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GC blog : Must watch Bad boy good girl, University romance and Motivational K-dramas| My favourite K-dramalist in different genres

must watch K-dramas My K-drama list

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Okay so let’s start!

So today we are going to read a much recommended K-drama list from different genres by an Indian K-drama fangirl – Khushali! Let’s see what are some must watch K-dramas in the genre of “Bad boy and good girl”, “University romance” and “Motivational K-dramas”!

An Indian Fangirl’s favourite K-dramalist…

Must watch K-dramas from different genres

Must watch “Bad boy and Good girl” Korean Dramas

My Kdramalist must watch bad boy good girl

1. Moonlovers

My review:

This drama has one of the deepest storyline and is directed so well. It will always remain close to my heart. The drama aims at time travel where our female lead goes back in time. The male lead is one of the prince in line to become a king.

But he has always stayed away from the kingdom because of his scar. Further, there’s a love triangle between our good girl, bad boy and second male lead. Wang so (male lead) is the rudest of all because he has never been loved by anyone since childhood until he meets Hae soo (female lead). The drama is one of the saddest drama but if you aren’t going to watch it, you will be missing a masterpiece.

2. Tempted

My review:

It’s a story about 3 friends who are from rich families. They decide to take revenge on the female lead. Among one of the 3 friends is our male lead who falls in love with the female lead while trying to take revenge.

The reason I love this drama very much is because it gave couple goals ^^. Watching those cute little moment between them will make your heart flutter. So do give it a watch!!

3. Just Between Lovers

My review:

The story is about two people who 13 years back were the survivors of a horrific accident. Though the time passed by but their pain still remained. Our male lead is hot head who gets into fight with everyone.

But his other side is shown in the drama once he meets the female lead (another survivor). They share each other’s past & pain and never give up on each other. The drama is a bit slow paced but still worth watching with a good storyline.

Must watch “University Romance” K-dramas

must watch college university korean dramas my kdramalist

1. Weightlifting fairy

It’s a coming of age story with a mixture of emotions. The story focuses on our female lead, a young woman chasing after her dream of weightlifting who falls in love with a swimmer (male lead). All together the storyline is very interesting and full of wonderful characters and again this drama will give you couple goals ^^

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My review:

The drama focuses on a lot of factors that is plastic surgery, bullying, stalking, part-time jobs etc. The story starts with the female lead who decides to get plastic surgery after years of being bullied because of her looks in school.

She then meets the male lead at her university who thinks differently about her appearance. Then comes our Antagonist who plans to reveal female lead’s true face behind the plastic surgery. The story has a very unique plot and it was a really good watch for me.

3. Queen of the ring

My review:

It’s a short drama of just 6 episodes. Queen of the ring is heart-warming and has many character developments. It focuses on the female lead who is an average looking girl who isn’t considered pretty or beautiful by the society but crushes over a handsome guy.

Her crush is a guy who dates a lot. One day the female lead gets a ring and this ring holds a family secret. If anyone wears the ring, they could be bewitched easily.

Must watch “Motivational Korean Dramas”

best motivational inspiring korean dramas

1. Itaewon Class

My review:

The drama focuses on a group of people who work together in this corrupt & competitive world. The main lead is Park saeroyi played by Park seo joon. He gets expelled from school for punching a bully but rich guy. Saeroyi’s father also passes away in an accident. It turns his life upside down.

After getting out of jail he opens a pub named “DanBam” in Itaewon following his father’s steps. If you are looking for some inspiration to work hard, I totally recommend this one.

Because in this drama our male lead along with his manager and staff, try hard towards success and reaching greater heights.

2. Fight for my way

My review:

This is one of my fav slice of drama focusing on part time jobs, passion, career, also how they manage professional & personal life. The story of Fight for my way is about two childhood friends with big dreams and career they are under-qualified for. But both of them struggles to survive for success. This drama is a must watch!!

3. Start-Up

My review:

My fav drama from 2020 which taught me so many things. It tells the story of a woman trying to begin her own Start-up company and a man with a struggling Startup company as they come together to achieve their dreams. All the characters were excellent. So much to learn from just one drama.

Well may be that’s why it’s said we watch K-dramas to deal with our reality.

Happy watching y’all ️!!

(A K-drama Fangirl)

Khushali (Delhi)


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K-drama and Giveaway FAQ

What are must watch “Bad boy and Good girl” K-dramas?

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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Tempted : the great seducer
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What are the best University/college romance Kdramas?

College rom-com Korean dramas –
Weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo
My ID is gangnam beauty
Queen of the ring

What are the best motivational Kdramas?

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Fight for my way
Itaewon class

What K-dramas i should watch in 2021?

K-drama recommendation by K-drama fangirl
Fight for my way
Itaewon class
Weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo
My ID is gangnam beauty
Queen of the ring
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Temped : the great seducer
Just between lovers

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