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12 Best Kdramas Like SOUNDTRACK #1 | Friends to lovers Kdrama | Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee drama Soundtrack #1

Kdramas like soundtrack #1

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

If you are finding recommendations of Kdramas similar to SOUNDTRACK #1 Then you are at the right place!

March has been a great month in 2022 for us Kdrama fans and it is continued to be with the release of  SOUNDTRACK #1, a Short Korean series starring Park Hyung Sik and Han Soo Hee. After giving perfect husband dreams to us in Happiness, Park Hyung Sik is back with this musical friends to lover show.

Kdrama fans are still not over  Han so hee’s badass performance in MY NAME and now we are having her back in this aesthetic romance series SOUNDTRACK #1.

Ever since I heard about this Kdrama I was so thrilled to watch (and I know you too, that is why you are here). Though this drama deserved to be excited for, that is what its’ first episode proved streaming on Disney+.

I know like me you are also swooning over this beautiful series and can’t get over. So here I am sharing some of my fav Korean Dramas that are like SOUNDTRACK #1.

If you enjoyed SOUNDTRACK #1 you will love these Korean dramas too…

Watch these Kdramas If you Enjoyed SOUNDTRACK #1

More than friends

If you liked SOUNDTRACK #1 Then More Than Friends is a perfect replacement for it. As you can guess from the name it is “Friends to lover” Story. Drama is slow paced and cinematography is also quite similar to SOUNDTRACK #1. Similar to Soundtrack #1 in More than friends male lead is a photographer and female lead wanted to be a write but now works as a calligraphist. Plot of more than friends is little different as the male lead seams little rude and female lead confesses first plus there is also a rich second male lead who is an eye candy. More than Friends series might seem boring at first but trust me don’t give up there it gets better with each episode and cliff-hangers will, no doubt, make you go for the next episode quickly.

Fight for my way

Fight for my way again is a “ friends to lover” Kdrama although it is more a rom com type where SOUNDTRACK #1 is a musical melodrama. I think many fans have already watched this fun coming of age series starred by Park Seo Joon and Kim ji won or at least they are aware of it. However if you haven’t tried it and looking for friendship to lovers shows then Fight for my Way will always top the list.

She would never know

Similar to SOUNDTRACK #1 in She would never know also male lead cannot confess his feeling to the female lead. She would never know might be surprising on this list but it is a beautiful series. I really liked the slow paced plot and music of the show. The drama gives similar vibes to Soundtrack #1 in some ways.

You drive me crazy

Another perfect replacement for Soundtrack #1. You drive me crazy is a short drama of exactly 4 episodes like Soundtrack #1. It is also a “friends to lover” drama. However it is not a melodrama rather a rom com where main leads fall in love after a one night stand but actually the male lead was always liked female lead.

The time we were not in love

“The time we were not in love” is also a friends to lover story like soundtrack #1 where main leads are friends for 20 years. In a race to find their partner before turning 35 both friends realize their love for each other. The time we were not in love is more like a rom-com where SOUNDTRACK is a short musical melodrama.

Romance is a bonus book

Romance is a bonus book share quite similarities to SOUNDTRACK #1 in terms of cinematography. However characters in both dramas are totally different but the main leads are childhood friends in both shows. Male leads are like eye-candies and female leads are presented independent women in both series. Another similarity between Romance is a bonus book and SOUNDTRACK #1 is that both main leads start living together.


Imitation is a musical series so it can give some similar vibes to soundtrack #1. Imitation is more youthful while Soundtrack #1 is more melodramatic. In both dramas male lead actually fall first and both main leads are artists.

Something in the rain

Something in the rain is one of my favourite Melodramatic kdramas. It is also going to have a Hindi remake soon announced by JTBC Studio. It is an iconic “noona love” show. Similar to soundtrack #1 both leads are childhood friends and male lead falls first for the female lead. It is also a slow paced series and cinematography is also quite similar.

A love so beautiful

A love so beautiful is a high school romance drama. It is a sweet rom com where female lead falls first for the male lead but both are childhood friends so it is little different to Soundtrack #1 in terms of cinematography. But the series will definitely make you feel butterflies along with each episode.

Page Turner

Starred by Kim so hyun and Kim ji soo Page turner is a 3 episode long musical drama. The concept is quite different to SOUNDTRACK #1 but it has many similarities. Page turner is more focused on female lead as she falls for her friend.

She was pretty

She was pretty is quite similar to Soundtrack #1 if you are looking for “friends to couple” kdrmaas and it will also give you a big second male lead syndrome. The plots are two different but this one thing matches in both shows that male lead likes the female lead first.


Mentioning Park Hyung Sik as “ the best friends who loves her secretly” and not mentioning this iconic drama HAPPINESS is not fare. However Happiness has completely different plot as it is a zombie series still the characters are quite similar to Soundtrack #1. In both dramas Park Hyung Sik will give you husband vibes (Ah ! I live for that).

So this was my Kdramalist for shows similar to SOUNDTRACK #1. Now let me know your recommendations in the comments below chingu-ya.

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Your chingu…

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Where I can watch Kdrama SOUNDTRACK #1?

You can watch SOUNDTRACK #1 on Disney plus and Dramacool.

How many episodes Soundtrack #1 has?

Kdrama Soundtrack #1 has only 4 episodes.

When will SOUNDTRACK #1 end?

4th and last episode of Kdrama SOUNDTRACK #1 will air on 13th April 2022.

What are kdramas where male lead like female lead first?

Here are my favourite kdrams where male lead falls first for female lead –
She was pretty
She would never know
You drive me crazy
Romance is a bonus book
Something in the rain

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