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11 Best Rom-Com Kdramas of 2022| Best romance Korean dramas of 2022 | Best Intersting and Fun kdramas of 2022

romcom kdrama of 2022

Annyeon chingu-ya

Riding the tide of 2022 Korean dramas? You must be looking for everyone’s favourite genre rom-com or romantic and chill Kdramas , right? How about exploring some of the best intersting and fun Kdramas to give you a gigle ride ? Yeah I guessed it right.

I always look forward to Interesting, chill, fun and humour rom-com series to get butterflies in my tummy in between.

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Table of Contents

So here I am sharing my list of best rom-com and romantic kdramas of 2022 (don’t miss them out) –


Cast – Jisoo (Blackpink) , Jung Hae In

Rating – 8.2 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of Snowdrop

The debut drama of Blackpink’s Jisoo came out to be one of the best romantic Kdrama of 2022. Chemistry of Hae In and Jisoo became talk of the town even before drama aired. Snowdrop is a romantic action melodrama full of suspense and thriller.

Along with this the second male lead couple played by Kim Min Kyo and Kim Hye Yoon is icing on the cake. 

At first I was not expecting much from the drama but damn the drama kept me hooked all night when I watched its first 6 episode altogether.

Snowdrop is no doubt is a MUST WATCH Kshow in 2022.

Yumi’s cell 2

Cast – Kim Go Eun, Park Jinyoung, Ahn Bo-Hyun

Rating – 8.2 (IMDB)

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Review and Summary of Yumi’s Cell 2

I just can not get enough of Yumi’s chemistry with Yoo BaBi and that special fanclub of her adorable cells for Babi.

Like if this kind of fanclub really exist then I think my cells has also created a BIG club for Yoo Babi.

No one knows with whom Yumi is going to end-up yet but I had eagerly waited for each episode as soon as it wasavailable , and then one week of long wait just fills me with curiosity on how story will unfold next.

Yumi’s Cell 2’s each episode is enough to give you a ride of humour, cute romance, hot chemistry and beautiful cinematography.

Twenty five twenty two

Cast – Kim Tae ri, Nam Joo-Hyuk

Rating  – 8.7 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of 2521

Guess the drama BTS Jeon Jungkook loved in 2022? Yes it is Twenty five Twenty one which made the whole Kdrama fandom laugh, gave butterflies, filled with enthusiasm and then left us crying.

Even now whenever I think of 2521 I just feel a roller coaster of emotions that I got through the show.

What a delight this coming of age rom-com show was. And special mention to the main lead of the drama – FENCING!

Yeah it made all of us fall in love with Fencing, didn’t it? One of the highest rated Kdrama of all time Twenty five Twenty one had everything a perfect show needs including those mesmerizing OSTs. “Slowly” is my favourite OST from this series and it gives me nostalgia of Hui-Do and Baek-IJin whenever I listen to it.

A Business proposal

Cast – Kim SeJeong, Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim Min-Kyu, Seol In Ah

Rating – 8.1 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of A Business Proposal

Honestly when A Business Proposal was announced I thought it is one more rom-com kdrama with cliché story line of blind date and confusions. Yeah it WAS but as a drama it was represented in a completely new way.

The humour, romance and chemistry of second lead couple just surpassed all the expectations.

I couldn’t help myself waiting for each of its episode every week. Though I started watching it for Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong but like everyone else in the fandom was shook by the second lead couple’s plot.

A business proposal has become one of the highest rated rom-com of Kdrama world. If you are looking for a fun, romantic show with sizzling chemistry then it must be on your list.

A business proposal is the best rom-com kdrama of 2022 for me !

Today’s Webtoon

Cast – Kim Se Jeong , Nam Yoon Su, Choi Daniel,
Rating – 7.6 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of Today’s Webtoon

As the name tells you , Today’s Webtoon is a coming of age rom-com drama about a webtoon producing department in a company.

Kim Se-Jeong is back after A Business Proposal with Nam Yoon Su. If you are a fan of Noona Romance shows then this one is for you.

The plot revolves around webtoon department in NEON company where the department is about to be abort. But all the employees in the Webtoon Team try their best to boost the sales and keep it running.

Series not only focuses on main leads but also covers personal life, thoughts and feeling of other characters.
If you want a romance drama with coming age vibes and slice of life theme in 2022 then Today’s Webtoon is for you.

