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Review : Is Nevertheless Kdrama worth watching? | 5 Reasons to watch Nevertheless Kdrama

neverthless kdrama review reason to watch

Annyeon chingudeul !!!

Is Nevertheless worth watching or not? I know all of you have this question in your mind

In this article, I am gonna share some reviews and reasons to watch “Nevertheless”

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Synopsis of “Nevertheless” : Story & Summary

Park Jae Eon tracks down dating as an exercise in futility yet prefers to be a tease. Despite the fact that he is amicable and bright towards all, he doesn’t seek after others.

Park Jae Eon is an expert on “push and pulls” who doesn’t get cleared up in feelings. Jae Eon defines firm boundaries among himself and others and doesn’t uncover how he feels.

However, when Park Jae Eon meets Yoo Na Bi, he needs to cross those lines.

 Yoo Na Bi needs to date however has little to no faith in adoration. After a harsh involvement in her most memorable love, she doesn’t put stock in predetermination any longer. Yet, when she meets Park Jae Eon, he mystically affects her which moves Na Bi’s choice to remain detached.

Number of Episodes- 10

Aired Date- June 19, 2021- August 21, 2021.

Network- jTBC, Netflix

Where to watch- Netflix

Lead- Song Kang, Han So Hee

Watch it or Forget it?

Yoo Na-bi (Han So-Hee), a Carving scholar at Hongseo University, goes to a presentation of her flow sweetheart’s work however is stunned to see that he’s made a sensual figure of a woman EnFuego as seen from behind.

 Her name is additionally engraved on the plaque. She learns at that point that he’s been controlling and overwhelming her the whole time, as well as investing energy with a portion of his canvas understudies.

 She jettisons him while hollering “you ass hole” on and on.

Na-bi seems, by all accounts, to be over the parted not long after, yet she has become fatigued about attachment.

Gracious, Bit-Na (Yang Hye-Ji), her dearest companion, encourages her to return out there, yet she knows Na-bi isn’t the sort to utilize Tinder.

She does, notwithstanding, need Na-bi to join her and a few of her more youthful colleagues for an evening of celebrating. One thing Bit-Na knows nothing about is that Na-bi has previously met somebody.

How about we quick forward to the evening of the split. Na-bi is confused with a prearranged meet-up by a flawless man. He chooses to remain when she tells him in an unexpected way.

The fascination is both self-evident and robust. Given his affection for butterflies, he even draws one on her arm (he has one inked on the rear of his neck).

They even draw near to kissing in the back street. She’s good to go back to his home, however, she’s placed off when she hears him on the telephone with somebody she accepts as his sweetheart.

At the point when she, at last, acknowledges Bit-greeting Na’s to drink with the more youthful understudies, both of them run into each other once more.

Park Jae-age (Song Kang), a skilled junior stone carver, is in the long run displayed to her. He keeps on being caring and enchanting at the bar, and both of them reignite their association when they go bring ice cream for the gathering.

 He is, in any case, very good to the server, which bewilders her. Be that as it may, things are moving gradually as a result of her faltering to experience passionate feelings for once more and his coquettish way of behaving.

Reasons to watch “Nevertheless”

1. It depends on a well-known webtoon story

Lately, Korean dramas are adjusting more from well-known webtoons and for good reasons: it has a strong fanbase that couldn’t want anything more than to see the story show signs of life.

Nevertheless is likewise founded on a famous webtoon of a similar name.

Creating leader Kim Ga-smash and Han So-hee love the first material with Kim saying that when she originally read the webtoon, she truly needed to make it a true-to-life series to pass on the reasonable message about adoration and connections.

For those that have perused the webtoon, you’d need to watch the series to figure out what it thinks about. Or on the other hand, if you’ve yet to peruse the webtoon, watching the show could urge it to get it.

2. It depicts a sensible Love

Love has forever been sovereign in the realm of Korean shows.

While there’s a horde of different classifications accessible from loathsomeness to science fiction sentiment overwhelms however they will generally be more dream-like as opposed to practical, permitting its watches to get away from reality to enjoy a fantasy sentiment.

Nevertheless attempts to appear as something else. It actually shows the sweet, heart-shuddering minutes that romantic dramas are known for, yet in addition, portrays a practical side to what present-day dating resembles.

