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(Kdrama QUIZ) Guess the Kdrama with a situation !

kdrama quiz

Annyeong Chingu-ya

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation while watching a Korean Drama? I think we all do that. When we are too much into our favourite Kdrama don’t we imagine or think to be in that scene?

So today i have a quiz for you. In this quiz i will be describing a situation addressing you, it means i am talking about a character and you have to imagine yourself as that character and guess the situation.

Okay if you haven’t understand let’s take an example. Here is a situation –

You are in a pub, drinking to get over your recent break-up and ex-boyfriend who was a vulgar jerk. Suddenly a tall, hot guy in black puts hand on your shoulder and sits next to you. Your eyes meet but he has mistaken you for another girl. You tell him your name then he smiles and starts going. You are watching him leaving while he is talking on phone and your eyes stops and start admiring a butterfly tattoo on his neck”

I hope the last line made you guess the drama, yeah it is a recent hit (and my one of favourites) NEVERTHELESS kdrama. Anyone who has watched or even if you haven’t watched can guess the drama and the character you are playing through the last line, right?

But wait this one was very easy… in this segment i am going to publish more posts (or may extend this post) so for the first time i will use some simple one. If you like this series (quiz) make sure to comment and let me know so i will post more.

So let’s start the Kdrama QUIZ now. You have to guess both the Kdrama and the character (and episode no. if possible) you are playing and must comment to see who got it right 🙂

Situation 1

You and Your female friend (FL) along with other classmates are on picnic, it’s night. She is sitting on the rock. Both of you are alone there. You see her crying and ask what happened. Even before she says something you are saying sorry for everything even when you haven’t done anything wrong. Infect you are there to express your feelings. Then she asks crying why does the another guy (in your class) doesn’t like her? You observed the situation and her feeling but don’t want to hear anything and ask her to stop talking. However you end up hear everything but still consoling her even though you are in pain.

Situation 2

Your best friend is in the boxing game which you asked him to not go for and told that you are not going. But still you are there in that full stadium , trying to close your eyes seeing him hurting. Then once you completely close your eyes and getting scare of seeing him getting beaten up. Suddenly you hear a voice to open your eyes. As soon you open your eyes you see your friend sitting in front of you, whole crowd is looking at both of you and focusing on the winner of the night which makes you start crying now.

Situation 3

You are crying sitting in front of a house on stairs, it’s raining. You came to meet your boyfriend while he told you he is going abroad and keep avoiding you. Then you see a tall, handsome man elder than you. He gives you his umbrella and asks what will you do even if you see the guy you are waiting for. You are crying and telling him foolishly that you want to kiss him (your boyfriend). And suddenly you found the handsome guy kissing you on this rainy day.

Situation 4

You are in a car with your colleague this cute and rich guy you want to date to show off and you are driving to a business trip through a countryside alongside fields. SUDDENLY you get a stomach and its severing. You stop car somewhere near a toilet but nothing else. Here the embarrassment starts because you wanted to look all classy and elegant with that colleague. Now you are in toilet thinking you can recover this embarrassment but then you realize there is no toilet paper. So you try to humming to ask for it and get all embarrassed after telling him. But you are still confident that you can recover it. Now you come out and starts going being embarrassed but he opens the door of toilet and shuts right away and you know the reason….!! Here you are again thinking you can recover and shouts that its the barnyard manure smell and start running. As you try to run you have fell and got sprained so NOW you can’t drive AND he doesn’t have licence. FACT: He is not a rich guy you are thinking of.

Situation 5

You have a serious illness because of what one night you got unconscious and severely in pain. Meanwhile no one is at home and you can’t even get up from the floor. Then you hear your elder brother sweetly calling your name. He comes to the room you are in. Your big brother (Oppa) is a medical student who is soon going to be a doctor. He has chocolates in hands for you but as soon as he sees you he gets panic and try to wake you up. As he is comes to pick you up to go to hospital he gets a call. You are severely in pain that you can’t know what is happening around but you realize its a girl’s call. He picks up the call and after listening to the girl he starts to rush away and leaving you behind. You beg him by catching him but he gives you chocolate and asks you to count till five and he would be right back. Saying so he went away leaving you behind in pain….


Wait are you asking me to give the answer of these dramas? NAH ! i am going to leave you here on the guess let’s see if you can guess, must share your result with everyone. If no one would be able to guess then i’ll post answers in this post. By the way one hint i wann give is that all of these are one of the most popular K-dramas.

Also…. If you have any situation like this in mind then share it in the COMMENT and let others (and me) guess the drama! LET’S Continue it…..

Hope you enjoyed this quiz and guessed the character you are playing. If you are into Kdramaland and want to shop for something cool inspired from your favourite Kdramas then visit our K-drama merch section to explore affordable Kdrama merch.

You can visit our social media handle here … for daily Kdrama/Kpop memes, Quizes , fun stories and merch updates 🙂

AND also… Let me know in the comments below what kind of QUIZ you want next , i will update that in the next post for sure 🙂 (One of our KC Fam requested a BTS QUIZ that also would come soon, so be updated)

Saranghae 😀


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  1. 1.true beauty?
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    I’m not sure about the first one

  2. Love kpop and keep darmas💜💜💜
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