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My Favorite 11 must watch Korean Dramas of 2022

best must watch high rated kdramas 2022

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

What is your favourite Kdrama of 2022?

Do you know which is the best and most high rated Kdrama of 2022?

2022 is about to end , but our search for Kdramas is never going to. This year I had watched many Korean Dramas of all genre such as romance, rom-com, thriller-suspense and horror.

Here I am going to share some of my favourite Kdrama of 2022 that you must watch if you haven’t !

Best Kdramas of 2022

Twenty Five twenty one (Feb-April, 2022)

Cast – Kim Taeri , Nam Joo Hyuk

Genre – Coming of Age, Rom-Com

IMDB rating – 8.6

MyDramalist Rating – 8.8

Summary and Review of Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty Five Twenty One is not just the most high rated Kdrama of 2022 but it is also one of the most popular ones.  

The heartbreak and sad ending it gave is unforgotten. Whoever watched Twenty Five Twenty one , couldn’t end it without crying.

It is a coming of age show directed by Jung Ji Hyun who previously directed shows like Mr. Sunshine and The King : Eternal Monarch.

And note to mention this masterpiece show is also favourite Kdrama of BTS’s Jeon Jungkook in 2022.

Telling the story of friendship , love, adult life struggles and revolving around fencing sport, 2521 is definitely a must watch.

Yumi’s Cell 2 (June – July, 2022)

Cast – Kim Go Eun, Park JinYoung, Ahn Bo Hyun

Genre – Psychological , Rom-Com, Animation

IMDB rating – 8.2

MyDramalist Rating  – 8.4

Summary and Review of Yumi’s Cell 2

I can say this with guarantee that Yumi’s Cell series is THE MOST UNIQUE concept in Kdramaland.

Whole drama is a delight to watch.

First season of Yumi’s Cell was released in 2021, and in 2022 it’s second season was aired.

But honestly I liked Yumi’s Cell Second season more than first one.

 This is a Kdrama, I am never going to shut up about , and I can certainly say you also won’t be able to not fall for all the animation cute cells of Yumi.

If you haven’t watched this series, must watch.

Currently I am waiting for its third (and maybe final) season which will be released in 2023.

 Note to mention that Yumi’s Cell is based on webtoon with same name and is being released in seasons.

Little Women (Sep-Oct, 2022)

Cast – Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun,  Park Ji Hu

Genre – Crime , Thriller , Suspense

IMDB rating  – 8.3

Dramalist Rating – 8.6

Summary and Review of Little Women

Mark my words, Little Women is going to be one of the best Crime-Thriller and Suspense Kdramas of all time.

Story of three poor sisters, all with three different personalities, Little Women will not get you bore even for a minute. 

By the way , my favourite character is Oh in Kyung played by Nam Ji-Hyun (Suspicious Partner) and her cute love story with Kang Hoon (Ha Jong Ho).

Another couple Oh in joo (Kim Go Eun) and Choi Do II (Wi Ha Joon)  is also interesting as you can’t decide whether to ship them or not , until your heart finally does it !

The drama is full of cliff-hangers and suspense are thrown on you without a break.

This game of guessing of what is going to happen next, you will lose track of your time and the series will be ended !

If you are looking for something to binge watch then put Little Women on your list as it is one of the best Korean Shows of 2022 with great story line and note to mention its delightful cinematography.

Cast – Yeo Jin Goo, Moon Ga Young

Genre  – Suspense – Thriller, Romance

IMDB rating – 7.3

MyDramalist Rating – 8.1

LINK kdrama brings a new fresh pair of Yeo Jin Goo as Eun Gye Hoon and Moon Ga Young as Noh Da Hyun .

At first I skipped this show as it was ongoing but after few weeks I just downloaded its first episode and watched.

I was shocked with the engaging plot Link : Eat Love and Die Korean show had.

Every episode ends with a cliff-hanger and it doesn’t let you get bored even for a minute.

Packed with humorous dialogues and sweet romance , this suspense thriller revolves around kids of a neighbourhood.

