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GC story: Kpop gave us new family on social media | Life of an Indian Kpop fangirl | Kpopper life

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Did you ever imagined a culture of differnet country would connect you with people from your own country? Yeah that’s what happen with us K-drama and Kpop fans. In just one conversation with an online Kpopper or K-drama fan we just became best friends and the reason? Our love and deep interest in K-dramas and Kpop 🙂

it’s amazing for me to think !! And today one of Indian Kpoppers i know – Divya, is going to express her views and story as an Indian Kpop fangirl in our segment GIVEAWAY CONTEST for K-drama and Kpop fans in India 2021.

So let me not bore your more… Let’s read what this BTS ARMY from India has to say for her love for Kpop.!

Life of an Indian Kpop fangirl…


KPOP idols like BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT etc has fans not only in Korea but throughout the world. The craze of KPOP in India is also huge. There are armies/blinks/moas etc in every corner of India. I’m an Indian BTS army. It’s been a year since I started stanning them but realised it’s not easy to be a fan in India.

We have to face some weird comments coming our side just because we Stan them and not our own Indian singers or actors. At the starting i saw how kpop fans received love but as time went on I even got to face comments on how we are stanning men who don’t even know we exist, I realised how cheap our Indians mentality is towards kpop.

Challenges of being Kpopper in India

When we say we like any Korean kpop idol we get to hear comments like we love girls or whatsoever just because they don’t have beard or have fair skin.

Most Indians are basically homophobic because it has been taught like that since the very beginning. It’s also because Indian parents are more into patriotic and calm songs than pop music and therefore it’s difficult to play their songs at home.

Other than this being a kpopper has brought a lot of changes in our life such as we got a new family and friends in social media, we got to know about their culture and tradition. I, myself, am learning Korean and there are many others with me in this learning journey.

In conclusion, I don’t like the Indian mentality of hating kpop idols just because of their body or skin. I hope one day it will become easy for us Indian fans to openly talk about our favourite idols with everyone without fear of being judged. 

(Kpop fangirl)

Divya J (Karnataka)

IG : @bts_armies_007

I hope you enjoyed reading views of this Kpop fangirl 🙂 Do you have anything to say? then don’t hold back.. Share it with us and support Divya for this GIVEAWAY CONTEST to win !!

DISCLAIMER : All the views and thoughts are totally personal of fans and they are published without any alteration.

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BORAHAE chingu-yaa :3

Kpop fan in India FAQ

What is GIVEAWAY CONTEST for Kpop and K-drama fans in India?

This Giveaway contest by KdropCart is for K-pop and K-drama fans in India where they can share their thoughts and stories for their K-drama/K-pop love and can win exciting custom K-pop/K-drama merchs.

How to participate in GIVEAWAY CONTEST?

Currently GIVEAWAY entries are closed from 21st May, 2021 but you can follow KdropCart on social media for other giveaways and future giveaway contest where you can win exciting Kpop and K-drama merchandise 🙂

Is Kpop famous in India?

Yes! Kpop is creating new records in India as recently India has become one of the top countries to stream BTS BUTTER song and MV. The Best thing is that these Kpoppers are not just some teenagers or fangirls in India. Many Indian celebrities are also big fan of Kpop especially BTS 🙂

Is BTS coming to India?

No, currently there is no chance BTS coming to India or at least any official announcement from the HYBE (former Big Hit Entertainment) about BTS concert or visit in India.

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  1. Being an army girl in India is really tough… 😪the article relly relates me… 😓

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