Forecasting love and weather

Cast – Song Kang, Park Min Young

Rating  – 7.1 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of Forecasting Love and Weather

After giving specular performances in Sweet Home and Navillera and delivering a sizzling chemistry in Nevertheless Song Kang was back with our pretty office lead queen Park Min Young.

The show completely justifies its title. If you are someone interested in nature and weather and want a romantic watch on a rainy day then forecasting love and weather must be on your list.

The drama is not over lauded with romanticism but unfolds the story through various emotional elements. The drama justifies with side characters as well by showing there life and difficulties as civil service officers.

The sound of Magic

Cast – Choi Sung-Eun, Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop

Rating – 7.7 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of The Sound of Magic

Ji Chang Wook as magician and Hwang in Yeop as a topper student is hotness overflowing in this fantasy min-series The Sound of Magic.

The show has a dialogue which is going to be on our tong forever – “Amara Sumara” .

The cinematography and script was the well-done area of the drama. The Sound of Magic has a cute high school love story with some of its scenes giving nostalgia of Raj from DDLJ to Indian Kdrama fans. But Ji Chang Wook looking all like a Sugar Daddy is enough to hook you up through each episode.

Though the main focus of the plot is a high school girl who is all alone herself but only thing she wants is just to live like a kid as the responsibilities of adult life is not something anyone likes (do you?).

If you are looking for a binge watch fantasy min-series with lot of eye candies then Sound of the Magic must be on your list.

Soundtrack #1

Cast – Han So Hee, Park Hyung Sik

Rating – 7.9 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of SOUNDTRACK #1

How can such a perfect show has only 4 episodes?  The News of Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik coming together for a friends to lover melodrama thrilled all of us but just 4 episodes were not enough.

This is one of those romantic dramas where male lead falls for female lead first but can not tell her and our female lead as always being dumb to not see those eyes full of love for her.

All through each episode I was like “Girl if you don’t need him give me, just give me” (yeah i’m pathetic). Soundtrack # 1 has become one of those Kdramas that I am never going to shut up about !

Woori the virgin

Cast – Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Dong Wook

Rating – 7.5 (Rakuten Viki)

Review and Summary of Woori the Virgin

If you watch Woori the Virgin … must not miss that animation in its last episode but you might have to use extra mind to understand that animation if you are not dirty minded enough.

Woori the virgin is a remake of American show Jane the Virgin. It’s a good watch in the rom-com genre and the best part is when you actually not able to guess who the hell she is really going to get marry?

But I was happy because this time I didn’t have to cry over second male lead syndrome. Yes Woori the Virgin is one of those rare dramas where second male lead get’s the girl (oops did I spoil it?).

Jinxed at first

Cast – Na In Woo, SeoHyun

Rating – 8.8 (IMDB)

Review and Summary of Jinxed At First

When I first saw Na In woo (it was my first drama of him) I felt like he looks like Lee Min Ho and acts a lot like Lee Hyung Dong, did you also feel the same ? If you have watched Legends of the blue sea then Jinxed at first might give you similar vibes in some of its scenes.

The cute chemistry between an adorable witch and a homeless guy known to bring bad luck wherever he goes, will keep you hooked up after each episode. This rom-com fantasy show has got a lot popular among the Kdrama fandom as soon it aired.

Final Words

Soundtrack or Snowdrop, Jinxed at first or Woori the virgin which romantic and rom com Korean Drama is going to be on your list next? Must share your review with us so others can also decide what they can expect.

As for me till now Yumi’s cell 2 and Twenty one Twenty two have been the best of all and I am never going to shut up about it !

I hope you enjoyed these Kdrama recommention of best romantic Kshows of 2022 and if you want to buy merch of these dramas then don’t forget to visit our KdropCart shop or DM us for free customization.


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FAQ “Rom-Com Kdramas of 2022”

Which is the best romantic Kdrama of 2022?

A Business Proposal is the best romantic Kdrama of 2022.

Which is the best rom-com Kdrama of 2022?

Yumi’s cell 2 is the best rom-com kdrama of 2022.

What is the best Korean drama of 2022?

Twenty five Twenty one is the best and highest rates Kdrama of 2022.

What are best Interesting Korean Dramas of 2022?

Here are most interesting Kdramas of 2022 -=
Yumi’s Cell 2
Twenty Five Twenty One
A business proposal
Little Women
Link – Eat , Love and Die

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