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8 best Korean Dramas like Nevertheless in 2024

nevertheless kdrama song kang

Are you a fan of Nevertheless Kdrama? If not then i will highly recommend you to watch it as it is far different than our usual Korean Dramas (yeahhh :D).

But if you are already into it you know what i mean so here i am to give you a list of similar K-dramas to Nevertheless.

‘Nevertheless’, the Television serials, premiered on 19th June 2021. Nevertheless depicts the story of two youngsters who are attracted to each other but are sceptical about love. 

DO NOT WORRY! I am not giving you Spoilers! 

When we were watching Nevertheless, this hit us directly into our relationship life! The chemistry between the lead actors  just made us awestruck and the internet had gone crazy with that! You can checkout some HILARIOUS Nevertheless memes here :

So without wasting time let’s jump straight into the list of similar Korean Dramas like Nevertheless –

Table of Contents

Kdramas similar to Neverthless

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1. Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

Cast : Park Min Young , Song Kang

Rating : 7.1 (IMDB)

Review Forecasting Love and Weather

After spreading his hot charm in Nevertheless, Song Kang met his fans again in Forecasting Love and Weather opposite to our office-ramance queen Park Min Young.

Show is based on civil service officers working in the National Weather department. Unlike Nevertheless , Song Kang is cheerful in this show.

The chemistry between Park Min Young and him will remind you a lot of Nevertheless.

However in this series the leads don’t have much confusing relationship but they do have their ups and downs.

2. Lovestruck in the city (2021)

Cast : Kim Jin Won , Ji Chang Wook

Rating : 7.6 (IMDB)

Review Lovestruck in the city

Like Nevertheless, Lovestruck in the city is also not any usual K-drama we watch. It has a totally new and realistic plot.

Starred by Super charming Ji chang Wook (uri wookie) and beautiful Kim ji won Lovestruck in the city describes the modern day love life of city couples.

And that is why it seems so realistic as it perfectly shows the confusion and uncertainty of modern day relationships. If you are going to skip this amazing series just because of some poor ratings then it would be bad for you as a K-drama fan.

The tribute to rock bands and cute chemistry between second main leads left me craving for the second season of this steamy K-drama.

Another thing that makes it different is that you don’t have to wait longer for kissing scene of main leads in this drama. The drama has a lot steamy scenes as you enjoyed in Neverthelss you would definitely do in this also.

3. Now We Are Breaking Up (2021)

Cast : Song Kyo Hyo , Jung Ki Young

Rating : 6.9 (IMDB)

Review Now we are braking up

Now we are breaking up has star case including Song Hyo Kyo and Jang Ki Yong as leads. Actually I was very excited to watch this modernistic melodrama when I heard it is going to be released.

However it did not deliver everything I expected but the show does full justice to its name “Now we are breaking up”.

I had quite disappointment but I loved it for whatever it is. Show is full of modern relationships and people’s perspectives toward it similar to “Nevertheless”.

Although there are not many steamy scenes as expected from this series, still it represents romance in a typical “Kdrama way”. Overall it is a good watch if you are looking for a drama like “Nevertheless”.

4. Tempted – The Great Seducer (2018)

Cast : Woo Do Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga Young

Rating : 7.1 (IMDB)

Review Tempted the Geat Seducer

This is very similar to  ‘Nevertheless’ because you will see some hotties who you will be willing to get your heart broken!

Love makes some characters to learn to love themselves while others get hurt.

This drama contains all the emotions which a true Kdrama lover needs to experience! We are sure now you are tempted to watch this right away. So binge it on netflix or if you are as broke as we are then you can see it here :



5. Cheese in the Trap

Cast : Park Hae Jin Kim Go Eun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Sung Kyung, Seo Kang JOon

Rating : 7.3 (IMDB)

Review Cheese in the trap

YUMI’S CELL starrer Kim Go Eun’s Cheese in the Trap really isn’t quite your typical story, focusing a lot on human relationships and how we view others around ourselves without quite knowing them in the first place. 

