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25 Kpop theme : Cafes, Parks, Diners, Events, merch stores in India

Korean Kpop cafe park hotels events merch store india

Annyeon Chingudeull!!!!

What are the K-Pop- Themed cafes, Parks, Restaurants, and merch to visit in India?

To give vibes to our armies. I know all of you have questions in your mind.

In this article, I will share some of the places which give vibes to our armies….

Attempting to sort out where to meet your k-pop fam? Need to partake in some tasty food while you talk about your number one scene in the new BTS Run episode?

 We’ll make it simple by posting a few K-pop, BTS and Korean themed bistros in our heartland – India.

Table of Contents

Kpop Cafes India

Kalita De Cafe, Guwahati

bts cafe india

On the off chance that you live in the brilliant territory of Assam and are a k-pop fan, you’ve most certainly visited Kalita or in any event, knew about it.

 The first K-pop-themed bistro in Quite a while began in 2018, it has walls loaded up with our number one melodic demonstrations and some Bangtan pads to unwind and partake in a decent dinner.

 With a blend of Korean and your go-to bistro munchies on the menu, everyone will feel at ease (or every individual who’s a k-pop fan).

The bistro merits visiting basically for its K-themed menu, partake in some ‘Tae-tea’ alongside their ‘Legend’ Three Cheese Corn Fest. They’ve likewise got a wall loaded up with BTS pictures, which makes it ideal for an Army Selca.

Bite that spoon, Kolkatta

kpop cafe india

Recently opened, Bite That Spoon is each Army’s fantasy.

 You must ‘sometime finna carve out your opportunity to visit this BTS themed Cafe. With conventional and present-day divine Korean dishes, you will not be frustrated.

Alongside some extraordinary food, you can partake in the overall sound of Beyond the scene. ‘Welcome the torment on’ with their ‘Bultaoreune Chicken Wings’, while washing it down with ‘Boy meets Evil’.

 Purple is the shade of affection and Bite That Spoon is decked as far as possible.

You can likewise partake in the young men’s birthday occasions and meet more fans at BTS ;).

They likewise have a lot of BT21 merchandise alongside a few delightful polaroid’s available.

Korean themed Park India

Indo- Korean Friendship Park

indo korean park India

India since old times has shared a piece of its social legacy with South Korea and has from that point forward manufactured a maturing companionship.

Talks between our venerated P.M. Narendra Modi and the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In have prompted the development and uncovering of an extremely glad venture, denoting the common cultural legacy and fellowship that the two nations share called the “Indo-Korean Friendship Park” in New Delhi which had paved the way for general society before the lockdown due to COVID-19 was reported on March 25, 2020.

Which shared culture would we say we are discussing, you inquire?

The response lies in the occasions that occurred very nearly quite a while back, in AD 48 when the Princess of Ayodhya, Princess Suriratna went on a long excursion to Korea to meet the Korean King of the Gaya Kingdom, Kim-Suro, and at last wedded him to turn into the valued Queen of Gaya, Queen Heo-Hwang-Ok.

This has additionally prompted a few visits of Korean travellers from that point forward, who follow their family to this incredible Indian Princess.

This Indo-Korean Friendship Park is likewise set up as the absolute first Korean War Memorial in our country which had upheld South Korea in the three-year-long Korean War battle between South and North Korea in 1950-53 and is arranged in the Indian Army Cantonment Area, around 6 km away from Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Its development comes after the new extension and beautification task of the Memorial of Queen Heo Hwang-Ok, laid out in 2001 on the west bank of the River Saryu in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh.

BTS, Kpop & Korean Themed Restaurants India

Map of Seoul, Jaipur

The first of its sort in Jaipur, this foundation offers different foods including Korean, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese.

Well-known choices here are the yachae hotteok, dongji patjuk, tteokbokki, mandu, pat kalguksu, kimchi guk, and Hoback jeon.

There’s additionally a broad scope of noodles like jjajangmyeon, japchae, ramyeon, side dishes like gaji namul, and sweets like patbingsu, hotteok, and Guangdong to look over.

K-pop fans will partake in the decision of music at this spot, as well as the inside propelled by BTS, K-shows, and South Korea’s capital city, Seoul.

 Most fans head to this spot frequently, now and again to commend the birthday celebrations of their inclination.

 There’s likewise a committed wall for ARMYs to take pictures before. Also, the name of the actual space connects with a well-known collection by BTS. Go for the climate and remain for the scrumptious food.

Bangtan Shefs, Mumbai

This new space in clamoring Mumbai, as its name recommends, is devoted to BTS.

