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GC story: Life of an Indian K-pop fanboy | How K-pop changed my life

Life of Kpop fanboy

Our much awaited Giveaway Contest has started and as expected many K-pop and K-drama fans in India sent their stories and thoughts for their love for K-drama and K-pop.

In this segment today we are going to share the story of an Indian K-pop fanboy – Krrish Kamboj. Are you excited? We are too ! Let’s see what Krrish has to say for his love for K-pop …

Krrish’s words ….

Life as an Indian K-pop fan

K-pop, a very beautiful world in which once you enter can not get out of, it is so amazing that it changed whole of my life.

So, i got into K-pop when i was ’bout 14 years old , around September 2020 just when Dynamite came out.

kpop fanboy BTS ARMY

And i became a huge fan right after i started loving their music so much that i can’t express.

Early days when i just became a Kpopper

So, i started as a BTS army And started to listen their songs and loved them so much!

Stay Gold, was the first Kpop song (although Japanese) by any group that i listened , lyrics, concept, and singers were so beautiful!

Then right after i became an army, got to know about queens BLACKPINK, as we all know. I starting loving them so much that every time i listen to them, can’t stop listening.

Just after getting to know about them, i discovered how funny and entertaining those idols are.

Of Course! they became my only reason to smile and laugh, to this day too when i think of them I cannot stop smiling in my head.      

Look, How beautiful and handsome they are! They’re my life! I never stop thinking of them the whole day!

Life as an “Indian” Kpopper

Life as a Kpop fan is beautiful, but it can be wholly different when you’re especially from India.

I know I love my country but this is the only thing I hate ‘bout some people.

Stereotypes about Kpop have spread so much that it’s hurting to see all of that nonsense in today’s changing world.

“Oh, So you’re a Kpopper, what do you like in all that Chinese thingy?”

“Man I hate them, Why do you like them, they all look the same”

“They are too skinny like girls”

Yes! Some phrases every Indian Kpop fan must be aware of…

I mean man come on! How they look same and why are you so stuck to gender norms and how are they Chinese!?

I mean this stereotype should stop!

It hurts </3 and next topic is more complicated than this one…

Life as an “Indian Fanboy”

Life as an Indian Kpopper can be challenging


Conditions go more complicated

And by complicated I mean that people are so homophobic and stuck to gender norms that they hate them just for wearing makeup and having a clear skin leaves me broken 🙁

I mean how can they be so stupid?

“Oh, so bts are gay?”

“I don’t like them, they wear makeup and skinny like girls”

This leaves me heartbroken and angry

No matter I love them and cannot imagine my life without Kpop, it has changed my life from meaningless to wonderful!

K-pop is my Life

I’m gonna be straightforward , Kpop has changed my life , my life has gone from trash to a heaven.

Those amazing K-dramas ,  music so melodious pouring through my body.

Once I start listening to their music and watching the dramas I cannot stop listening/watching.

My life earlier was trash, I stayed depressed, lonely , school bullies made me hate myself

I cried in pain

But now? Loneliness? Nah! Idc if someone talks to me or not!

Depression? Nah! No way! Earlier I didn’t had any smile, but now I have a million reasons to smile.

Now I love myself more than anyone (not more than Kpop lol)

I conclude now that kpop has changed my life, and I guarantee to non-kpoppers if you wanna come in this world you’re welcome and I say that it’ll change your life too!

Thank You all for Reading 🙂


Krrish Kamboj (New Delhi, India)

IG : @krrishk356

So this was Krrish’s story, what is your story and thoughts? If you want to let us know submit your entry for this GIVEAWAY CONTEST here…

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DISCLAIMER : All the above thoughts are expressed by fans themselves and are totally personal. We have just altered few words according to website and publishing policies.

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Hope you enjoyed it! BORAHAE CHINGU-yaa :3


1. What is Giveaway contest for K-pop and K-drama fans?

This Giveaway contest by KdropCart is for K-pop and K-drama fans in India where they can share their thoughts and stories for their K-drama/K-pop love and can win exciting custom K-pop/K-drama merchs.

2. How to participate in Giveaway to win K-drama and K-pop merchs?

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1 thought on “GC story: Life of an Indian K-pop fanboy | How K-pop changed my life”

    Hello everyone as you all know I’m a k-pop fan like u all.And I would like you to know that you are in right path of K-pop.
    K-pop really changed my life entirely and my life started bloom.My lonliness,depression and anxiety all went away after watching K-pop and I started LOVE MYSELF and became more confident and started enjoying my life full of EUPHORIA.And there was no k-pop I don’t think I would still be enjoying my life like right now.
    So l like to say
    And LOVE K-POP

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