The story line itself is unique as it is based on the web-toon, but we think the writers and staff did a great job turning it into a drama.

Many fans of K drama say that this series is  very confusing! This itself makes us curious , so Yes!!  you are supposed to give it a try and see what it actually is! binge it here :

6. I need Romance (2011)

Cast : Song JOON, Kim So Yeon

Rating : 7.6 (IMDB)

Review I need Romance

It’s a romantic comedy. It is a dark melodrama involving betrayal and romance. There are 3 seasons for this! Some people say that this series is overrated but we loved it.

This is a wonderfully more realistic look on the relationship than most dramas out there. The complicated relationship made us want to binge it all night out of curiosity. If you want something entertaining, light and simply good, you can watch this.

So what are you waiting for ? I say this weekend take a break , order some pizza curl up in your bed and binge ‘ I need Romance ‘ in or Netflix!

7. Cinderella and the Four Knights

Cast : Park So Dum, JUng II Woo

Rating : 7.4 (IMDB)

Review Cinderella and the four Knights

This drama wraps up all characters eventually being happy  or redeemed, and no justification for a second lead syndrome, which is a rare one in kdrama land.

All the characters are lovable in their own ways. We love how Ha-won made an impact on each character’s transition, including the chairman, which was clearly shown in the latter part of the series when he realized all the wrong he had done.

This is a must watch because it takes you on a similar ride of emotional flow as Nevertheless and ugh the chemistry between Jiwoon and Hawon is the BESTTT!

 Also, the twists in the plot made the story even better. Oops! Have I spilled too much? go check it out before i start giving out the main plot. check it out on VIKI.

8. Personal Taste

Cast : Lee Min HO, Son Ye JIN

Rating : 7.4 (imdb)

Review personal Taste

 This is such an amazing show, but very underrated. Personal taste definitely deserves more appreciation and popularity  in the K drama industry.

The chemistry between the leads is impeccable. If you are going to watch this then get ready because you are in for a steamy romantic ride! It is very refreshing and heart flattering to see Personal Taste!

Very much recommended from my side if you are into RomComs!

Get ready to witness the entirely new side of Lee Min Ho!

Check this out in Netflix and 

Final Words

I hope you loved this List of my K-drama recommendations Chingu-yaa! But wait… where are you going ..? NAH ! Not like this, let me know which of this you are planning to watch now while Or if you have already watched these?

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Nevertheelss Kdrama”

Where can I watch the K drama series for free?

 K- dramas have become popular in India. you can surely look into the following websites for watching the whole series.

What should i watch after Nevertheless Kdrama?

Watch these shows after Nevertheless –
Love-struck in the city
Weather people
Now we are breaking up
Personal taste
Coffee prince
Tempted the great seducer

What type of Kdrama is Nevertheless?

Nevertheless is coming of age melodrama.

Is Nevertheless Kdrama realistic ?

Yes Nevertheless kdrama deals with real life love stories and friendship.

What is new Kdrama of Song Kang?

Song Kang is coming back with his new Kdrama “Weather People” with Park Min Young.

What is new Kdrama of Han So Hee?

In 2022 Han So Hee will be seen in “Soundtrack #1” along with Park Hyung Shik.

What genre is “Nevertheless” ? Are these genres common in the K -drama world?

Korean dramas are generally conservative towards intimate scenes and are known for their clean and neat scenes. But Nevertheless is one strong move which has hot intimate scenes and sexual tensions. Most of the viewers are taking it positively, let’s see what happens next.

What does the mature tag signify when I see Nevertheless K Drama?

Mature tag signifies that the content which you are about to consume is 18+ and includes scenes and shots which are not suitable for people under 18 years old.

What are K drama fans called?

 There is no established community yet for Korean drama series lovers. Generally people refer to themselves as fans of K drama or K drama lovers! But we coined a term for you all! K-droppers!
YES!!! We are here to build a community for this and make this official in the near future!
So hello to the readers aka K dropper!

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