 Well known among Indian ARMYs, this space includes a large group of Korean food under the unique BTS menu which incorporates an encouraged veggie bibimbap bowl, Busan prawns kimchi seared rice, and infatuated chicken bibimbap bowl.

Kdrama fans could partake in the brassy menus named Crash Landing On Your Diet, Fight For My Ramen, and Descendants Of Mandu, all suggesting famous shows.

The atmosphere highlights BTS Merch shows, collection plans, and paintings. The space likewise has live screenings, praises rebounds, and birthday events of the individuals for fans to participate in together.

Truth be told, the space additionally observed BTS Jungkook’s single Euphoria when it sold over 500k records in the US. In the event that you’re in the city, this one’s a must-visit.

Hai Kum Gang, Bengaluru

This famous Korean restaurant in Bengaluru is visited by K-pop fans and is decked up in banners, news stories, collection covers, and a greater amount of outdated gatherings like Big Bang and F(x).

The menu is driven by a Korean local and highlights a large group of conventional, scrumptious Korean treats like shrimp donburi, hamburger donburi, chicken bibimbap, bulgogi, and mandu.

You could likewise purchase frozen mandu and kimchi to bring back home.

Neighborhood K-pop and K-show fans go wild about the unmissable, varied Hallyu-enlivened style and the series of K-pop melodies on rehash.

 It’s likewise one of a handful of spots for fans in the city to assemble and partake in a dinner together. In the event that you’re visiting the area, drop by for a feast and a brief look at your #1 icons.

Dongne the Town

Arranged in Safdarjung New, Delhi the spot holds a seriously sure survey among foodies.

Likewise, the feeling is very strong, and assuming that you are under a strict spending plan this spot is twofold approval. Likewise, the feel is genuinely charming, and in the event that you’re on a tight spending plan, this spot gets two approval.

 You could in fact breathe easily while sitting tight for a buddy or lunch by playing a game of cards or different exercises.

A Korean-themed bistro has practical experience in tteokbokki, rice paper rolls, bibimbap, noodle dishes, and espresso.

It will cost you something like 800 for two individuals and is a beguiling little bistro around.

Busan Korean Restaurants

korean restaurants india

Fanatics of BTS Jimin and Jungkook this is a shoot-out for you folks. At the point when the name is Busan, you can now envision the validness of the spot, with all floors sitting, a calming vibe, and phenomenal Korean exemplary dishes.

 Arranged in Majnu ka Tila, New Aruna Nagar Delhi, the spot offers you various dishes at a reasonable cost.

According to the surveys Tteokbokki, Seaweed soup, and Sushi are unquestionable requirements in their kitchen.

There are various dishes accessible that don’t include meat or eggs. Besides, determine whether you are a Non-vegetarian,vegetarian, or veggie lover prior to requesting.

Gunj the Palace

All the Soju sweethearts, here. Situated in Sector 29 Gurugram the spot most certainly spells a Hallyu enchantment.

 Indeed. The food is sensibly valued, yet all at once not reasonable.

 Elite feasting, tabletop barbecuing (a similar you find in dramatizations), and a grill and barbecue segment are among the additional elements accessible. ‘Soju – Korean Rice Wine’ and ‘Makkoli – Rice and Wheat Wine ‘are unquestionable necessities.

Little Seoul

This is a spot you would cherish investing energy with your little gathering, meddling, and messing about.

Situated in Humayunpur, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi the spot is a yes for alcohol and offers various dishes with tabletop hot pots and a cooking office.

 You must be very cautious while requesting the dishes as Korean food sources for the most part remember meats for a large portion of its dishes, so on the off chance that you are a veggie-lover, remember to make reference to it while requesting dishes.

With their Hotpot and Barbecue items, they serve their 9 free in-house side dishes along. The bistro misses the mark on space however most certainly is a decent chilling point under the financial plan.

Boa Village

Delhi’s respectful line is generally well known for its luxurious and quality bistros and parlors.

Boa Village is one of them, albeit the parlor isn’t exclusively committed to Korean cooking, the taste does unadulterated equity to the food sources served.

 The café has some expertise in Chinese, Korean, Italian, Japanese, and Asian foods.

The feast is ready flawlessly so you can partake in the choice of kinds of food. The eatery likewise gives a roof arrangement and a mitigating indoor arrangement.

 It costs around 1500 bucks for two, which we believe is very satisfactory taking a gander at what the spot brings to the table.

Events and activities for K-Pop & Kdrama fans

The existence of an Indian K-fan used to be a seriously desolate issue until the scene late exploded in the country to create a variety of occasions, shows, and meet-ups for individuals to accumulate and share their affection for icon gatherings and dramatizations.

