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Giveaway contest for K-drama and Kpop fans in India

giveaway for kdrama and kpop fans

Hello Kdroppers !!!

Do you like GIVEAWAYS? Ofcourse if you love Kpop and Kdramas then how can you hate Giveaways? Especially when we are Indian Kpop and Kdrama fans and on top of that STUDENTS!

So to not beat around the bush more let me come to the point…

GIVEAWAY for K-drama and K-pop fans

Our store KdropCart is holding a GIVEAWAY CONTEST for K-drama and K-pop fans in India. If you love to express your Kpop and Kdrama love then this is going to be for you.

Few days back i posted all the rules, terms and GIVEAWAY PRIZES on our social media handles. If you haven’t checked then take a look here –

You will find all the details on these posts but let me give you a short insight what you have to do and what our lovely participants are doing.

How to participate in GIVEAWAY CONTEST?

So basically you just need to follow these simple steps :

  • Follow us on any social media platform
  • Check the STORY GIVEAWAY page on our store KdropCart.
  • Choose your topic on which you want to write your story/blog
  • Fill the form and submit your entry!

THAT’S IT , you have made an entry!!! Soon you will receive a mail if you are selected. Once you are selected you can start writing your blog/story.

This will be published on our store

At the end whoever will get more views, comments and likes on this post will be the winner.

REMEMBER, There are 3 winners and prizes can be bigger if you achieve a bigger response!

So it is all up to you , the more you share your post the more chances you have to win 🙂

I hope i have made everything clear if not then just COMMENT DOWN i will repsonse ASAP 🙂

AND I have started receiving entries and selected entries are sending their blogs/story that are in review !!

NOW i will start posting selected blogs one by one. You can check these posts in this category STORY GIVEAWAY POSTS…

OKAY !!! so now it’s time for me to go leaving you to think your topic you want to write on (don’t worry you don’t need to be a blogger for it, it’s for EVERYOEN 🙂

Saranghae chingu-yaaa !!! waiting for your entry and blog (do it quick !!!)

Check this FAQ for any doubt !!

1. How to participate in GIVEAWAY for K-drama and Kpop fans?

Visit STORY GIVEAWAY page on KdropCart
Choose your topic to write story/blog on
Fill the form and submit!
You have participated, hurray!

2. What is the prize for GIVEAWAY CONTEST for Kdrama and Kpop fans?

In this giveaway you can win exciting K-drama and Kpop merchandise !
There will be 3 winners :
First prize is One Notebook or One poster
Second prize is One poster or one Phone case
Third prize is One phone case or One customized facemask

Prizes can be bigger if you receive bigger response 🙂

3. How will you choose winner for GIVEAWAY contest for Kdrama and Kpop fans?

Winner for the Giveaway will be selected on the basis of views, comment, share, likes, engagement they get on their published post.
At the end results will be counted through analytics and will be shared with winners !!!

4. Who can participate in this giveaway?

This Giveaway contest by KdropCart is only for Indian K-pop and K-drama fans who love to express their K-love !!

5. Where i can find all the blogs/stories of GIVEAWAY participants?

We are publishing all the blogs and stories in this category STORY GIVEAWAY POSTS !

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