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8 Kdramas similar to Yumi’s Cell 1 & 2 | Kdramas Like YUMI’s CELL season 2

kdramas like Yumi's cell

Annyeong chingu-ya !

Are you watching Yumi’s cell season 2? Or if you have finished watching Yumi’s cell season 1 then you must be craving for something similar right?

Yumi’s cell is a very new concept Kdrama. This kind of concept of mixing animation with normal rom com Korean drama is new so there are not exactly same kdramas yet.

But there are many Kdramas that give same vibes and characters as Yumi’s cell.

Yumi’s cell seems to be having theme of American movie “Inside Out” which was also about animation cells inside the brain.

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Must watch kdramas if you loved Yumi’s cell season 1 and Season 2 –

Woori the virgin (2022)

Woori the virgin released in 2022 is also adoption of American series Jane the virgin. However it is a lot similar to Yumi’s cell as –

  • Both shows have female lead as a writer.
  • Yumi is an aspiring writer where Woori is also a drama writer.
  • Female lead’s story is the centre of the plot.
  • And our favourite part there are two male leads which is similar in both Woori the virgin and Yumi’s cell.

Love cells (2014)

Released 2014 in Love cells as the name suggests has some common themes as Yumi’s cell

In love cell main character tries to revive her love cell to find extraordinary love where Yumi also wants to find romance and Love cell is her prime cell.

love cell kdrama like yumi cell

Kdrama Love cell has two seasons similar to Yumi cell which is also divided in more than one season.

Poison berry in my brain (2015)

Poison berry in my brain is a Japanese drama but its plot a lot similar to Yumi’s cell.

poison berry kdrama like yumi cell

In poison berry the female leads has five different personalities in her brain who control her actions. Similar to Yumi’s cell 2 the female lead is 30 year old but unemployed and falls for a younger boy.

Run on (2020)

Run on has very different plot to Yumi’s cell but the vibe of the drama is quite similar.

Like Yumi the female lead in Run on also wanted to be a writer but she is now a subtitle artist.

Run on is my all time favourite Kdrama and it has healthy relationship between the main couple and second lead couple which gives a slice of life feeling like Yumi’s cell.

Our beloved summer (2021)

Our beloved summer is also a webtoon adoption like Yumi’s cell.

The cinematography of both series is quite similar and gives summer vibes with winter feelings.

Though the plot of both shows is quite different but both are rom com slice of life kdramas with second male lead.

Romance is a bonus book (2019)

Similar to Yumi the female lead in Romance is a bonus book is also a writer.

Yumi also meets an editor in Yumi’s cell 2 but he is not a male lead though in Romance is a bonus book the editor is main lead starred by Lee jung suk.

Cheese in the trap (2016)

Both cheese in the trap and Yumi’s cell are starred  by Kim Go-Eun.

She has a submissive character in both series. Though the plot of both series is different still they give same love vibes and a second male lead syndrome.

True beauty (2020)

True beauty is one of the most popular kdramas and probably one of the first kdramas of many new fans. Similar to Yumi’s cell ,

True beauty is also a webtoon adoption and is a must watch rom-com coming of age show.

My ID is gangam beauty (2018)

Sharing the same plot and male lead Cha Eun Woo My ID is ganganma beauty is also a webtoon adoption like Yumi’s cell and has a second male lead, second female lead and rom-com vibes.

Final words

I hope you enjoyed this list and it was helpful to you. I bring such helpful stories for you all so support KdropCart by sharing this with your other chingus and don’t forget to comment your recommendation below with us.

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Kdramas like Yumi’s cell 2”

Should I watch season 1 to understand Yumi’s cell season 2?

No you can directly start watching Yum’s cell2 if you have not watched season 1.

Who does Yumi end up with Yumi’s cell?

In the webtoon Yumi gets married to Soonrok Shin though in Kdrama Yumi’s cell 2 Yumi is still with Yoo Babi and many of Soonrok’s scene have been given to Yoo Babi.

Is Yumi’s cells completed?

Yes Yumi’s cell Webtoon has been completed.

What happens in Yumi’s cells?

Yumi is an aspiring writer and employee of a Noodle company and the drama depicts her day to day life, her emotions through her animated cells and her relationships.

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