This fantasy show depicts the story of two twin siblings who were linked with each other but the girl gets lost in childhood because the brother couldn’t take care of her.

Then the story unfolds each second of THAT DAY and makes connection with female lead Moon Ga Young’s character along with other characters.

My favourite scene from the show is where the little girl dies and the way she dies.

She asks for help from a truck driver but he doesn’t help her. Trust me you won’t be able to hold crying in that scene. It was just so heart-breaking.

LINK exceeded my expectations and is definitely one of the best Kdramas of 2022.

Snowdrop (Dec, 2021 – Jan , 2022)

Cast – Kim Ji-Soo, Jung Hae In

Genre – Romance – Thriller, Action , Tragedy

IMDB rating  – 8.2

MyDramalist Rating – 8.5

Summary and Review of Snowdrop

What should I say about Snowdrop? Launching Blackpink’s Jisoo, the series became a sensation worldwide even before it was released.

The plot depicts love story of a North Korean spy and a South Korean University girl,  packed with action and thrill. Snowdrop is set in 80’s era.

Covering the time when these North Korean spies make hostages to a girls’ hostel within the building. Although it is fictional but some resources say it contains real facts too.

It’s like 2022 was a year of heart breaking stories and it began with Snowdrop.

Though the show has only one kissing scene and nothing else, it is an exceptional romance thriller and you can’t stop yourself waiting even for that one scene.

Not just an engaging plot but the show is full of eye candies, a special mention for Kim Min Kyo as Joo Gyeok Chan.

Snowdrop is indeed one of the greatest Kdramas of all time.

Tomorrow (Apr-May, 2022)

Cast – Rowoon, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Soo Hyuk

Genre – Fantasy

IMDB rating – 7.8

MyDramalist Rating – 8.9

Summary and Review of Tomorrow

Tomorrow Kdrama focuses on a dark theme and revolves around Choi Joon Woong  (Rowoon) who accidently meets a group of grim reapers while he is stressed to look for  a job.

This group of grim reapers works to save humans who are trying to attempt suicide. They make them realise how precious life is.

That’s why it is a sensitive topic and everyone may not be able to watch.

However, I was most excited to see Rowoon in such type of character. I really loved him in Extraordinary You and wanted to see him in such shows.

Tomorrow show was a big hit all around the world and fans are demanding for its second season. It is a must watch of 2022.

All of us are dead -1 (Jan-Feb, 2022)

Cast – Lomon, Cho Yi Hyun, Park JI hoo, Chan Young Yoon

Genre – Zombies, Horror Fiction

IMDB rating – 7.5

MyDramalist Rating – 8.4

Summary and Review of All of Us Are Dead

All of us are dead was the most discussed Kdrama of 2022 and one of the most popular Netflix series all around the world.

It is a zombie horror series and would make you scream on your seats for every other scene.

There will be a second season as well for All of Us are dead as the finale ended with cliff-hanger and many unsolved mysteries.

Just because it is a horror series doesn’t mean there is no fun, in between fear and disguise , the show is packed with humour, romance, and bromance.

In short it is a binge watch worthy roller coaster ride and indeed one of the best Korean shows of 2022.

Extraordinary Attorney woo (June-Aug, 2022)

Cast – Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae oh

Genre – Legal, Rom-Com

IMDB rating  – 8.8

MyDramalist Rating – 9

Summary and Review of Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a fun , legal drama full of emotional rides.

The show has been loved by millions of fans all around the world for its unique concept and plot that depicts the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin) who has autistic syndrome.

The best thing of the show is it doesn’t make you hate anyone.

Initially there are negative characters but as story unfolds you can’t really hate them. All characters have their back stories and reasons to do something.

Another fun element of this series is romance between Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Ho)  and Young Woo.

However there aren’t many moments to discover the romantic elements but if there is a second season then it may focuses on the love story.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a must watch Kshow of all time.

