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Best Kdramas and Movies of “Tracer” starred Im Si-Wan in 2022

kdramas and movies of im si wan

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

If you are a fan of Im SI Wan, you must be looking for more of his Movies and Kdramas to binge watch, right? Don’t worry I have my recommendations for you.

Idol turned actor Si-Wan  featured Kdrama “Tracer” has been receiving great response from the audience not just in Korea but all over the world. Kdrama fans are appreciating the “handsome hunk” main lead “Hwang Dong joo” which is played by “Im Si Wan”. 

However this is not the first time this handsome singer and actor has won fans’ heart with his acting. His dramas like “Run On”, “Misaeng : incomplete life”, “Strangers from hell” etc. and movies like “The Merciless’, “A melody to remember” etc. have created a mark in fans’ mind. He is also a member of Kpop group ZE:A.

First time I saw Im Si Wan was in “Run On”, his character “Ki Seon Gyeom” became one my most favourite Kdrama male leads. Infect Run On also became one my most favourite Kdramas. I have mentioned this multiple times in my previous blogs.

Here are some of my Kdrama and Kmovie recommendations of Im SI Wan

Must watch Im SI Wan Movies and TV shows

Korean Dramas of Im Si Wan


“Tracer” features SI-Wan along with Go Ah-Sung and had a number one viewership on its debut. Drama is about a team of Taxation department in South Korea.

 The team leader of this department is Hwang Dong Joo (Si Wan). This team tries to fight against corruption in taxation and traces the hidden money from the eyes of tax department. This thriller series is full of mysteries and shows a new side of SI-Wan as an actor.

Run On

Here comes my love – Run On. Even I don’t know why I am so obsessed with this show. Run On is a coming of age, slice of life rom-com Kdrama. Starred by Im Si Wan and Shin Se-Kyung this show presents one of the healthiest relationships of Kdamaland.

From  innocent – athletic male lead character “Ki Seon-Gyeom”, considered and bold subtitler “Oh Mi-Joo” to second main lead couple “Yeong-Hwa” and “Dan-Ah” every character is a delight to watch and entertains the audience through each episode.

Misaeng : Incomplete life

Misaeng : Incomplete life” is about a young guy Jang Geu-Rae (SI-Wan) who wanted to become a pro GO player but ends up in a company as an intern. Now he tries to do his best at work along with his colleagues and competitors.

It is a 2014 released Kdrama which made Im Si-Wan to win “Jury Award” and “Best New Actor Award” in 2015. If you are a youth then I must say you would really enjoy watching this series as it deals with work life challenges of an intern.


“Traingle” Kdrama got SI-Wan “Best new actor” in 2014. This show is about three brothers who were separated in childhood after their parents passed away. These three brother meet again after 20 years where Im SI wan played the character of youngest and cold brother.

As the drama includes story of three brothers so it will be a good watch for “Bromance” Loves of Kdramaland (like me). Although drama is little bit long as it has 26 episodes. So the “Trainge” in this show are these three brothers and their life attached with each-other.

Strangers from Hell

“Strangers from Hell” is one of the popular Kdramas of 2019. It is a horror-thriller, adopted from a web toon of the same name. Im Si Wan played the character of “Yoon Jong-Woo” along with Lee Dong-Wook who played Seo Moon – Joo.

This suspense thriller is about a 20 year old who leaves his small town for employment in Seoul and is now forced to live in an apartment due to lack of money. It is a small place where residents share the place but gradually mysterious things starts happening there. If you enjoy watching this genre then I bet you will have an amazing experience watching it.

Korean Movies of Im Si Wan

Emergency Declaration

Emergency Declaration was released in 2021. This Korean movie featuring Im Si-Wan as a flight passenger is about an emergency and terrorist attack in a flight KI501. The movie comes in the Disaster-thriller genre.

1947 Bostan

“1947 Bostan” was supposed to be released in January 2022 but due to COVID-19 it got postponed. As per now it is yet to be released. As the name indicates this sport genre movie is about the first international marathon after the World War II.

Movie is about athletes who ran in this marathon of Boston. Similar to “Run On” Kdrama Im Si Wan has played the character of an athlete in this film.

The Merciless

The Merciless” is one of the memorable movies of Im SI-Wan where he played the role of “Yeon-Soo”, a prisoner who makes his own rules and doesn’t listen to anyone. Im Si-Wan also got “Best Popular Actor Award” I 2017 for his role in “The Merciless”.

His bold and bad guy character in this movie is purely different to his other character so if you are a fan of Im Si-Wan (or fan of “Bad Guys”) then this movie is  a must watch.

Stolen Identity

“Stolen Identity” is a thriller movie where Im Si-Wan will captivate viewers with his role of Joon – Young who is a cell phone technician.

 It’s about a female employee “Na-Mi” who gets threats after she losses her phone and how she gets tangled with “Joon-Young”. The movies is considered to be a creative concept and is set to be released in 2022.

A Melody to remember

If you like Military movies and Kdramas then this is going to be stimulating for you. “A melody to remember” is a military drama movie. Im Si-Wan plays the character of “2nd Lt. Han Sang-Ryeol”.

 He is the leader of a platoon in Korean War but get tangled with children from Church who are victim of the war. After meeting them “Han Sng-Ryeol” tries to protect them. The film is full of emotions of an individual especially in the time of disaster.

So these were my recommendations. I hope you liked it. Did you watch any of these? Let me know in the comments which of these you are going to watch next , and when did you started liking Im SI Wan? Maybe we can have a long chat on this topic.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. And if you want to buy kdrama merch then visit our KdropCart shop or DM us for free customization.


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FAQ “Im Si Wan”

What are upcoming movies of Im SI wan?

Here are upcoming movies and TV Shows of Im Si Wan –
Stolen Identity
Emergency Declaration
Boston 1947

What are shows of “Im Si Wan” to watch?

Must watch dramas of Si-Wan –
Strangers from Hell
Run On
Misaeng : Incomplete life
The King in Love

What are Im Si-Wan movies to watch?

Must watch these movies of Si-Wan –
The Attorney
A melody to Remember
The Merciless

Is Im Si-Wan Popular?

Yes Im Si-Wan is a Kpop Idol turned actor and is widely known for his movies and kdramas not just in Korea but also internationally. His movie “the Attorney” is also considered one of the bestselling Korean movies of all times.

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