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GC blog: 3 stages of becoming a K-drama fan | Life of a K-drama addict | Indian K-drama fan girl life

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Do you watch K-dramas? What was your journey as a K-drama lover like how did you start it? I bet whatever your beginning point was you can feel yourself in the same boat like other K-drama addicts right?

Here today i am going to share story of an Indian K-drama addict – Kavitha ! and her views on becoming a Korean Drama lover in India in our segment of GIVEAWAY CONTEST for K-drama and Kpop fans in India 2021. So let’s get start it !

Journey of a K-drama fan…

Life of an Indian K-drama addict

As we can see there are many kdrama lovers out there!!Recently, India ranked 6th in watching those!!The main reason to watch kdramas is that it takes you away from reality world and brings you very close to the fantasy world!! And every kdrama you watch , every lead is added to your crush list.

3 stages of becoming Korean Drama fan

There are 3 stages of becoming a kdrama fan in India:

  1. Listening something about south Korea/k-pop/Kdrama from your friend

2. You’ll think to just give it a try and stop

3. Become a Kdrama addict and you want to learn the language/eat the Korean food/visit seoul/meet your bias etc….

Your dream destination changes to south korea. And binge watch Kdramas and listen to kpop and live in your own imaginary world.

Loving Korean actors/idols is difficult

Being an Indian, obsessing over korean boys/girls is little bit of difficult task.

  1. People judge that they all look the same

2. They ask why are you listening to Chinese even if you’re listening to Kpop

3. They insult your bias for not having beard/ moustache

At the beginning, you really get frustrated but those words can’t change your opinion!! Having a beard/moustache doesn’t make a real man!! I’ve seen many people who told these words are KDRAMA/k-pop fans now!!! So don’t ever get effected by these!!!


(A K-drama addict)

Kavitha (Andhrapradesh)

IG : @shalinisyam

I hope you have enjoyed reading Kavitha’s views as an Indian K-drama addict and kpop fan. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and support this K-drama fangirl if you liked reading it 🙂

DISCLAIMER : All the views and thoughts are totally personal to the fan.

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BORAHAE Chingu-yaa :3

K-drama fan facts

Is Kdrama popular in India?

Yes with the rapid growth of Korean culture Korean Dramas are becoming more and more popular in India. In a recent study India has become the third top country to watch K-dramas and Korean movies following Indonesia and China in 2020.

Why Korean dramas are popular in India?

The main reason of popularity of Korean Dramas in India is the family and love centric stories of K-dramas as well as the visuals of K-drama actors is one of the reasons that everyone is falling for K-dramas.

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