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Review: Why “Twenty five Twenty one” is high rated? | 6 Reasons to watch Kdrama 2521

reasons to watch twenty five twenty one review

Annyeon Chingudeul !!!

Is 2521 kdrama worth watching or not? I know all of you have this question in your mind.

In this article, I am gonna share some of my reviews and reasons to watch “Twenty Five Twenty One”

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Synopsis of Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Number of Episodes – 16

Where to watch – TVING, Netflix

Aired Date – February 12, 2022- April 3, 2022

Lead – Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk.

Network – tvN

When dreams appear to be far off, a high schooler fencer seeks after enormous desires and meets a diligent young fellow who tries to remake his life.

Na Hee Do is a person from her optional school fencing group.

Because of the South Korean financial emergency, the school fencing crew gets disbanded. Overcoming all of the hardships, she turns into a personal from the generic public fencing crew.

The South Korean monetary emergency likewise makes Baek Yi Jin’s dad’s business fail.

This prompts a life-altering event for Baek Yi Jin, from carrying on with the existence of a well-off individual to a needy individual.

 While considering, he works temporary positions like conveying papers. Afterward, he turns into a games journalist for a telecom organization.

Reasons to watch Twenty five Twenty one

1. Kim Tae Ri is an enjoyment to observe

The last show Kim Tae Ri featured in was 2018’s, Mr. Sunshine.

Written by Kim Eun Sook, the show was an enormous achievement, breaking every one of the records, however, it now feels like 1,000 years have passed since Tae Ri has been on our TV screens.

 She plays a youthful and lively 18-year-old young lady,b She is a little beyond preposterous, however very much like Baek Yi Jin, that’s what we love!

2. Nam Jo Hyuk is the enchanting mature school senior

Guess the Kdrama male lead even BTS Jungkook is fan of? Yes it is our Bark Ye Jin !

The entertainer is back after he made all of us pull for him in Start-Up.

 He plays Baek Ye Jin, who had his life removed when his dad’s organization became bankrupt.

 Suppressing his fantasies, he presently works a few temporary tasks to earn enough to pay the bills.

3. A new interpretation of the 90s

        25 21 happened in 1998.

 At the point when individuals utilized texting, beepers, and DVD rental was as yet a thing.

From the initial two episodes, it as of now feels like an affection letter to the 90s.

4. The show features fencing

We frequently see football and baseball get portrayal on shows and in motion pictures yet how frequently do we see films about fencing?

25 21 pits two fencers, who have a youth association against one another.

5. Sprouting love of Hee Do and Yi Jin

Hee Do is an 18-year-old young lady who sees the world from an alternate perspective where on the off chance that she is going to fall, she as of now has the arrangement to get up and improve.

Despite the fact that her arrangements are very cumbersome, her soul is truly excellent.

 Then again, Yi Jin has a serious methodology towards life and he is prepared to continue on from what he has lost to acquire anything that he would be able yet his previous continues to torment him.

 25 Twenty One shows the power between the two that illuminates the existence of a teen and a youthful grown-up and their various ways to deal with managing difficulties tossed at them by the monetary emergency.

 Their relationship is like BTS and ARMY, where the two of them become each other’s desire to hold back nothing, yet extremely straightforward objectives in life like finding satisfaction even in hopelessness.

The two of them urge each other to bring out better variants of themselves.

6. Kinship and Rivalry

Ko Yu Rim is an Olympic gold medalist fencer who comes from an oppressed family.

Na Hee Do venerates Ko Yu Rim and follows each move she makes and wishes to draw near to her yet as a general rule, things don’t turn out well for her when she joins Yu Rim’s fencing crew at Taeyang High School.

They say, “you can straightforwardly discuss your thoughts with an outsider” however here and there we neglect to share our concerns even with our dearest companion.

This star and fangirl team just began their relationship off base. The inquiry will mean certain death for this scary, harsh competition between Hee Do and Yu Rim in the round of jealousy and uncertainty?

Will it bring them close or push them significantly farther? Twenty Fine Twenty 0ne presents to us an account of such fellowship that will cause us to feel a wide range of feelings.

Reviews on Twenty-Five Twenty-One

25 21 is one of the most amazing series after the Crash landing on you. It moves many individuals watching.

It doesn’t show just about young love yet it shows how one ought to never surrender to their fantasies.

 I love the way Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri depict their jobs. They really look great together. Each episode is invigorating.

One of the most mind-blowing dramatizations ever, its splendid all the cast sparkled particularly the leads, it’s very much prearranged, all around acted, every episode makes you need to see more, you chuckle, cry and cheer, couldn’t request more, wish it didn’t need to end.

So I hope you all get your answer. What is your opinion and which episode makes your heart flutter? in 2521 Let us know in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Review 2521 Kdrama”

Does Netflix have 25 21 Kdrama?

Yes, It is available on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in 25 21?

16 episodes.

Who are the main leads in 25 21?

Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk.

Why the kdrama is called 25 21?

Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), initially meet when they are 22 and 18 years of age and fall head over heels when they meet again at ages 25 and 21.

Who is Ko Yu Rim end up with?

Moon Ji-Woong

Why did Ko Yu Rim decide to go to Russia?

Yu Rim needs money to pay their parent’s debt.

What type of sports is present in 25 21?


Who will win in fencing?

Hee Do beats Yu Rim

Is there a second season for twenty five twenty one Kdrama?

No there is no season two for 2521 Kdrama by Nam Jo Hyuk and Kim Taeri.

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