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10 best Indian Kpop and BTS memes in [UPDATED 2024]

Bts indian meme

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

How you are doing?

Don’t worry if you are having a bad day or stressful mood. Today i am here with 10 best BTSmemes for you. If you are an Indian BTS Army or Kpop fan aka desi kpopper then you can totally understand these memes.

I hope these silly and desi BTS memes will put a little smile (or little laugh) on your face. Take a look !

Table of Contents

1. Desi family conversation

2. Desimys begging for Weverse shipping

3. When someone criticizes your kpop love

4. Indian fangirl’s imagination

Ah ah! did you get this one ?

5. BIAS going for military service

6. BTS when ARMY proposes them

7. When your friend gets into kpop world

8. When your friend has same BIAS as you

9. When someone calls your BIAS gay

10. Indian girls after discovering kpop idols

BONUS meme !!

11. Kpop Fangirl’s phone

Fina Words

O o o.. Don’t go like this ! Tell me which of these memes you liked (or how many you liked) and which one you can relate to most. I am waiting….

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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