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6 sites & apps to buy Korean dresses and clothes India [UPDATED 2024]

korean dresses, outfits clothes in India

Anneong Chingu-yaa !!

Are you tired drooling over Korean dresses and Korean clothes? Of course that’s what Kdramas and Kpop leave us with !! But don’t worry today we are going to talk about the best online shopping apps and websites where you can buy variety of Korean dresses and accessories in India!

Love pastel colour? Easily found drooling over flowery and flowy dresses? Cannot get enough of the cuteness of the dresses and tee shirts which people wear? 

So, we worked on a list of korean clothes shopping apps in India for you to fill your wardrobe with these beautiful Korean outfits! 

The whole world has immersed and enjoyed the waves of K-Ds and K-Ps pop music. We all often admire the way they dress, especially outfits and the dresses! Finding out similar clothes and going on a shopping haul in India is not easy.

But you can always scroll through online websites to move things to your cart. So grab your credit or debit card now because we got the list of websites to you today in which you can live your Korean dream outfits.

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REVIEW : Best shop for Korean Dresses In India

Here are some of the best websites & apps that has Indian shipping for Korean, K-drama and Kpop clothes :

1. Unnie Looks – Get a perfect K-look

Drooling over your fav Kpop Idol’s outfit? No worry – “Unnie Looks” is my solution for you. Unnie Looks is a Korean fashion shop for all your needs to look like your fav Kpop Idol or BIAS.

BTS Taehyung or Blackpink Jennie, You will get everyone’s wardrobe collection here.


Unnie Looks offers beautiful Korean dresses and outfits in budget compare to other US based sites.

Korean formal dresses today’s has become the norm of trendy office outfits. Here you will get a wide range of aesthetic and trendy outfits.

Unnie Looks has been featured by big brands like HALLYULA, IVISITKOREA etc. So  they have the guarantee of trust to deliver your next K-style look to your doorsteps by speed of the light.

Put your IG saved posts out and get ready to look like – IU, YOONA, PARK JIMIN , LISA, JUNGKOOK and your fav Kdrama lead !

And Don't forget to use coupon code - KDROPCART for extra 10% OFF  

2. AMAZON : The go to place for everything

Amazon has a solution for everything. You can haul outfits inspired from Korean dramas on easily.

Some of the best picks would be cute one pieces, loose hoodies or some lace blouses.

You can dress up from chic to comfort easily shopping in Amazon.

Get up to 70% OFF on AMAZON for Korean Dresses (offer will be applied once you click on the link 🙂

3. MYNTRA to the rescue

Myntra is the most desi way to find cool clothes. It has 100’s of options available in all budget ranges. You can even shop by colours.

And Obviously, we all trust Myntra for stylish trendy clothes. Myntra has one of the best Korean outfits in India.

A classic shirt dress that fits in all occasions – This is a must have clothing when you are open to Korean Fits.

4. FASHIONCHINGU just knowing when to tempt us

This website Fashionchingu is a one stop website for cool Kpop and Kdrama clothes. Absolutely amazing website with a huge range of clothes and everything here just fits right! 

This is one of the best Korean Online shopping site. Best thing we love about this website is there is a page for outfits!   where in you can shop the actual outfit which the people wear in the drama! Can you believe thisss?

From Joo Seok Kyung’s bad girl vibes outfit to her chic leopard print skirts it’s just so easy to spot it and actually buy it!

5. KOODING with its full package of Korean Spree

This is an aesthetic website. We just fell in love with the colours of the website. From basic tee shirts to summer blouses to flowy dresses, they have it all!

They not only do have clothes, but they also have a wide range of accessories, beauty and gifts sections.

Korean beauty is nowadays on the lead. All of the influencers are getting into Korean beauty regimes which are so tempting to buy!!

Kooding can be a go to buy Korean outfits for females.

Their quality is impeccable and worth giving a shot. They also have options for Men and Kids! And the tip which we have for you is you can get 10% off on your first order with them!

6. STHSWEET making us fall for them so hard

We have fallen in love with them because of their product range! Believe us when we say they have a huge range of dresses that means from casual to bodycon to wrap to pinafore and what not!  Bored of dresses? Don’t worry they tee shirts, jeans, skirts, shorts, coats and literally everything.

And the beauty is everything is Korean inspired. They also have Korean brands from which you can shop. Experience the original Korean style and trends in this shop and thank us later!

So, you are not sure now which website to hit first! We suggest looking and grasping everything and taking it slow. Invest your time in research and then end up getting the best outfit ever and tag us in your Instagram stories @kdropcart. Let us also know where else you buy Korean inspired outfits so that we also start researching about it!

Hope you liked this post and our top picks ! You can sign up for our newsletter if you want these posts directly in your inobx !

Let us know in the on what topic you want next post, your ideas will help a lot 🙂

On this note … see you in the next one !



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Get quick answers for your queries below –

Are all the websites mentioned in the article deliver to India?

Yes, all the websites mentioned ship to Indian locations

Are these clothes actually imported from Korea?

Not necessary, these are the websites operating in India. They sell clothes which are inspired by the Korean style.

Where can I get Korean Branded clothes in India?

Korean branded clothes are rare in India. But you can check out on their official sites or look into here to know about more brands to shop.

What is Korean fashion called?

Hallyu or also referred as Korean wave is an aesthetic heavily inspired and centred around south korean pop culture especially K-Pop and K-Drama.

Are the websites mentioned deal in wholesaling?

As of we know, the websites mentioned are complete retail and showcase themselves for customers. But if you want to know more about them you can checkout their official website and contact them directly.

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