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6 Kdramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Korean Dramas Similar to Extraordinary Attorney Woo

kdramas like extraordinary attorney woo

Annyeong Chingu-Ya

Did you finish watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo? Then you must be looking for some similar Kdramas to watch.

Here I am again to help you out with the best possible recommendations of Korean Dramas like Extraordinary Attorney woo.

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Drama – Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022)

Star cast – Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young

Rating – 8.9 (IMDB)

Review on Extraordinary Attorney Woo :-

Extraordinary Attorney woo is about an autistic girl Woo Young Woo played by Park Eun Bin, who becomes Lawyer at a law firm which is run by her father’s college friend.

There she meets love of her life Lee Jun Ho played by Kang Tae Oh, who loves her just for the amazing person she is.

Unlike other Lawyer dramas Attorney woo was quite different. It had all the aspects from love, jealousy to childishness, maturity and heart-warming scenes.

The screenplay and plot were the most outstanding points of the series.

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Now let’s come back to the point !

Watch these Kdramas if you enjoyed Extraordinary Attorney Woo…

Move to Heaven (2021)

Cast – Tang Jun Sang, Lee Je Hoon

Rating – 8.6 (IMDB)

Move to Heaven which is an original Netflix series has a lot similarities with EAW. Move to heaven is about a young boy who was brought up by his father and they work as trauma cleaners. But after his father’s death he is took care by his uncle that came only for money.

Similar to attorney woo, the main lead has autism and was brought up by single father. Both find their love along with a purpose in life.

In both shows main leads go through many ups and downs in their career while finding new means of real-life out of their precious innocent world.

It’s okay to not be okay

Cast – Seo Yea JI, Kim Soo Hyun, Oh Jung Se

Rating – 8.6 (IMDB)

One of the highest rated drama, Its okay to not be okay’s plot is different to Attorney woo but both shows deals with dark sides of life and the innocent characters who are mentally special than others.

The second main character in Its okay to not be okay Moon Sang Tae played by Oh Jung Se is mentally challenged while the female lead Ko Moon Young has antisocial personality disorder.

Good Doctor

Cast – Joo Won, Moon Chae Won

Rating – 8 (IMDB)

Both Good Doctor and Extraordinary Attorney Woo have similar plot. In Good Doctor the male lead Park Shin on (Joo Won) is autistic like Attorney Woo and goes through many ups and downs in his career.

Both of main character find love on their journey of proving them in their workplace. Both of them are more kind toward others but they learn about the vicious real world on their journey.

However their exceptionality and support of people around them always make them shine.

Miss Hammurabi

Cast – Go Ara, Kim Myeong Soo (L)

Rating – 7.5 (IMDB)

If you loved the courtroom setting of Extraordinary Attorney Woo then you will love Miss Hammurabi too.

Both shows have strong female leads who are exceptionally well at what they do.

Though the plot is different in both and in Miss Hammurabi the female lead played by Go Ara, is a judge along with her fellow colleague Lim Ba-reum played by “L” (Angel’s last mission love).

Both series have heart warming yet fun and playful moments.


Cast – Cho Seung Woo, Kim Mi Sook

Rating – 7.7 (IMDB)

The male lead Cho Won played by Cho Seung Woo. In Marathon has autism similar to Attorney Woo played by Park Eun Bin.

There are many similarities in both shows and main characters with same disorder.

They are both thriving to deal with the real world while getting ahead in their career through many struggles.

In Marathon Cho Won is a runner and is brought up by his single mother.


Run On

Cast – Shin Se Kyung, Im Si Wan, Kang Tae Oh, Soo Young

Rating – 7.5 (IMDB)

Here is one must watch Kdrama recommendation for fans who liked Kang Tae Oh in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, you will love him in Run On.

He played the second male lead who supports his love angle in her career and always adores her strong woman personality.

Run On’s plot is quite different to Extraordinary Woo but both series have coming of age plot with fun and romantic elements.

Hope this Kdramalist was helpful and you have got your next binge watch. So let me know in the comments which of these series’ you are planning to watch next?

Or if you have already watched then don’t forget to share your reviews with all of us.

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FAQ “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”

Is Attorney Woo based on a true story?

Yes Extraordinary Attorney Woo is inspired from real life story of a person named Mary Temple Grandin.

Is Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix?

Yes , Extraordinary Attorney Woo is available on Netflix.

How popular is Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Extraordinary Woo got so popular that it is rumoured to be remaked.

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