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7 Kdramas like “TRACER” | 7 Kdramas similar to TRACER

kdramas like TRACER

Anneong Chingu-ya!

Are you watching TRACER Kdrama? Do you want more Dramas like TRACER? Don’t worry I am here (as always).

Well, when I first heard about this suspense-thriller releasing on 7th January, 2022 I got really excited to watch it.. No wonder this mystery -thriller of Im Si Wan had a record debut viewership in South Korea with 7-8 percent rating. Now if you are watching and loving it but can’t wait for the next episode then I have got you cover.

Here I will be sharing a list of Kdramas similar to TRACER in some or other ways that you can binge watch.

Tracer Kdrama : Cast, Episodes, Story, Release

Cast – Im Si Wan, Go Ah Sung, Son Hyun Joo

Release Date – 7th January 2022

Episodes – 16

Tracer Synopsis

Tracer Kdrama is about Hwang Dong Ju (played by Im Si-Wan) who is the chief of tax division 5 in the Taxation Department. Drama is about a team of this tax division and Hwang Dong Ju is a bold team leader.

 Together this team traces money which is hidden or kept illegaly to evade taxes on it. Tracer is a thriller series with the theme of suspense.

Now if you often read my blogposts then you might know how much biased I am for Im Si-Wan and how much I loved his drama “Run On”.  So his character in TRACER is such a delight for me as it is really different to his cute-innocent character in “Run On”.

Watch these kdramas if you enjoyed “TRACER” :

Police University

The reason I am mentioning Police University on this list is because both dramas are about Money and Team Investigation. The difference is just that in Tracer its about real money and in Police University it’s about digital currency or crypto currency.

Similar to Tracer, in Police University a team comes together and find criminals behind the hidden money and related crimes. Both Dramas give youthful vibes.

38 Task force / Squad 38

I know when you were searching about dramas similar to TRACER you might came across to SQUAD 38. And yes I am also recommending it.

Squad 38 or 38 Task Force Korean series is also revolves around taxation department where tax division team collects money from tax evaders.

It is about the article 38 (South Korea) of tax payments which is what name of the drama indicates. As per its plot there are many similarities between 38 Squad and TRACER.


“Watcher”, “Tracer” don’t the name sounds similar? Yes that is one of the reasons I included this on the list. However both Watcher and Tracer Kdrama are based on investigation and corruption. Although Watcher depicts the story of Murder happened years ago while Tracer is about crimes in the taxation.

Good Manager

Good Manager Kdrama also revolves around Money, similar to Tracer. It is about an accountant who works for criminals and later decides to fight for the right of employees in his multinational company which is filled up with political corruption.


Here again a drama with similar sounding name to Tracer. Released in 2018, Player is a cop team investigation kdrama. This team is full of different cops – a fighter, a swindler, a talented driver and an elite hacker.

So if you loved the team investigation part of TRACER series then PLAYER could be your next watch.

Mad Dog

Mad Dog kdrama is about swindlers who are known as “copy cats” that commit crime in insurance filed.

But a good insurance’s investigation team that are called “Mad Dogs” fight against these criminals who commit frauds for Insurance money. In this case Mad Dog Korean series released in 2017 has many similarities with Tracer.


First of all I don’t think so Vincenzo Kdrama needs any introduction. But the similarities it has with Tracer is the crime-suspense, team-work, corruption and legal aspects of the drama. Both dramas have bold male and female leads. In Vincenzo the money aspect is “the gold inside the building” where in Tracer it’s about tax money.

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So which of this list of Kdramas similar to TRACER you are going to watch chingu? Let us know in the comment below or if you have any other recommendation then must share it with us.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. And if you want to buy kdrama merch then visit our KdropCart shop or DM us for free customization.


Your chingu…

Kdropper !



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What are kdramas like TRACER?

9 Kdramas similar to Tracer –
Sqaud 38
Police University
Mad Dog
Switch : change the world
My Fellow Citizens
Good Manager

Where to watch TRACER kdrama?

You can watch Tracer on Dramacool and Asianwiki.

Should I watch Tracer Kdrama?

Yes, If you like suspense thrillers that revolve around money and investigation than TRACER will be a perfect watch for you. Or if you just like Im Si Wan then you can give it a watch.

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