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Review : Yumi’s Cell 2 and Yumi’s Cell 3 UPDATES | 5 Reasons to watch Yumi’s cell

yumi cell 2 and yumi cell 3

Annyeon Chingudeul!!!!

Is Yumi Cell season 2 worth watching or not? I know all of you have this question in your mind.

Now the drama and ended, we are all living in mystery but if you have not started the drama, you are at the right place.

I will share some reviews and reasons to watch “Yumi Cell 2” in this article.


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Table of Contents

Synopsis of Yumi’s Cell-2

Number of episodes- 14

Aired Date- June 10, 2022- July 22, 2022

Network- iQiyi, tvN

Where to watch- Viki

Main Lead- Kim Go Eun, Park Jin Young, Lee Yoo Bi

After struggling with a painful breakup, Yu Mi’s love cells have closed down absolutely, however, a dangerous assembly with the emotionally stunted game fashion designer, Goo Woong, modifications all of that.

 Waking up some of each other’s cells, Yu Mi and Goo Woong discover themselves drawing nearer, however, despite the revival of their lengthy-dormant love cells, their relationship wasn’t destined to be final.

Now a miles wiser and extra mature person, Yu Mi unearths her willingness to take on a set of challenges after a surprising supply of concepts ignites her internal fireplace.

Inspired by her co-worker, Bobby Yoo, Yu Mi, and her difficult-operating cells got down to make all of her goals come real.

Reasons to Watch Yumi’s Cell 2

1. The particular aggregate of live-motion and 3-D animation

“Yumi’s Cells” endeared itself to viewers and took the unique webtoon to existence via its aggregate of live-action and 3-D animation, a primary for Korean dramas.

yumi cell 2

 Hailed as advancing the layout of dramas, the display earned the identity of being a well-made achievement story.

Yumi’s fact turned seamlessly joined together with the village of cells inside her head, with the cellular characters stealing the highlight thanks to their lovable appearances.

 Viewers have been also in a position to relate to the way the cells expressed numerous human emotions in novel approaches and came to assist Yumi’s personal development after falling for the cells’ charms.

After the primary season reaches a meaningful stop, viewers are curious to find out how the tale will maintain to develop within the following season.

2. Yumi’s normal and relatable existence

Yumi’s tale changed into unique precisely as it changed into regular. A realistic love tale and random situations in day-by-day life that could appear to everyone are some of the methods that the drama garnered the sympathy of visitors.

The drama also came with its share of touching moments that made viewers appear again on their past loves.

The stop of season 1 gave the drama the popularity of a “lifestyles drama” as it conveyed the message that the story is really that of the viewer.

Although Yumi as soon concept that she wished Goo Woong was a good way to have a happy ending, Yumi came to the meaningful attention that the primary man or woman of her existence turned into no one but herself.

Viewers’ hearts had been warmed via the revelation and affectionate reminder that made them love themselves more.

There’s extra yet to are available in Yumi’s tale of boom through both paintings and love.

It stays to be seen how Yumi and her cells will touch viewers’ hearts as they go through adjustments and mature inside the 2nd season.

3. Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun’s immersive drama talents

The actor’s passionate overall performance became the using pressure on the back visitors’ immersion in the drama.

Kim Go Eun went above past expectancies together with her portrayal of Yumi, maneuvering through her changes in emotion with talent and dexterity.

 Ahn Bo Hyun synchronized so properly together with his function as Go Woong that one might suppose he leaped right out of the webtoon itself, and his appearance turned into an excellent combo of heart-fluttering and comical.

yumi cell babi and go woong

Above all else, the two actors’ chemistry succeeded in evoking the sensation of a real-existence love story.

Viewers also are looking ahead to the coronary heart-fluttering performance of GOT7’s Jinyoung, who performed the position of Yoo Babi, in season 2.

 Lee Yoo Bi and Park Ji Hyun were also warm subject matter due to their degree of synchronization with their respective roles as Ruby and Seo Sae Yi, including a layer of anxiety and excitement to the drama.

 Miram, Jung Soon Won, and Joo Jung Hyuk also have become scene stealers, and the special appearance of SHINee’s Minho saved viewers’ eyes glued to the screen.

As an entire, the solid of “Yumi’s Cells” earned plenty of praise for their surprising performance.

4. Yoo Babi

Park Jinyoung duplicated his part as Yoo Babi in “Yumi’s Cells 2” alongside Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun.

To remember, he emerged in the center of season 1 and was presented as Yumi’s latest officemate.

Although he and Kim Yumi were in separate divisions, they were able to build a powerful relationship.

Interestingly, he guided Yumi to his branch and evolved their new junior leader.

The 2nd season concentrates on Yoo Babi and Yumi’s newborn fantasy. Viewers are tempted by their on-screen chemistry.

