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How to download Korean Dramas and Kpop Videos from YouTube?

kdrama kpop download

Annyeon chingu ya!

Do you watch Kdramas on YouTube? Do you binge watch Kpop/BTS videos on YouTube? Aren’t ads so distracting for you? And what about internet network issues ( ah I hate them)? They are stressful while watching Run BTS, aren’t they?

 But I have a solution for this– Downlaod Kdramas and Kpop videos from YouTube, It’s so simple trust me!

PS: Read this whole post carefully cause you will encounter some problems which I have given solution for in this blog.

But are Kdramas available on YouTube?

Yes ! For those of you who don’t know then you can watch MANY MANY Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai dramas on YouTube. And if you are a “broke Kdrama addict” (I can feel you) then watching these shows for free offline is the best way.

However you need to have some space in your PC or phone for this. I have it always just for Kdramas 😀

Watching Korean dramas online sometimes can be hard, right? If you are like me no-distraction Kdrama fan then this guide is for you.

I mostly watch kdramas from free sites like dramacool and YouTube. I like to first download these Kdrama – episodes and then watch them distraction free without worrying of internet network issues or ads.

Here in this guide I will show you a simple method that you can use to download Korean dramas from YouTube for free.

How to download Kdrama, Kpop, BTS videos from YouTube?

For this we are going to use two websites that are my life saver (yeah true) whenever I want to watch a YouTube video I use these tools. However these sites can have some ads so just bear a little and don’t click on them okay ?


YT1S.COM is a simple solution to download YouTube videos in multiple forms including MP3. Yes you can convert a YouTube video to MP3 and download it in seconds. This tool is so fast ! So you can download any BTS or Kpop song or Korean Drama OST in MP3 form, no matter what its length is.

Here is how…

  1. Go to the YT1S.COM website. This is how homepage will look like –
download kdramas for free

2. Go to your YouTube app in phone or website on PC and find the Kdrama episode or Kpop Video you want to download.

3. Copy the link of the video.

  • On PC Browser copy from the URL section on top
  • In YouTube app click on “Share” then “Copy Link”.

4. Come back to YT1S site and paste the link in link section and click on the red button “CONVERT”.

5. Now select the format you want to download video in example – MP4, MP4, 720P etc. and click on “GET LINK”.

download run bts for free

6. Now click on “DOWNLOAD”. If it takes you to an ad just click back and click “DOWNLOAD’ again, ad won’t come this time. It will start downloading.

If any case that tool doesn’t work, you can try this one. I used to use it before but now I don’t use it much however it is very useful to download any type of video not just YouTube. So you can download Kdrama episodes, Kpop videos, RUN BTS or any Kdrama and Kpop video from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. sites (isn’t that cool?)

Here is how …

  1. Find the Kdrama on YouTube, Facebook or video from any social media site including YouTube and copy the link of it.

2. Now come to this site –

download KPOP video

3. You can search this name on Google but only click on the right site in purple logo. Only go to

download kdramas

4. Paste the link in the section and click “GO”.

5. Now you will see many formats to download video (some might not work after you download the video). I will recommend to click only on the first button in red “DOWNLOAD VIDEO”.

download korean dramas

6. You might see an ad page just click back and click again on “DOWNLOAD VIDEO”.

7. Now a black screen/page might appear and video will start playing. Click on three dots and click “download”.

NOTE : Some YouTube channels like SOOMPI have specially uploaded videos so you might not be able to download them from but you can download them easily with

So this was my secret guide and tools chingus ! that I use to download any RUN BTS episode, Kdrama for free and Kpop videos from social media.

I hope this was helpful for you. If you need any help or if you are facing any problem you can COMMENT on this post below or you can easily DM me on Instagram @kdrop_cart here… I will help you 😀

By the way did you know about this hack already? Or how you were downloading your Kdramas, Kpop and BTS videos until now? Share with us in comments so others can also use those methods.


Your chingu…

Kdropper !


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How to download BTS videos?

Go to
Paste any BTS video link from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.
Click “GO” and download the video for free.

How to download run BTS episodes on PC or mobile?

You can download RUN BTS episodes from YouTube on your PC or mobile for free. The best website for this is – YT1S.

How to download Korean Dramas for free?

You can download Korean dramas for free from –

Can I download Kpop videos and Kdramas from YouTube?

Yes with these two tools you can download Kdramas for free from YouTube –
Check above guide for instructions.

Are Kdramas available on YouTube?

Yes there are many Kdramas available on YouTube for free.

How to download Kpop vidoes for free?

You can download Kpop videos through Keepvid tool from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. for free.
Copy the link of the video.
Paste in and click GO
Download the video.

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