincarnation love kdrama

Annyeon chingu-yaa!

Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si is one of our favourite Kdrama couples and now they are reunited for their upcoming web drama scheduled to be aired on YouTube and Dramacool on 3rd January 2022.

When I read this first time I was so excited. And if you have watched this power couple in two most loved Kdramas – Sweet Home (As siblings) and Youth of May (as couple of a romantic –tragedy set in 1980s of South Korea). I was also excited to watch Lee Do Hyun in this romantic comedy after watching his Math based melodrama “Melancholia”.

Synopsis of Reincarnation Love

Reincarnation love is a web drama and it’s actually a sponsor drama for Korean pharmaceutical company HK Inno.N. Drama has been aired on the official YouTube channel of HK Inno.N.

Watch Reincarnation Love Trailer Here :

Starred by Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si, this comedy web drama has been produced by the company to promote their anti-hangover drink CONDITION.

Even in the trailer brand is mentioned where background voiceover is saying “Make sure to take good care of your CONDITION, because your fate might change:

Drama is set to be aired with English subtitle on Dramacool.

You can watch Reincarnation Love web drama on Dramacool here …

Now if you have watched this drama and looking for some similar kdramas like Reincarnation Love then I have got you cover. Here are some of my recommendations you might like –

Korean Dramas like Reincarnation Love –

Two Lights : Relumino

“Two Lights : Relumino” is a short movie where Relumino means “To return back the light” in Latin. Similar to Reincarnation Love, Two lights : Relumino is also a promotional work where Relumino is a VR based device attached with smartphone and it is produced by SamSung.

This short movie starred by Park Hyung Shik and Han Jin Min is about a young blind girl and young blind man who meet at a photography class for visual impaired people and fall for each other. This short movie is a beauty and you will never want it to end that’s how magical it is. It is a romantic short movie. Here is the trailer –

Watch "Two Lights: Relumino" on Dramacool here...

Youth of May

Talking about Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si and missing this widely loved melodrama Youth Of May, is just impossible. While I don’t think this drama needs an introduction but “Youth of May” also starts with a blind date like Reincarnation Love and has only 12 episodes. Although Youth of May is a melodrama where Reincarnation Love is a comedy and that is what fans (like me) are most excited to watch this duo as a rom-com couple.

Best Youthful, coing of age Kdramas to watch

The Business Proposal

A Business Proposal is an upcoming Kdrama set to be aired on 7th Feburary 2022 and will be starred by Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong. Like Reincarnation love this upcoming Korean drama is also about a blind date meeting.

While blind dates are one of the important elements in Kdramaland they still have different angles to portray.

“A business Proposal” is about a blind date between the workaholic CEO of a company and his employee who goes on blind date on her friend’s request.

Watch Trailer of A Business Proposal

Watch A Business Proposal on Dramacool here…

You Drive me Crazy

“You Drive Me Crazy” is a short web-drama of 4 episodes where each episode is of 20-30 minutes. In this web-show things go awkward between to best friends after a night stand. Still drama shows the beautiful side of friendship between a girl and a boy even though things are not same as before between them. It is a cute rom-com like reincarnation Love and is starred by Kim Seon Ho and Lee Yoo Young.

Watch You Drive me Crazy on Dramacool 

I hope you enjoyed reading this… Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below and which drama next you are gonna watch, also your recommendations if you have more we would love to know 🙂
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Your chingu..


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FAQ “Reincarnation Love”

Are Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si are doing a new Kdrama?

Yes this “Youth Of May” couple Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si are reunited for web drama “Reincarnation Love”.

What is Reincarnation Kdrama?

Reincarnation Kdrama is a web-drama starred by Lee Do Hyun and GO Min Si. It is a comedy drama about a guy going on a blind date on his friend’s behalf.

Where to watch Reincarnation Love Kdrama?

You can watch Reincarnation Kdrama on YouTube and Dramacool.

When is Reincarnation Love episode 1 coming?

Reincarnation Love has been released on YouTube and Dramacool and it’s first episode was released on 3rd January 2022.

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