As the GOT7 associate talked about his cutting-edge Kdrama, he found his separate addiction.

yumi cell jinyoung

For Park Jinyoung, he believes that Yoo Babi has a “kind kid syndrome” and hails it as an “addiction” to do correctly for others with no concern for gender.

He reported that this attitude of his personality” accomplishes not reach out inside the drama, in case you own a peek at Babi’s fiction inside the initial webtoon, he says, ‘I urge I only held to be sooner-class blindly.'”

In the drama, his officemates and actual Kim Yumi liking like Yoo Babi’s consistency. He lives even just astounding though the unduly courteous and thoughtful rate of others.

In “Yumi’s Cells 2,” Yumi’s mom and dad had been quite pleased with Yoo Babi and thrilled that he evolved into their daughter’s boyfriend.

5. Yoo Babi and Yumi’s chemistry

If you grow on dramas with great chemistry and steamy scenes then this is your watch. There are many romantic and steamy scenes between Babi and Yumi that showcase their great chemistry.

Fans on social media had fallen in love with Yoo Babi or JinYoung’s kissing skills after the first car kissing scene in the episode 3.

The unique representation of steamy scenes through cells are engaging as well as funny. Park Jin Young also sang a romantic OST named ” Shining on Your Night” that works as icing on the cake in all the romantic scenes, especially when Babi proposes Yumi in episode 12.

Reviews on Yumi’s Cell 2

This kdrama is one among my pinnacle kdrama, it has its candy and laughs moments that make me chuckle or provide me butterflies.

 It’s so brilliant and leaves quite a few suitable feelings after every episode that I wanted it to have extra episodes than simply 14.

The first season became accurate, however, this season feels extra special to me idk why. It is truly educational I found! It teaches to suppose earlier than any movement or earlier than responding to a person.

It also teaches properly the way to speak with people around you, like being sincere and acting clever and nicely.

It has its funny scenes, romantic scenes, drawbacks, and so forth… kinda a slice of existence but now not that slow!

yumi cell

The motive why I gave eight for rewatch cost is because this type of drama is good to be watched just as soon as, but for certain it really worth to look at it, because it’s not a kdrama with a love story and the give up, its about a man or woman’s existence their hobby, their courting, their friendship, their loose time…

Should you watch Yumi’s Cell 1 to understand Season 2?

Watch season 1 first. This season introduces the cells. There is not a recap of cells in season 2. You also need season 1 to realize the historical past of the male lead.

Yumi has a bunch of various “cells” with different roles, and they’re carefully introduced in Season 1 so you know what each cell’s purpose/persona is.

However, Season 2 simply dives immediately into the movement and doesn’t provide any reminders for how the cells feature together so that it won’t make much feeling.

Overview of Yumi’s Cell Season 1

The drama tells the tale of a regular office employee from the perspective of the brain cells in her head that manage each idea, feeling, and movement.

Yumi (Kim Go-Eun) is a normal girl. Her love cell falls right into a coma following the shock of a failed dating.

The drama will depict her increase and transformation as her cells paintings difficult to wake up the affection cell.

Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-Hyun) is a recreation developer who’s an engineer at the center.

 Although he doesn’t communicate emotionally, he tries to wake up Yumi’s love-cell together with his easy and sincere personality.

Yumi’s Cell Season 3

After the emotional and beautiful ending of season 2 with a cliff-hanger, fans are demanding for season 3 now. Currently there have been no official announcement for Season 3 by makers.

Though everyone knows the drama had ended with a cliffhanger and mystery is haunting the fans and they are screaming “Who will be Shin Soon Rok?”.

That is why Yumi’s Cell season 3 is definitely on the way. It may release in the beginning on 2023 or we can have some announcement at the ending of 2022.

And with this our wait will be over to watch (and crush over) Shin Soon Rok as he is the ENDGAME in the webtoon.

So I hope all get your answers. What is your opinion about Yumi’s Cell seasons 1 and 2? Let us know in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Yumi cell 2”

Will there be Yumi’s cells 3?

Yes, There will be Yumi Cell 3 in 2023.

Who will play Shin Soon Rok?

The writer of Yumi’s cell stated that Shin Soon Rok’s charater is inspired from Park Bo Gum.

Does Yumi end up with Bobby?

No, They will split up.

How many episodes are there in Yumi Cell’s 2?

14 Episodes are there in Yumi’s cell 2.

Is Yumi’s cell worth to watch?

Yes , must watch it. It is a unique kdrama with engaging storyline. 

In which episode does jin young appear in Yumi’s cells?

Episode 5

Will Yumi’s cells be on Netflix?


Where can I watch Yumi’s Cell 2?

Watch Yumi’s cell for free  on Viki, Dramacool .

Did Yumi emerge as with Soonrok?

Yes, They will get Married.

Is it okay to watch Yumi’s cell season 2 without watching season 1?

No, The cells are introduced only in Season 1. So after watching season 1 its better to Sgo for season 2.

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