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11 K-Dramas ought to get on your Monsoon Binge-Watch List | Kdramas to watch on rainy day | Best Romance korean dramas

kdramas for rainy day

Annyeon chingudeul !!!

Summer, Monsoon and Kdramas is the best combination, right? There is something about the storms that draw out the heartfelt in us; perhaps it is dividing a solitary umbrella among two, cozying up together while the lookout windows up with lightning, or simply looking out together at the downpour while sharing some espresso. Storms sure are a state of mind enhancer.

On the off chance that you are a K-Drama fan, these ones which have the downpour assuming a significant part in the story, ought to be on your watch list this storm.

So get a bowl of Ramen (Ramyeon) or soju, and get comfortable for a drawn-out evening of gorging. Take out your coziest toss, and take your pick from our K-show choices.

Table of Contents

In this article, I am gonna share some K-Dramas that you should watch during this monsoon.

1. Splash Splash Love

“Splash Splash Love” stars Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon and the enchanting Kim Seul Gi in a show world where history and present-day impact. Dan Bi (Kim Seul Gi) is a secondary school understudy who mystically transports to the Joseon time frame.

In this new climate, she meets King Lee Do (Yoon Doojoon). While the two find solace in one another’s company, they become hopelessly enamored and set out in a wild romance.

This series is just two episodes, yet it figures out how to leave a sufficient effect that you will always remember it. Kim Seul Gi is both diverting and charming, with the capacity to attract watchers to her irresistible quality.

Her science with Yoon Doojoon is the feature of the series. Seeing them go from being weirded out by one another to going totally gaga is the cross-world sentiment that we didn’t realize we wanted.

The series rotates around downpour, which will be amazing in setting the state of mind on your downpour day inside!

Where to Watch Splash Splash Love: Viki (Subscription)

2. A Business Proposal

The stowing away, the harmless exaggerations, and the charming and modest trades, we love everything.

Kang Tae-moo (CEO) and  Shin Ha-ri (employee) have something going on. Simply this plot point is sufficient to make us ditch all that and watch the show unfurl.

Furthermore, in the event that one couple isn’t an adequate number then we have one more coordinate with a storyline so charming, that you may be confounded about who you like more? Unquestionably, a convenient solution for this dull season.

Where to Watch A Business Proposal- Netflix, Wavve

3. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Yoon Hye Jin is a dental specialist who leaves her place of employment in the city because of a battle she gets into with her chief.

She goes to an unassuming community to begin a new yet winds up getting into a great deal of misfortune when she arrives, making her depend on the assistance of Hong Doo Shik, who constantly helps Hye Jin while she financially recovers, and she, at last, opens up training in the unassuming community.

There’s a motivation behind why this series has been on everybody’s watchlist nowadays. Besides the fact that the two primary leads totally wonderful along with are their delightful dimples, the characters inside the modest community and their accounts all make for a mending watch.

Doo Shik says in a specific scene when the two principal leads are getting absorbed in the downpour, “You will undoubtedly meet unforeseen circumstances throughout everyday life. Regardless of whether you utilize an umbrella, you’ll wind up getting doused.” So profound, so quick, so obvious!

Where to watch Hometown Cha Cha ChaNetflix, TVING

4. Love Rain

“Love Rain” is an exemplary first love K-show. It stars Jang Geun Suk and YoonA. Website optimization Joon is a superstar picture taker who is likewise somewhat of a playboy.

 He meets Ha Na and the two become hopelessly enamored, yet what makes their relationship exceptional is that it connects to their folks’ romantic tale. They come to understand that their destiny is entwined undeniably beyond what they might have at any point envisioned.

“Love Rain” is a sweet first love story that will pull at your heartstrings. It gets going set during the 70s, so it has an extremely retro and nostalgic feel that is exceptionally heartfelt.

The umbrella scene in this specific series is popular as it shows a lovestruck principal lead getting doused in the downpour since he is attempting to hold his crush back from getting wet. It has every one of the elements for a heartfelt story and it will leave you feeling warm and shattered simultaneously.

Where to watch Love Rain- Viki, Netflix.

5. She Was Pretty

“She Was Pretty” stars Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin, a lady who used to be exceptionally assembled and well known with the young men as a youngster, however, grows up caring somewhat less about her appearance.

She gets an opportunity at a magazine organization where she reunites with her most memorable love, Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon). Sung Joon had been frantically infatuated with Hye Jin when he was more youthful, however, he is presently unfit to perceive her as a grown-up.

The injury that Ji Sung Joon encounters each time it downpours must be assisted fully backed up by his most memorable love, Hye Jin. Seeing the two need to be with one another however defeating such countless obstructions for it to happen is so inspiring.

Where to watch She was Pretty- Netflix, Viki, We tv, Apple TV

6. Something in the Rain

The first title of this cut-of-life k-show in a real sense deciphers as “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” however strangely, it was given the English title of Something in the Rain.