The following are a couple of discussions through which you could meet other K-lovers such as yourself.

Korean Cultural Centre

The middle in Delhi is very dynamic and has occasioned, for example, film screenings, traditional music instrumental shows, and exhibitions by dance gatherings and entertainers.

 They likewise hold social classes, for example, cooking studios and Taekwondo classes.

K-Pop festival

The opposition held by the Korean Cultural Center beginning around 2013 is an opportunity for you to exhibit your adoration for Korean Pop and your singing and moving abilities.

 There are discrete classifications for vocals and moving, and both performance and gathering exhibitions are permitted.

There are territorial rounds held in the significant urban communities, which finishes with the champ getting to perform at the World Kpop Festival in South Korea.

Pink Box Events

Pink Box Events is an occasion for the executive organisation that is carrying k-pop occasions to India and has worked with craftsmen like NSONIC, Dabit, Hayana, IMFACT, and JJCC.

Korean Culture Festivals

Held across urban communities, these celebrations have diverse components, for example, food slows down and Taekwondo shows that permit you to investigate further into different parts of Korean culture.

 They even host smaller than normal k-pop contests! The celebration this year was held in Pune, facilitated by the Indo-Korean culture gathering, and they even had a show and fan meet with kid bunch Lucente.

This gathering likewise holds dance occasions consistently.

Facebook Groups

Bunches via online entertainment, like Bengaluru K-Wave Fans, are an extraordinary method for interfacing with other Korean mainstream society darlings in your city.

 Individuals frequently hold casual meet-ups and gatherings and you really might start one of your own.

Connect with the nearby Korean culture place in your city to be refreshed on occasions and exercise.

Gatherings like Destination Kpop India and Kpop High India additionally post data on their pages, about rebounds, shows, and furthermore occasions and shows occurring the nation over.

 FYI, there’s a get-together occurring on the tenth of November in Indore, see here for additional occasions in different urban communities.

Merch Stores :-


The webpage is now well known as a web-based gateway to search for a wide range of goods.

It doesn’t dishearten K-pop and K-show devotees by the same token.

It has a scope of official and non-official products tweaked to fit the necessities of all.

Its channels likewise assist you with taking your pick while remembering its reasonableness.


This site has a significantly more reasonable scope of k-pop products and by all accounts provided food for BTS fans.

They sell a scope of pins, T-shirts, and telephone covers all under INR 500 with the exception of their knapsacks which retail for INR 1,699.


Kpop Vibe has a more extensive assortment of choices including crop-tops and pullovers however restricts itself to Big Bang, Blackpink, Exo, and BTS stock.


This is a worldwide store however shows costs in INR and boats to India too. Like the abovementioned, it gives a decent scope of items yet just for a couple of well-known gatherings, like Big Bang, Blackpink, Exo, BTS, and GOT7.


This discussion has a decent assortment of CDs and music collections including but not restricted to bunches like Red Velvet, Seventeen, Astro, and Wanna One.

They additionally stock collectibles and printed note pads and writing material.


This has been a famous gathering for CDs and products throughout the years as they have official tie-ups with the organizations of your #1 groups.

 However somewhat on the pricier side, they contain a tremendous assortment of k-pop gatherings.

 It additionally stocks script books and official soundtrack collections of your much-adored dramatizations.


This is a shop on Facebook, that is prescribed to individuals by numerous Indian K-fans on different virtual entertainment locales.

It basically takes special care of an Indian crowd and desires to make K-pop collections and products effectively accessible to the nation over.


This internet-based entrance sells banners, anime, Korean comic books, K-show CDs, Kpop music collections, and products.

The site likewise offers free worldwide delivery to K-fans for orders over a specific sum and gives limits to mass requests.


Here one can book tickets for musicals and shows occurring in Korea or in other Asian nations presently or later on.

One can likewise sell these tickets on a similar site in the event that there is a lamentable change in plans.

You can look at it when your #1 Kpop bunch declares its show dates.

So I hope you all get your answer. What is your Favourite K-love spot in India? Please let me know the answer in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.


FAQ “Korean theme places India”

Who Built Indo- Korean Friendship park?

Rajnath Singh

Where is the Map of Seoul diner located?


What are Pink Box Events?

Pink Box Events started in the year 2015 with a vision to bring Hallyu (Korean Culture Wave) closer to India.

What are best Kpop restaurants India?

Busan Korean Restaurant
Map of the Seoul

 What are best BTS café India ?

Bite that spoon
Kalita De Café

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