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17 + more Unseen BTS PICS That every ARMY must see | BTS pre-debut rare pics

bts rare pics pinterest

Anneyon Chingu- ya!

BTS debuted in 2013 but they joined social media much before that and at that time not all of us were there. Many ARMYs were unaware of BTS’s existence but that doesn’t mean we love them less.

When BTS members – Jin, RM, Suga, Jhope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were training and just got debuted they were very young. they used to post a lot of their training day pictures on their social media handle and some pictures would be posted by ARMYs.

But not all of us have seen all of these unseen cute and lovely pictures and selcas of young Tannies.

And i have got you cover ! I have curated some BTS Unseen pictures from Quora, Pinterest, Facebook , Twitter and Reddit for you

So here i am sharing some of Unseen and rare pictures of Bangtan group…

V, Jungkook and Jhope with Song Eunki shared by a Dutch ARMY on Twitter

bts rare pics

Red Kookie (Anyone wanna eat?)

He seems like classical dance here 😀

bts unseen pics
bts rare pics

Jungkook and his special poses

bts unseen pics
bts unseen pics
bts rare pics

Tannies while recording and shooting

bts rare pics
bts unseen pics
bts unseen pics

Jimin and JHope selca in bathroom while brushing …

Look at those biceps …

bts rare pics

Taekook selca

bts rare pics
bts unseen pics

Young Yoongi with other members

bts rare pics

Just “V” things…

Tae cutting his clothes to look COOL… (Ah! my Tae heartue 😀 )

bts unseen pics
bts unseen pics

Jungkook…and V…?

bts unseen pics

The NamJIN in the studio

bts unseen pics

Jungkook shooting your heart !

bts unseen pics

Final Words

Aren’t they so cute? These pictures tell us that Tannies were always fun , crazy and full of youth.
I hope you loved this post ARMY, let me know which of these BTS pics made you laugh in the comment !

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya. And if you want to buy Kdrama merch then visit our KdropCart shop or DM us for FREE customization.


Your Chingu…

Kdropper !



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FAQ ” BTS rare pics”

What are BTS rare pics?

BTS rare pics are those that not many new ARMYs have seen.

Where i can find BTS wallpapers?

Pinterest is best to get BTS unseen pics and wallpapers.

Which is the rarest BTS picture?

This is the rarest BTS pic
bts rare pics

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