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Review : Is SNOWDROP worth the hype? | 5 reasons to watch SNOWDROP Kdrama of Jisoo and Jung Hae In

snowdrop kdrama review reason to watch or neglect

Annyeon Chingudeul !!!

Is Snowdrop worth watching or not? I know all of you have this question in your mind…

In this article, I am gonna share some reviews and reasons to watch “Snowdrop”.

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Synopsis of Snowdrop

Number of Episodes- 16

Aired Date- December 18, 2021- January 30, 2022

Network- jTBC

Where to Watch- Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar

Lead– Jung Hae In, Kim Ji Soo

In 1987, a horrendous man hops into a ladies’ college quarters in Seoul.

Young Ro, a female college understudy who experiences passionate feelings for him from the start on a gathering prearranged meet-up, deals with him despite the severe reconnaissance and perilous circumstances.

Notwithstanding, Young Ro is stunned to get familiar with his mystery.

 In spite of disastrously looking after his most memorable love Young Ro, Soo Ho must choose the option to move as per the order to save his colleagues and to return to his nation of origin where his kin is standing by.

Young Ro dismisses the desire of her dad and works inseparably with Soo Ho to save her adored man and her companions.

What will befall their destiny?

Reasons to Watch “Snowdrop”

1. Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s heartfelt pressure

In Snowdrop, Jung Hae In plays Im Su Ho, an understudy of a renowned college who unexpectedly races into the quarters of a ladies’ college with his body shrouded in blood.

Each time JTBC delivers new still cuts and mysteries, our hearts vacillate on account of the caring looks Su Ho (Jung Hae In) and Young Ro (Jisoo) give each other.

In many mysteries, the two seem to be guiltless, reviving several college understudies, yet there is a scene where Young Ro is held at gunpoint by Su Ho, flagging a thrilling storyline.

2. Snowdrop is composed and coordinated by the pair behind SKY Castle

Snowdrop, coordinated by Jo Hyun Tak of the hit SKY Castle, is set in 1987 during the Korean vote-based system development.

In a new meeting with Harper’s Bazaar, Jung Hae In shared that he chose to partake in Snowdrop since he completely has confidence in chief Jo Hyun Tak and essayist Yoo Hyun Mi.

Chief Jo Hyun Tak and essayist Yoo Hyun Mi have worked one next to the other on many ventures and accomplished positive outcomes.

3. The skilled supporting cast includes Yoo In Na, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Hye Yoon

Other than Jung Hae In and Jisoo, Snowdrop likewise stars Kim Hye Yoon as Kye Boon Ok, a telephone administrator at the ladies’ college residence.

Yoo In Na plays Kang Chung Ya, a secretive and beguiling specialist.

Yoon Se Ah plays Pi Seung Hee, a quarters overseer who is known for being severe.

Jung Yoo Jin plays Jang Han Na, an indiscreet and touchy specialist.

Jang Seung Jo plays Lee Kang Moo, the insightful group head of the National Security Planning Agency.

4. The existence of Jung Hae In and Jisoo

Both Jung Hae In and Jisoo are extraordinary youthful stars in Korea’s media outlets right now.

Jung Hae In made his acting presentation in 2014.

In the most recent 7 years, he has impacted the crowd with his attractive looks and great acting in numerous fruitful shows and films.

Particularly in 2021, Jung Hae In earned a lot of consideration for his brilliant depiction of a recently enrolled armed force private in Netflix’s spine chiller D.P.

Concerning Jisoo, she was initially prepared to turn into an entertainer by YG Entertainment, yet she later shifted her course and appeared as an icon, an individual from BLACKPINK.

 With the prominence of BLACKPINK in Korea as well as around the world, Jisoo is perhaps of the most sought-after female star today.

She is all around cherished for her singing abilities and beautiful visuals. Netizens are having high expectations for Jisoo’s acting in Snowdrop.

5. OST of the period

You realize a K-show simply hits different when its music causes you to feel things you never knew conceivable.

Escalating each inclination, Snowdrop’s unique soundtrack is certainly something to really remember.

Is snowdrop worth watching

You ought to watch it, you will love it.

Each episode will have you as eager and anxious as ever.

The storyline is additionally astonishing likewise the entertainers who assume their parts are astounding also. It is assuming you like one of the cast individuals, or something with spies.

Review on Snowdrop

I love it. Despite the fact that it’s anything but a blissful consummation on the grounds that SooHo passed on and his companions yet I love his and YoungRo’s chemistry.

I currently comprehend the plot and the openings, it is on the grounds that the story is from the perspective of SooHo. Heads up, it’s worth the effort. Expecting a rom-com.

This is without a doubt a work of art. It has a ton of exciting bends, and it’s anything but a commonplace sentiment story, yet the spilling-over chemistry between the two main leads will make your heart swell without limit. The other entertainers’ acting gave off an impression of being exceptionally regular and light, which additionally made the show intriguing to watch.

So I hope you all get your answer. What is your opinion about “Snowdrop”? Let us know in the comment section

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Snowdrop review”

What is the idea of the Snowdrop show?

It is a romantic story of a North Korean government operative and a college student.

Does Snowdrop have happy ending?

No ! Yeong Ro and Soo Ho don’t get their blissful ending.

What number of episodes does Snowdrop have?

16 episodes

Is Snowdrop a hit in Korea?

‘Snowdrop’ is the most-watched Disney series in Singapore and South Korea.

Does Netflix have Snowdrop?

Yes, it is currently streaming on Netflix.

Is Snowdrop a good k-drama?

Yes, it is one of the best k-drama ever made.

Why is Snowdrop controversial?

JTBC sues netizens for denouncing Jisoo and Jung Hae In starrer of ‘verifiable contortion’.

Is Snowdrop a movie or k-drama?

It is a South Korean television series.

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