It should be on the grounds that many vital crossroads in the connection between espresso establishment boss Yoon Jin-ah (Son Ye-jin) and her closest companion’s more youthful sibling, Seo Joon-hee (Jung Hae-in), happen when the downpour is falling.

 Rachel Yamagata’s smooth OST tracks assist set the mindset for this gradual process noona sentiment with a side of work environment sexual governmental issues.

 You might need to have some hot espresso convenient (trust us, this will cause you to ache for one!).

Where to Watch Something in the Rain- Netflix

7. Nevertheless

If what you would consider a bed-climate show is watching two madly appealing individuals invest a ton of energy in... well… . bed, then this may be for you.

This continuous Netflix Originals k-show Nevertheless stars Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi, a graduating craftsmanship significant who, while as yet recuperating from a separation, meets Park Jae-age (Song Kang, Navillera), a known responsibility phobic playboy whose charms she views as difficult to stand up to.

 Racier than the typical school set k-show, this is sensible,  At any rate, you’ll end up treated to “predominant visuals” (Korean-represent delightful countenances, fundamentally).

 An extraordinary OST, and an opportunity to scrub yourself of any waiting sick sentiments you might hold onto towards Han So-hee in the event that you loathed her in World of the Married.

Where to Watch Nevertheless- Netflix

8. Guardian : The great and lonely God

Downpour figures unmistakably in this extraordinary sentiment between Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), an undying dokkaebi (gobin), and Ji Eun-Tak (Kim Go-Eun), the lady bound to assist him with getting over.

Their most memorable word-less experience comes on a stormy day, providing him with a brief look at their common destiny.

 He likewise has the ability to make it downpour when he’s miserable and to hilariously make separated indoor rainstorms when he’s irritated.

The k-show peculiarity that introduced a totally different age for the class, Goblin has everything a legendary series about eternity would have: a sentiment that resists time, a destiny that traverses hundreds of years, and perhaps of the best soundtrack in k-dramaland.

Where to Watch Goblin- Viki, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV

9. When my love blooms

If the downpour makes you long for something slow and wistful, this exemplary drama of first loves, excruciating farewells and renewed opportunities fits the bill.

 At the point when My Love Blooms stars the beguiling Lee Bo-youthful and Yoo Ji-Tae as previous school darlings who meet again by chance 25 years after the fact.

The show alternates between double cross periods: the mid-1990s, where he is an extreme understudy dissident from a common family, and she is a protected individual from the bourgeoisie, and the current day, with him as an enemy of work chaebol leader and her as a battling, average single parent.

 Over a lazy, barometrical 16 episodes with taking off violin crescendos and nearly dream-like cinematography, we figure out how they ended up in ways so disparate, from one another as well as from who they used to be.

 Also, obviously, on the off chance that the star-crossed sweethearts can find their direction back to one another regardless of the numerous impediments in their way.

Where to Watch When my Love Blooms- Netflix, We TV, Viki

10. Legend of the Blue Sea

This is maybe the prettiest umbrella second in a rundown brimming with pretty minutes.

 How should it not be the point at which you have Jun Ji Hyun in a stunning shimmering dress and Lee Min Ho in a fresh cloth suit? The staggering Spanish setting simply adds to the feeling of wizardry and secret.

As our mermaid’s courageous woman turns and slants her look towards her hesitant legend, you simply know something awesome is going to occur.

Where to Watch Legend of the Blue Sea- Netflix, Hulu, SBS VOD, Viki, Apple TV, We TV

11. Our Beloved Summer

Missing summer while downpour pours outside? Put Our Beloved Summer on. This K-show is another vibe great watch that simply pulls at your heartstrings.

The show follows the narrative of Kook Yeon-soo (Kim Da-mi) and Choi Woong (Choi Woo-Shik), who were engaged in recording a narrative during their secondary school years.

As grown-ups, the narrative became viral and the two previous sweethearts get maneuvered once more into one another’s lives — unfortunately.

One more exemplary figure of speech worked out here is the foes turned darlings. In secondary school, Kook and Choi are like a madhouse yet in the end become each other’s most memorable love.

As grown-ups, the sentiments they had in their childhood, keep on tormenting them and we watch them accommodate and pardon one another.

Where to Watch Our Beloved Summer- Netflix

So which of these following K-Dramas that you already watched ? Let us know in the comment section

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ ” Kdramas in Monsoon”

   How many episodes are there in Splash Splash Love?

2 episodes

   Who is the main Male Lead role in She was Pretty?

Park Seo Joon

  Where to watch Hometown Cha Cha Cha?

Netflix, TVING

  Which Kdrama has the most iconic rain scene?

Legend of the Blue Sea

Is Something in the Rain remaking in India?

Yes, It will be soon.

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