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Work with Us | Write for Us | YouTube Video Creation | Kdrama, Kpop Job India

FOR – YouTube Script Writer, Bloggers, Content Writers, Kdrama /Kpop video creator, YouTbe Video Creator , Kdrama Summary Writer , Kpop Content Writer

Hi ! Team KdropCart here !

KdropCart began its journey in May 2021 as an Ecommerce portal and later got converted to blog in 2022.

 Started by a Kdrama / Kpop fan , KdropCart is now a team portal to connect with alike Kpop and Kdrama fans all around the world.

We are looking for passionate team members to write content and create video for us as a contributor !

If you are interested to write Kdrama/Kpop/Korean culture related content in English and Hindi then contact us : –

MAIL TO – [email protected]

Or DM to –

Send your samples , introduction and why do you want to work in mail !

It is a voluntary work to start , if we like your work then after some posts we can also pay you !

No Age barrier !

What you can write ?

YouTube scripts & Blogs on –

Kpop facts

Kdrama Summaries

Kpop/Kdrama updates

Korean Culture

Kpop/Kdrama/Korean fashion !

Any other topic you want?

Language – English and Hindi

Work as Video Creator & Voiceover

You can also create YouTube videos for our channel or give voice for our videos !

MAIL TO – [email protected]

Or DM to –