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Upcoming Kdramas to watch in 2022 | Kdramas releasing in 2022

kdramas of 2022

Annyeon Chingu-yaa !

2022 is here and our new Kdramalist too. There is a  long (and unknown)  list of Kdramas that we are going to watch in 2022, right? In this post I am sharing some Korean Dramas that you can watch in 2022.

2021 was really a rainbow of emotions we felt due to variety of Kdramas. And recently I have also shared some of my favourite Kdramas of 2021 here !

Well it’s still not confirmed what all Kdramas are going to release in 2022. However here I am going to mention some Kdramas that can release in 2022 and that Kdrama fans are expecting to release in this new year !

So not to waste your time, let’s go down…

Korean Dramas to watch in January 2022

All of us are dead

Star Cast – Choi Yi-Hyun, Park JIhoo, Yoon chan young, Son Sang Yeon, Yoo In soo, Park Solomon

Air time –  18th January, 2022

All of us are dead is a zombie virus themed Kdrama where a group of students get locked in their school and face a catastrophic time with zombies.


Star Cast – Im Si Wan, Ko Ah Sung

Air time –  7th January, 2022

Summary of Tracer

Since i watched Run On i was waiting Im Si Wan’s new kdrama and here it is. In Tracer he is playing the role of a chief of taxation department as Hwang Dong Ju. Hwang Dong Ju is supported by a team in the department and they trace money.

This money has been hidden from the taxation department. So it is going to be full of suspense and i just can’t wait for its first episode!

Ghost Doctor

Star Cast – Kim Bum, Rain, Uee

Air time –  3rd January, 2022

Summary of Ghost Doctor

As you can sense from the title Ghost Doctor, the drama is about two doctors who become ghosts after their deaths and stays in their hospital. If you are a fan of fantasy medical dramas then this is going to be a perfect choice as both the doctors end up combining their sprites in this medical – series.

Internal Medicine Doctor Park

Star Cast – Ra Min Ran, Lee Seo Jin

Air time –  14th January, 2022

Summary of Internal Medicine Doctor Park

Kdramaland never gets tired of giving us Medical Kdramas nor we get tired of watching them. So here is one for 2022 – Internal medicine Doctor Park is about a Doctor Park Won Jung who plans to go private way and open his own clinic but ends up getting in bankruptcy.

Through the Darkness

Star Cast – Kim So Jin, Kim Nam Gil, Jin Seon Kyu

Air time –  14th January, 2022

Summary of Through the Darkness

Through the Darkness has been adopted from a non-fiction book of same name launched in 2018. It is based on the first criminal profiler of South Korea and the drama also depicts the story of a criminal profiler Song Ha Young.

Upcoming Kdramas to watch in 2022

An Ant is Riding

Star Cast – Han Ji Eun, Hong Jong Hyun

Air time – Second half, 2022

On 6th January 2022, the production team of “An Ant is Riding” confirmed the star cast for this upcoming Stock Trading based comedy drama.

“An Ant is Riding” is considered to be the first stock trading Kdrama which will show the life of people or retail investors who invest money in stock market. In South Korea these retail investors are called “Ant”. I am really excited to watch this unique comedy drama as i personally enjoy such themes.

Chaebol house youngest son / The Youngest son of Conglomerate

Star Cast – Song Jong Ki , Shin Hyun Bin, Lee Sung min

Air time – 2022

This series is based on a novel written by San Gyeong with the same name. it’s about an employee who gets betrayed by his employers and later reborn as their youngest son to take his revenge.

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Our blues

Star Cast – Shin Min-A, Kim woo bin, Lee Byung Hun

Air time – 2022

The story is set into Jeju Island and is a love story. It will show the different love stories of five main leads of the drama and how their love grows in the famous Jeju Island.

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Twenty five Twenty one

Star Cast – Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Tae ri, Bona

Air time –  February 12, 2022

Twenty Five Twenty one is a high school theme love drama with sport background and depicts the story of South Korean financial crisis.


Star Cast – Lee Da hee, Kim Nam gil, Cha eun woo

Air time – 2022

Island is based on a webtoon with the same name. Its story is based on a Korean folk tales related to the famous Jeju Island. Its about a fight between evils and people of the Island.

Sound track #1

Star Cast – Park Hyung Sik, Han so hee

Air time – 2022

Drama is about an expressive lyricist and handsome photographer who are friends for many years but fall in love after living together for some time.

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Squid game 2

Star Cast – Not Confirmed

Air time –  Not Confirmed

After the worldwide popularity of Squid Game now the writers and producers are planning for the season two on high demand of fans. However nothing has been confirmed but fans are expecting Squid Game season – 2  to be aired in 2022.

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Sweet home 2

Star Cast – Song Kang, Lee Si young,

Air time –  2022

Sweet Home was a webtoon adaption about a building and it depicts the story of people fighting with monsters as zombies. Sweet Home – 2 will continue this story with old and new cast.

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DP 2

Star Cast – Jung Hae in, Koo kyo hwan

Air time – Not Confirmed

D.P. was one most loved Kdramas of 2021 and now the producer and writer are planning to have its season – 2 however nothing much has been confirmed. D.P. was about a young man serving in South Korean military and depicts the story of military life.

Yumi’s cell – 2

Star Cast – Kim Go Eun, Park Jin Young, Ahn Bo Hyun

Air time – 2022

Yumi’s cell was a half animated rom-com and shows the world of cells inside one’s brain. It was well-received and now creators are officially fimling second season. Yumi’s cell 2 will continue Yumi’s love life with her new boyfriend.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this. Don’t forget to comment down which Kdrama YOU are expecting to watch in 2022? FOR ME then I am really excited for Yumi’s cell 2, The Yougest son of Conglomerant and Soundtrack #1 and Our Blues from the above list.

I will keep adding new dramas on this list in future and also when they are confirmed so keep coming back and check it J

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FAQ Kdramas 2022

What Kdramas are releasing in January 2022?

Korean Dramas releasing in January 2022 –
Tracer (7th January)
All of us are Dead (18th January)
Through the Darkness (14th January)
Ghost Doctor (3rd January)
Internal Medical Doctor Park (14th January)

Which Kdrama to watch in 2022?

10 Korean dramas to watch in 2022 –
Youngest son of conglomerate
Yumi’s cell 2
Twenty five Twenty one
Internal medicine director Park
Soundtrack #1
Our Blues
Money Heist
The Ghost Doctor

Is Yumi’s cell going to release in 2022?

Yes there are chances of Yumi’scell 2 to be released in 2022 as its cast had given indication that the show is going to film soon.

Is SQUID GAME 2 going to release in 2022?

There is no confirmation of SQUID GAME 2 releasing in 2022 but the creators have announced that they are planning its next season.

Who is cast of Soundtrack #1 kdrama?

Soundrack #1 Kdrama will be starred by Park Hyung Shik and Han So Hee.

Will Song Jong Ki have a Kdrama in 2022?

Yes Song Jong Ki will be starred in Kdrama “The youngest son of conglomerate I” waiting to be released in 2022.

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