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7 Short Kdramas to binge watch in one day [Updated 2024]

binge watch short kdramas

Anneyeon chingu-ya !

If you  are looking for kdramas to binge watch in one day then I have got you cover.

Completing your fav show in one day is a different type of happiness and short Kdramas are perfect for that.

Let’s take a look at some short Korean Dramas that you can complete in one day and enjoy a binge watch holiday.

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Short Kdramas to watch in one day

1. Blue Birthday

Starcast – Yeri and Yang Hong-Seok

Episodes – 16

Each episode length – 15-25 minutes

Summary of Blue Birthday

Blue Birthday is a fantasy, time-travel where the female lead goes back to her high school days through photographs. These photos were taken by the male lead who commits suicide in high school however it was a planned murder.

Why and who should watch?

Blue Birthday is an excellent time travel, mystery, rom-com kdrama. It is a short drama full of thrilling scenes especially in the climax. Blue Birthday seems not so popular but I was totally into it once I started watching and it really took me days to get over to it and find something interesting to watch. It’s a must watch !

2. You drive me crazy

Starcast – Kim Seon Ho, Lee Yoo young

Episodes – 4

Each episode length – 30 Minutes

Summary of You drive me crazy

Both main leads are long time best friends but things get awkward between them after a one night stand.

Why and who should watch?

If you have fallen for Kim Seon Ho after watching Start-up and Hometown cha cha cha then this is for you. I think many fans don’t even know this short drama exists. It will give you feeling of a movie then a drama as its only 2 hours long. Story is very smooth, simple, adorable and full of butterflies. Although it’s not really a 19+ rated instead it presents the deep friendship between a girl and guy even if things go uncomfortable between them.

kdrama mer h

3. Queen of the ring

Starcast – Kim Seul Gi, Ahn Hyo Seop

Episodes – 6

Each episode length – 30 Minutes

Summary of Queen of the ring

A girl who is considered ugly by the society gets a magical ring from her mom which is passed by generation to generation in their family to girls. To whoever she will put this ring on he will start seeing the girl as his ideal girl.

Why and who should watch?

I really loved the climax of the drama Queen of the ring. Not to give you spoiler but the climax and the real secret revealed by parents in the end is amazing. This drama gave me a huge crush on Ahn Hyo seop as I knew him through this drama and he is really a delight to watch.

This made me to continuously watch other dramas of Ahn Hyo seop and he is just the best in everything. Kim Seul gi as female lead has done a really good job as an innocent female lead and their chemistry looks really cute.

4. The mermaid prince the beginning

Starcast  – Moon Bin and Chae won bin

Episodes – 10

Each episode length – 10-15 Minute

Summary of The Mermaid Prince

It’s about a swimmer boy thinking about giving up on swimming and falls for a girl who decides to not date anymore after having bad relationships.

Why and who should watch?

I liked the concept, setting and sweet storyline of the drama. As a short drama it was pretty exciting as it has its own uniqueness even if it’s a typical rom-com Kdrama.

5. Seven First Kisses

Starcast – Lee Cho hee, Ji chang wook, Lee minho, Lee Jong suk, Ok Taecyon, Park Haejin, Lee Joon gi, Kai

Episodes – 8

Each episode length – 20-30 Minute

Summary of Seven first Kisses

Drama is about a girl who gets her wish fulfil by a goddess and dreams of getting kissed by seven handsome men.

Why and who should watch?

Although the plot of Seven first kisses is very cliché however it is still a good watch especially if you are fan of many Kdrama Oppas ! It will be a delightful watch for you.

6. Top management

Starcast – Seo Eun soo, Cha Eun woo, Ahn Heo Seop

Episodes – 16

Each episode length – 30 Minute

Summary of Top Management

Top Management gives the glimpse of inside life of Kpop world. A former trainee who was supposed to debut starts working as a manager at an idol entertainment company and a love triangle happens.

Why and who should watch?

Top Management is a perfect pick if you are looking for a Kpop Idol drama and it is really fun to watch. Cha eun woo and Ahn hyo seop were one my favourites but the female lead’s character and work is really impressive. If you are into Kpop then this drama will keep you hooked up.

So i hope this list of binge watch Korean Dramas was helpful for you. By the way if you want to buy your favourite Kdrama merch then explore our catalogue or DM us for FREE customization 🙂 And don’t forget to comment down your recommendation and let us knwo which of these dramas you are gonna watch !


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What short Korean Dramas i can watch in one day?

Watch these Kdramas in one day –
Queen of the ring
You drive me crazy
Blue Birthday
The mermaid prince
Top Management
Seven first Kisses

Where i can watch Korean Dramas?

You can watch short korean draams on Dramacool, YouTube and Viki app for free.

What is the best binge watch short Kdrama?

You can try these my most favourite dramas to binge watch –
Blue Birthday
You drive me crazy

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    I love seven first kisses and your recommendations are actually top class….💜

  2. I have watched all theses dramas except for Queen of the ring and You drive me crazy .. woww I got these two new drama name for today 🤩 that’s great ❣️ I loved to watch it!!

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