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7 Kdramas to watch if you enjoyed “Bulgasal “Immortal Souls” | Kdramas similar to Bulgasal : Immortal souls

kdramas like bulgasal : immortal souls

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Are you watching Bulgasal Kdrama? Then you must be finding something similar, right? Here I am going to share some of my recommendations of Kdramas like Bulgasal.

Bulgasal : Episodes, Cast, Story, Recommendations

Cast – Kwon Na Ra, Lee Jin Wook, Gong Seung Yeon

Episodes –16

Synopsis of Bulgasal Kdrama

“Bulgasal :Immortal souls “ as the name suggests covers the theme of immortality and fantasy. The story is about Dan Hwal who used to be in military as human 600 years ago but then he became immortal during one of his rescues. Now he is trying to set his soul free and become human. The drama includes stories of other immortal souls also where Min Sang-Woon is a human who used to be immortal.

Korean Dramas like Bulgasal : Immortal souls

Bride of the Water God

Bride of the Water god is a fantasy romance and deals with the world of gods and humans. In this, soon to become the King known as the “Water God” (Nam Joo Hyuk) is ordered to go on earth for a mission to sit on the throne. Here he meets his human bride (Shin Se-kyung).

He is cold, smart but innocent. Let me not spoil it much for you if you haven’t watched it then over all drama is a fun to watch and it has many similarities with “Bulgasal”. Although Bulgasal is more dark-show where Bride of Water God is more a rom-com.

Guardian the great and lonely god

Who doesn’t know this legendary drama. “Guardian the great and lonely god” is also similar to Bulgasal in as it deals with immortality and both dramas have male lead as immortal and female lead as human.

My girlfriend is a Gumiho

My girlfriend is a Gumiho” is also a rom-com however Bulgasal is a thriller mystery. Similarities between both dramas My girlfriend is a Gumiho and Bulgasal is that both has plot of immortality and romance between human and a non-human. Both shows are romantic-fantasy. it is starred by Shin Min-A and Lee Seung Gi.

Sisyphus the Myth

The reason I added Sisyphus the myth on this list as both dramas “Sisyphus the myth” and Bulgasal give the same vibes while you watch them. Both of these are full of unexpected mysteries and thrill. However Sisyphus the myth is a sci-fi fantasy where Bulgasal is a fantasy.

Korean Odyssey

“The Korean Odyssey” Kdrama is similar to Bulgasal as it also has immortal spirit theme. In Korean Odyssey the male lead is an immortal soul of a monkey who protects the female lead. Both shows are dark romance and is full of thrill and mystery.

Hotel del luna

Starrede by “IU” and “Yeo Jin-Goo” this drama is not a new name among Kdrama fans. Similar to “Bulgasal : immortal souls” the series also deals with the theme of human sprits who meet at a hotel for sprits who have unfinished business on earth.

However Hotel Del Luna is more of a thriller and horror comedy unlike Bulgasal which has a dark side.

My Roommate is a Gumiho

“My roommate is a Gumiho” is one of the popular Kdramas of 2021 and it is a fantasy comedy.

 Drama is similar to Bulgasal as in both non-human male leads try to become humans with the help of human female leads. In “My roommate is a Gumiho” male lead is an immortal Fox.

So did you like this recommendations? Or do you have something more to add on to it? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know your recommendations.

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FAQ “Bulgasal :Immortal souls”

What is the meaning of Bulgasal?

Bulgasal term is used for an immortal being who cannot turn into a living being nor can they die.

Is Bulgasal : immortal souls available on Netflix?

Yes kdrama Bulgasal : immortal souls is available on Netflix.

Who is the cast of Bulgasal : immortal souls?

The main cast of Bulgasal : immortal souls is Lee Jin-Wook and Kwan Na Ra.

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