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11 Korean Dramas like “The Heavenly Idol” | 11 Kdramas similar to “The Heavenly Idol”

kdramas like the heavenly idol

Looking for something like “The Heavenly Idol” aka “Holy Idol”? Don’t worry I have got you cover !

After playing sexy spy in “Snowdrop” and a Hot secretary in “A Business proposal” Kim Min Kyu came back as main male lead and we all were excited for this !

And no doubt his performance, cuteness and sexiness were up to our expectations !

The Heavenly Idol drama is  a webtoon adoption of “Holy Idol” and the female lead has been played by Kim Bo Gyeol. It’s a rom-com fantasy and the plot moves around an Idol’s life and the world of Entertainment/Kpop.

So we will recommend dramas that have similar plot, vibes or theme. 

Here are some Korean Dramas to watch if you enjoyed The Heavenly Idol –


Top Management

kdramas like the heavenly idol

Angel’s last mission Love

Married an anti fan

Kokdu-Season of Deity

The bride of Haebak


Doom at your service

My love from the Stars

Hi School – Love on

kdramas like the heavenly idol

Meow the secret boy

kdramas like the heavenly idol

So this was it for this list ! You can check more such recommendations on our blog or YouTube channel  !

Comment Down Below which of these shows you have watched and what did you love in them?

I hope you liked it … !


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FAQ “The Heavenly Idol”

What is Kdrama The Heavenly Idol about?

Its about a failed Kpop idol group and a deity who is swapped with one of the band member.

Where to watch The Heavenly Idol Kdrama?

Watch it on Dramacool for free !

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