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8 New Korean Summer Fashion Trends of 2024 | How to dress like Korean Fashion in Summer 2024?

summer fashion trends korean

Wanna know what to wear in Summer 2023 according to Korean Fashion?

Korean summer fashion is known for its playful and bold styles, and 2023 is no exception.

This Summer we are seeing a mix of classic trends and new styles that are sure to make a statement.

We can see fashion trends being inspired from Kdramas and Kpop idols getting popular.

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Bright Colors

Bright colors are a staple of Korean summer fashion, and this year is no exception.

We will witness a lot of bold hues like bright pink, orange, and yellow in everything from dresses and skirts to tops and pants.

These colors are perfect for making a statement and standing out in a crowd.

Must check out this   Blackpink Jisoo Inspired Short-Sleeved Yellow Dress for a stunning look or try this TWICE Sana-Inspired V-Neck Polka Dot Tie Wrap Skirt  for a gorgeous one !

kpop fashion trends

I will recommend to try this SNSD Tiffany Inspired A-line Skirt With Flower And Bee Embroidery  or  BTS Jungkook Inspired Contrast Color Plaid Long-Sleeved for a cute and unique look.

All pastel

Pastel is the ultimate pick up for a Korean Fashion inspired outfit. This summer try out all pastel dresses or outfits for a trendy look.

To experiment this Shop this Blackpink Rose Inspired Green Three-Piece Tweed Suit  or check out this Itzy Yeji Inspired Pink “Babe” Tube And Mini Skirt  for a stunning look !

Bold Patterns

Another trend that is sure to be big this year is bold patterns. From geometric shapes to florals and animal prints, a lot of eye-catching designs on clothing and accessories are gonna rule the fashion preferences in Summer.

 These patterns are a great way to add interest to an outfit and make it stand out.

Take a look at this Blackpink Jennie-Inspired Pink Strawberry Mesh Top  or try this ChungHa Inspired Zebra Pattern Long-Sleeved Mini Dress for a stunning look.

Pastel Shorts

Pastel shorts are  a perfect go to pick for any Korean fashion look. Pair it with a white crop top and you are good to go.

kpop outfit ideas 2023

You can try this Blackpink Lisa-Inspired High Waist Khaki Short for a casual outing or style up this High Waist Plain Shorts for a classy look.

Colourful Crop Top

Crop tops are a timeless summer trend, and they are still going strong in 2023.

A colourful crop top should be your first pick that you can style up with a plain skirt.

And we can all agree that crop tops are perfect for showing off a bit of skin and keeping cool during the hot summer months.

korean summer fashion trends

I will recommend to must try this Red Velvet Joy Inspired Pink Slant Chest Cut Crop Top or you can also pick this  ChungHa Inspired Knitted V-neck Lace Crop Top  for a cute look.


Denim is a classic and versatile fabric that is always in style, and this year it is being incorporated in a variety of ways in Korean fashion.

From denim jackets and shorts to dresses and skirts, expect to see a lot of denim in a variety of different styles and cuts.

This Summer you can wear denim differently. You can try colours like this BTS Jimin-Inspired Pink Denim Long-Sleeve Jacket or play with patterns like this NCT Jisung Inspired Blue Floral Print Denim Jeans.

Wide pants

Wide pants and denim jeans are here to stay and they are one of the top trends of Korean Summer Fashions.

For a Summer look play with colors like this Blackpink Rose Inspired Yellow High Waist Wide Leg Pants or get a cute look with patterns like Blackpink Jennie-Inspired Heart High Waist Wide Pants.

Unique Accessories

Accessories are always a great way to add a personal touch to an outfit, and this year we are seeing a lot of unique and unexpected pieces.

From statement earrings and bracelets to bold sunglasses and bags, expect to see a lot of unexpected accessories that will help you stand out.

korean fashion trends 2023

I will recommend to try accessories that made Kpop idols wore and made headlines.

Shop this BTS Jin wears Grape Necklace and  (BTS Jimin Wears!) Spaceship Earring or check out this (IVE Jang Won-young Wears!) Han Areum Earrings + Headband Set for a special look.

You can explore these accessories on Unnie Looks.

Bucket hats

Talking about Korean Fashion and not mentioning Bucket hats is unfair. Experiment with colourful bucket hats with simple and floral outfits or try bucket hats with patterns with a plain outfit.

Or must get your hands on this ATEEZ San Inspired Brown Fluffy Cow Bucket Hat.

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This was an all in one Korean summer fashion guide that you needed , chingu-ya !

So, embrace these trends and make a statement with your fashion choices this summer.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself and having fun, so don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment with different styles.

AND … let me tell you ..You can shop Kpop idols inspired Korean clothes for any trend on Unnie Looks in budget.

This was it for this list chingu-ya ! You can check more such recommendations on our blog or YouTube channel  !

I hope you liked it … !


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