A Business Proposal (Feb-Apr, 2022)

Cast –Kim SeJeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Seol In Ah, Kim Min Kyu

Genre – Rom-Com , Office Romance

IMDB rating  – 8.1

MyDramalist Rating  – 8.7

Summary and Review of A Business Proposal

2022 gave us one more fresh pair of Kdrams Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo  and Kim Sejeong as Shin Ha Ri.  

But the show stealer was its second main lead couple  Kim Min Kyo as Cha Sung Ho and Seol In Ah as Jin Young Seo.

A Business Proposal is a webtoon adaption of the same name and depicts the cliché plotline of contract marriage or relationship.

That is why I didn’t have much hopes from it, but being my favourite genre rom-com , and my favourite stars in it, I still wanted to watch it.

I accept that the show exceeded my expectation in terms of fun elements. Though the topic is not new but representation of it is quite unique.

And note to mention the iconic moment of “Samantha and Rachel” in its very first episode. This is going to be written as all time iconic scenes of Kdramas.

While the love story between lead couple is more of fun , the romance between second main lead couple was what hooked everyone.

 If you have not watched it then must watch to know, and if you have watched it you know if you know 😀

A Business proposal is your best binge watch Kdrama of 2022.

Soundtrack #1 (March-Apr, 2022)

Cast – Park Hyung Sik, Han So Hee

Genre – Music, Melodrama, Romance

IMDB rating – 7.8

MyDramalist Rating  – 8.3

Summary and Review of Soundtrack #1

Anyone who watched Soundtrack #1 must have thought this “why this show has only 4 episodes, writer-nim I want more !”.

Yes I felt it ! I wanted this drama to not end ever. This musical melodrama packed with heart-warming romantic moments, presented with aesthetic cinematography, is like a hot coffe on a rainy winter night!

Drama brings a new fresh pair of Park Hyung Sik as Han Seon Woo and Han So Hee as Lee Eunso  and what a great chemistry both of them has.

Depicting the concept of friends to lovers , the Soundtrack #1 is indeed #1 romantic series of 2022, so don’t you dare to miss it !

If You Wish Upon Me (Aug-Sep,2022)

Cast – Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, Sung Dong Il

Genre – Slice of Life, Rom-Com 

IMDB rating – 8.4

MyDramalist Rating – 8.4

Summary and Review of If You Wish Upon Me

If You Wish Upon Me  is slice of life Kdrama.

The show comes with a fresh pair of Ji Chang Wook as Yoon Gye Rye and SooYoung as Seo Yeon Joo.

I began watching the series because of Ji chang Wook but ultimately fell for the plot.

If you have watched Hometown Cha Cha Cha then you will love this show.

If you Wish upon me is about a hospice hospital where a group of workers known as “Team Gennie” fulfils one last wish of someone who is near to death.

It deals with topics like mental health, struggles of life, crime and suspense.

Each episode of If you wish upon me was worth of my time so don’t skip the series if you haven’t watched as it is definitely one of the best slice of life Kdramas of all time.

So this was my list ! I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya !

Let me know which of these Korean Shows you have watched and which one you haven’t tried , in the comment section below !

Saranghae 😀

Your chingu…

Kdropper !


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FAQ “Best kdramas of 2022”

Which is the best Kdrama of 2022?

The best Korean drama is Twenty Five Twenty One.

Which is the most high rated Kdrama of 2022?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is most high rated Kdrama of 2022

What is the most romantic kdrama of 2022?

These are best romance kdramas released in 2022 –
A Business Proposal
Yumi’s Cell 2
Forecasting Love and Weather
Soundtrack #1

What are must watch Kdramas of 2022?

These are must watch Korean dramas of 2022 –
Big Mouth
Juvelien Justice
Our Blues
Little Sister
Today’s Webtoon
If You Wish Upon Me
Liberation Note

Which is most popular Kdrama of 2022?

Tomorrow is the most popular Kdrama of 2022

Which is most famous Netflix Korean Series of 2022?

All of Us Are Dead is most popular Korean show of 2022.

What is most underrated Kdrama of 2022?

Liberation Note

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