Song said that the content engaged him since “it had that pleasantness of sentiment that we expect of youthful love, yet there were different things that separated the story and made it stick out.”

Young grown-ups will at long last see a hyper-sensible sentiment reflected in a Korean show that they can connect with.

3. It has appealing characters

The universe of Korean dramatizations offers a getaway and with that comes characters to cherish and appreciate, at times ones that appear to be excessively great (or really awful) to exist in reality.

 In any case, will give you characters that you can connect with. Creating director Kim said that the title of the 10-episode series will be appealing to watchers.

For example, regardless of realizing that you’ll be harmed, you actually surrender to somebody — in light of the fact that that is human instinct.

Nevertheless portrays the emotions that occur notwithstanding all the hurt and misery. It’s both the great and terrible sides of a relationship.

Han additionally shared that she “trusts the crowd will find my personality engaging” and how she “needed to be genuine and crude” in depicting her personality’s feelings”.

So whether you’ve encountered love previously, encountering it now, or will encounter it, later on, these characters will connect with you here and there.

4. It flaunts a magnificent cast

At the point when Song and Han got the lead parts, it earned a great deal of consideration and buzz. For Song who has constantly been ascending as an entertainer, this denotes a change in his profession.

While he has done another Netflix romance show previously (Love Alarm), Nevertheless is significantly more of a trying job for him.

 It’ll be intriguing to perceive how he breaks past his attractive features.

In the meantime, Han was impelled to the spotlight when she played an escort in the weighty drama, World of the Married, and her job in Nevertheless, while trying, is simultaneously, likewise smooth and will feature a sweet side to the entertainer.

As per the writer of drama “the first choice was always Han Soo Hee and Song Kang”. Fortunately, they truly preferred the webtoon and needed to work with me.”

Both Song and Han have been adulated for being in a state of harmony with their characters. Han likewise said that she “shares a ton of likenesses with Na-bi” including being imaginative.

She really drew a portion of the drawings highlighted in Na-bi’s home.

5. It had magnificent Chemistry

At the point when entertainers get projected or brought together for a show, a portion of the fans would constantly go “Gracious, the visuals!”

 This is indicating to how great the entertainers look and in some cases how extraordinary their chemistry will be.

From the mystery and stills, we can likewise tell that Song and Han’s visuals are unequaled. The two likewise said that being a similar age assisted them with fostering a fellowship and adding to the incredible chemistry.

Creating leader Kim likewise commended their chemistry as being “so regular on-screen.” That’s what the song prodded “there’s a ton of heart-shuddering scenes in our theatrics.” We can anticipate a visual blowout in this series.

Review on Nevertheless

These two have astounding chemistry. I’m connected! One of the steamiest K-shows I have at any point watched.

It doesn’t adjust to the typical emotion K-show cutout.

The leads are not your ideal holy people, they are extremely human with wants that settle on choices against their better decisions and I love it!!!

Absolutely suggest! This k-show makes them appealing and practical vibe, so you need to watch it over and over and hang tight for the following episode with expectations.

So I hope you all get your answer. What is your opinion about “Nevertheless”? Let us know in the comment section

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Neverthless Kdrama review ”

What is the K-drama Nevertheless about?

Nevertheless Kdrama is about confusing relationships of today’s youth.

Is Nevertheless Korean drama Good?

Nevertheless is one of the best romantic Korean dramas.

Is Nevertheless K-drama happy ending?

Yes Neverthless Kdrama has happy ending.

What type of K-drama is Nevertheless?

Neverthless is 19+ rated melodramatic romantic Kdrama.

Will there be Nevertheless Season 2?

No, there is no Nevertheless Season 2.

For what reason is Nevertheless so famous?

The show has grabbed the eye of watchers with its reasonable and unfiltered story and companions with benefits relationship.

Do Nabi and Jae Won end up together?

Nabi and Jae-Eon ended up together regardless of the warnings in their relationship.

Is Nevertheless a love triangle?

Yes, it is “Nevertheless” Hints That The Love Triangle Between Song Kang, Han So Hee, And Chae Jong Hyeop Will Become More Exciting.

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