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7 must watch Kdramas similar to Our Beloved Summer | Kdramas like Our Beloved Summer

similar kdramas to our beloved summer

Annyeon chingu-ya !

Are you watching Our beloved Summer? Or if you have completed it (currently ongoing) and craving for more then I am going to share a list of kdramas that are very much like Our beloved summer.

Starred by Kim Da mi and Choi woo shik this rom-com kdrama had me totally into it. In case you are not watching it then give it a try, our beloved summer is really worth watching. This kdrama has a refreshing, warm and youthful vibes that will make you binge watch it.

I started it early and watching it ongoing but after completing each episode I just can’t wait for the next week, it’s unfair 🙁 Not just the cute romance but different aspects of each character’s personality and their monologues are what keeping me hooked up.

So while you watch this drama or if you have finished it and now want more of these vibes then worry not. Let’s take a look at kdramas similar to Our beloved summer –

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Kdramas similar to Our beloved summer –

Youth of may

Youth of May has summer vibes and the main leads have love & break-up relationship which is similar to Our beloved summer. Both dramas give aroma and warmth of summer. While Our beloved summer is more rom-com, Youth of May is more like a romantic – tragedy.

Lovestruck in the city

Lovestruck in the city has a lot of similarities to Our beloved summer. Both dramas are in form of monologue & shooting, both shows have summer vibes along with feeling of other seasons, both Lovestruck in the city and our beloved summer couples are in love – breakup relationship. In both kdramas female lead leaves male lead for her pride and male leads go mad after breakup. Oops ! Did I just gave spoiler 😀 sorry ! But if you are looking for similar vibes then Lovestruck in the city is a perfect fit for Our beloved summer & vice versa.’

Extraordinary You

Extraordinary you is a webtoon adoption and gives full summer vibes if you quietly observe its scenes. Similarly Our beloved summer is also a webtoon adoption. Both of these dramas have a second male lead and many humorous characters.

Hometown cha cha cha

A recent hit and almost everyone’s favourite I guess – Hometown cha  cha cha is a perfect example of slice of life genre. Both dramas deal with the love – hate , always fighting couple relationship and are full of refreshing moments. One more thing in both dramas male leads don’t want to be in the race of success and money and just want to enjoy their life while making you go crazy for their smiles, so do watch Hometown cha cha cha .  

Run on

Similar to Our beloved summer, Run on male lead is rich but doesn’t really get possessed with it. Again Run on is my most favourite Kdrama especially in the slice of life category. Although Run on couple has very healthy relationship compare to Our beloved summer but both are full of youthful – cute moments.

Playful Kiss

Now what made me add Playfull kiss if you can guess ? It’s the couple in both dramas that I find similar however its not exactly same. In Playful Kiss male lead is top in his class and seems selfish  and female lead Is dull while in Our beloved summer female lead is on top of her class and seems selfish and male lead seems dumb and funny. Apart from this both are youthful rom-coms so it can be a good watch.

Yumi’s cell

Yumi’s cell is such a delight to watch. Similarity you can find in Yumi’s cell with Our beloved summer is again the summer vibes of both dramas and in Yumi’s cell before meeting each other main leads didn’t think they would like each other but after spending time together they fell hard.

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So these were some of my recommendations, the list is long and there can be many kdramas that give same excitement as our beloved summer. Now It’s your turn chingu, share your kdrama list in comments below that you want to recommend after watching Our beloved summer, we are waiting … AND don’t forget to check Our Beloved Summer merch on KdropCart here !

Saranghae 😀

Your chingu…

Kdropper !


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Our Beloved Summer FAQ

Who is cast of Our beloved summer kdrama?

Our Beloved summer is starred by Choi woo shik and Kim Da mi.

Is Choi Woo Shik and BTS V are friend?

Yes, Choi Woo Shik and BTS’ V are best friends as they met through Park Seo Joon who knew Choi woo shik.

What is Choi Woo Shik’s English name?

Choi Woo Shik’s English name is Edward Choi.

What are Kim Da mi’s kdramas to watch?

Watch these Kdramas and movies of Kim Da mi –
Itaewon class
The witch
Our beloved summer

Where to watch Our beloved summer kdrama ?

Watch Our beloved summer on Dramacool, Netflix and Asianwiki.

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