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7 must watch Kdramas similar to HAPPINESS | Kdramas like Happiness

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

If you have watched Kdrama Happiness and now cannot get out of its magic then… same here ! After watching this amazing thriller you definitely want it more but sadly there are only 12 episodes of Happiness Kdrama (and there is no second season).

Starred by Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik this zombie series is absolutely love.

In this case all we can do is watch Kdramas similar to Happiness. So here I am going to list down some Korean dramas like Happiness that are quite similar to the magic and vibes that Happiness had given us.

Don’t worry I am not going to give you any spoiler. Here I am just putting a random list of some of my recommendations, so enjoy J

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Similar Kdramas to Happiness –

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Sisyphus the Myth

Starred by all of ours beloved Park Shin Hye and Cho Seung Woo Sisyphus the Myth is actually a pure mystery. Similar to Happiness each episode of this drama brings out with suspense and thrill. I don’t want to spoil it for you but both Kdramas will give you same vibes in climax because one of the mail lead’s life is in danger and another main lead has to make difficult decision to save their partner. Both kdramas Happiness and Sisyphus the myth move around the concept of sci-fi that present the unimaginable things in very scientific way and both are full of thrill. Another similar part of Sisyphus the myth to Happiness is strong and daring female leads. So go ahead if you are fan of this genre.

Sweet Home

Now I know you have probable came across this recommendation after watching Happiness. Actually it is fare. There are many similarities between Sweet Home and Happiness. Here I would like to mention the most common which is everyone’s beloved & good-looking mail leads.

Yes, both dramas have them. Apart from this the storyline of both is similar where there is a disease that infect people and they turn into monsters. AND this all happens in a building. Both Kdramas Sweet Home and Happiness are not very long so if you enjoy thrill in medium size dramas then this is a perfect match for you.

Search Kdrama is similar to Happiness because in both of these people get infected of a disease that show rabies symptoms. Both of these are compared to rabies. Both dramas deal with heart-warming, lively moments in between the intense and mysterious story line.


You watched Happiness and loved the Zombie concent right (like we did in many other Korean dramas and movies)? Kingdom involves the same plot however it is not an usual zombie show. Similar to Happiness there is an outbreak of Zombie situation and continuous with the people adapting to this catastrophic change. If you are into something more intense and stressed show , Kingdom can be a go for you.

Dark Hole

Dark Hole was also released in 2021. In Dark Hole similar to Happiness people get infected by smoke, where in the latter people get infected by a medicine called NEXT. In both dramas this disease spreads through infected biting others. So in short it is also going to be full of thrills and adventure.


Now this is again a recommendation you might have come across multiple times. No doubt! Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo joo have given us the best Kdrama couple the partners in crime of 2021 but I think the only Kdrama couple of 2021 that can stand on that level are Vincenzo couple. Starred by Song Jong Ki and Jeon Yoo been, this is again one of the best kdramas of 2021. Also these both kdramas have comebacks of main leads and surely they all win in this game. Well I think you have already watched Vincenzo but if you haven’t then just go ahead ! It’s superb!!

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He is psychometric

While this is not a usual recommendation you will see but you will love He is psychometric (if you haven’t watched) if you like psychological, brain related elements in a show. Drama is based on the theme of Alexithymia which is a psychological concept and you would go deeper in it once you watch the drama. Similar to Happiness, show He is psychometric deals with crime-thriller storyline and is full of suspense with mixture of romance and heart-warming family moments.

Korean Movies similar to Happiness Kdrama

While there can be many Kdramas that give similar vibes to Happiness. But there are many movies as well that you can watch (or have already watched) similar to Happiness. Here are some of these –

Train to Busan

The iconic Korean movie that everyone talks about – Train to Busan. Probably almost everyone has watched this movie. The movie has similar zombie theme and this is set in a train as the name tells us. So if you are new into Kdramaland then go and watch it.


As Happiness Alike movie also deals with plot of virus spreading in a city. The story includes the life in an apartment and is full of suspense, thrill and mystery that you might be craving after watching Happiness.

So these were some of recommendations chingu. Now I want to know yours. So must comment down your list of kdramas or kmovies similar to Happiness that you want everyone to watch. I would be waiting for it so don’t forget to leave a comment. And don’t forget to share this list with your other chingus.

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Saranghae :3

Your chingu,




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FAQ Happiness Kdrama

What is Happiness Kdrama summary?

Happiness Korean drama is about an apartment and how people survive after a disease spreads across the city and country. This disease starts from a failed experimented medicine made for COVID-19 called NEXT. This medicine turns people into zombies and then they infect others by biting. Drama shows the real faces of humans in pandemic period.

How many Episodes are there in Happiness kdrama?

There are total 12 episodes of Happiness Korean drama.

What is the cast of Happiness kdrama?

Happiness kdrama is starred by Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo joo.

What are Kdramas of Han Hyo joo?

Must watch these Kdramas and Kmovies of Han Hyo Joo –
W- the two world
Dong Yi
The pirates – goblin flag (movie)
Love 911 (movie)

What are Kdramas of Park Hyung Shik to watch?

Must watch these Kdramas and movies of Park Hyung Sik
Jurur 8 (movie)
Two lights – Relumino (short movie)
Strong woman Do bong Soon

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