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GC story: An Indian fangirl’s story of getting into K-dramaland | Why i loved Korean Dramas?

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I hope you are loving and enjoying our stories and blogs by Indian K-drama and Kpop fans in our GIVEAWAY CONTEST 2021. So today as you have read the title, i am going to share the story of an Indian K-drama fangirl – Amy ! and how she got into this beautiful K-dramaland 🙂

Let’s dive into her interesting journey of becoming a die heart Korean Drama lover!

Journey of an Indian K-drama fangirl…

My story of getting into K-dramas

Hi, I would like to share with you one of my life story, So I would like to pen down this blog.

Before started watching K-dramas

I was a normal girl and my life was going on happily. When I was old, I started to dance so I listened to Pop songs. I liked 1D songs and I was a big fan of them. So actually my relatives and parents all complain to me that I’m not caring or loving anyone that much.

Actually I don’t know how to express my Love because it’s in my heart. It was difficult for me to bring it outside. I don’t know what was Love and family. After a few months, my best friend got addicted to K-POP, and she nags me to watch and listen to K-pop but I did not Mind her, But I always intended to listen to her stories and her favourite Bias.

So, she told me to watch one drama and tell about it. At first I did not have the appetite to watch it, but I ended up watching it on YouTube and I Liked one scene where the three friends caught the Joon Hyun in Weightlifting Fairy. Then I started my research on that and looked at many sites to see, so I thought it would be 20 minutes & something but it was 1 hour so first I was really surprised! To know that after seeing it I got really addicted and watched the show. It was a good show and a beginner’s watch. After that I got many questions for my parents about weightlifting.

My Life got complicated when the K-drama came to me.

After 1 year, I did not see any K-dramas because I stopped half because of exams. I started watching again Because when my friends tell about the stories I can’t wait to watch that But thoroughly I am a fan of Hollywood series and all but in that I don’t get any values or education full of teenagers story.

After seeing K-dramas, I got to know how many kids are there without parents and their Lives and their difficulties to make a living. K-dramas gave me everything.

Anyone without watching a drama and telling bad comments about it are really Painful and they would regret telling these things. K-Dramas taught me about different careers and their good sides and bad sides.

So, for me it will be difficult to choose what my ambition is, and I’m sorry that I can’t stop expressing my love for K-dramas LOL !!!. They taught me how to be savage and my dressing style was changed and it was better and I got new hobbies to try. Even some of the dialogues never leave my mind for a long time.

“Do you know why you are unhappy? Because of the gap between
 what you want and reality. Try to be less greedy.”
– Jung Joon Hyun

After that, I got interested in K-POP and became a Multifan.

Actually, my story is the opposite because many of them told me after K-pop listeners started to watch dramas. I even got to know about the Korean food and dress climate. I liked their climate because I prefer Winter and spring…and even the language OMG!! Annyeonghaseyo, eonni ,gamsahabnida, saranghaeyo and I got to learn how to be cute and I use some Bad words to tease my bro cause he doesn’t understand the language I think everyone is like that and I got many discrimination about Korean people.

Even the OSTS are best. Like there are many types of feeling. Some are energetic, romantic songs and sad. I listen to these songs when i get sad or lonely.

I wish not to end up watching dramas for the rest of my life. When I go to India, I tell my drama stories to my grandmas and cousins. It’s actually telling them a treasure for me because my mom and dad don’t listen to these kinds of stories. They are busy.

Nowadays parents are busy and working so the kids have to choose what they watch and what they talk about. Even, I went to a match and my seniors all watched K Dramas and K-POP so the other school. We were having a break, and they talked about themselves. After sometime they all became friends because they’re also K-pop lovers. Even, the Korean wave brought enemies to lovers.

We got to know more friends and their opinion about these topics. Even K-dramas have some bad effects like getting low marks, etc.……………But don’t end up hurting yourself.

I would like to end my story here.

‘당신 의 인생 에서 당신 의 결정 만이 정답 입니다’’ ‘In your life, only your decisions are the correct answers’’
-Kim shin.

Gamsahabnida for reading!

(Indian K-drama fangirl)

Amy (Kerala)


I hope you enjoyed reading this fun journey of a K-drama fangirl 🙂 AND if you did then don’t go without sharing your thougths and supporting Amy in this GIVEAWAY CONTEST !

DISCLAIMER : The story is completely personal thoughts of fans that they have penned out of their heart. We just made minor grammar change.

You can read all the fan posts in this GIVEAWAY contest under this category : STORY GIVEAWAY POSTS

BORAHAE Chingu-yaa :3

FAQ K-dramas India

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Yes the entries for GIVEAWAY CONTEST on KdropCart for K-drama and Kpop fans has been ended.

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What are KDrama fans called?

There is no exact fandom name for Korean Drama lovers. They can be called Kdrama lovers or K-drama fans but i have coined a term myself for the one who loves both K-dramas and Kpop. I call them (and myself too) – Kdroppers !

How to download Korean dramas with English subtitles in India

There are different website to download K-dramas if you are an Indian. The most simple one is YouTube, there are many Korean dramas available on YouTube that you can download with any YouTube downloader app or website and watch it on your phone or PC. Another best website to download Korean Dramas with English subtitles is – Dramacool.

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