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Is BTS having concert in India in 2025| BTS Concert India – Ticket price and Cost 2025

bts tour and concert in India

Annyeon ARMY!

BTS are serving in military but Indian BTS armies want to know if they will come to India in 2025? Because in 2024 Jin is coming back from MIlitary in 2025 rest of BTS members will come back.

Let’s find out !

Every Indian BTS ARMY whom in India we call Desimys for short is desperately waiting for BTS to come to their land. From Student ARMY to celebrities almost everyone wants to have this magical experience of BTS concert.

So will BTS Have world tour and concert in India 2025?

Last time I wrote a full guide on if BTS will come to India and what problems HYBE or BigHit has to face for this. You can read this guide here, it was well received by fans in India.

This makes it clear that there are currently no clear chances of BTS coming to India for their world tour. There is no official announcement made of countries BTS will hold concert in 2025. So we can say for now, India is not on HYBE’s list of BTS concert destinations.

Why is that so?

Well I have explained all the possibilities and problems in that blog. But to sum it up India is yet not profitable destination for HYBE. India is no where on top when it comes to their album and official merch sales. It is because band culture is still not very popular in India, and it may take time. Even if there are millions of BTS ARMYs in India they are not enough to make BTS visit a success in India in financial terms. Plus there are many other issues need to be resolved.


So currently there is no official announcement made by BigHit or HYBE for BTS holding a concert in India in 2022 nor there is any hint of India to be included in BTS world tour in 2022. But this is because BTS or BigHit has not announced anything specific at all.

However BigHit it taking baby steps to make India a prominent destination of BTS concert in near future , and that is no more than a good news for us , right?

Bottom thought, weather BTS come to India or not we Indian BTS ARMYs will always support them, love them and keep streaming their music, plus we will keep trying to be financially beneficial for them so one day they have to consider India as their next destination, right ARMY?

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Hope you liked this read ! I tried to be as honest and practical as it could be so thank you for reading !


Your chingu…

Kdropper !



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Find your answers below –

What will be BTS concert ticket price in Indian rupee?

In case BTS plan to hold a concert in India the ticket price according to past calculations can be from 20000 – 100000 or above as BTS are worldwide superstars so to recover their cost their company HYBE may have ticket price in this range in India.

How much money I need to attend BTS concert in Korea from India?

A trip for BTS concert from India to South Korea will cost anywhere between 100000 – 250000 for one person and it can be above. This includes BTS Concert ticket price depending on which seat you choose, two-way air ticket price for one person and your stay in South Korea. So depending on your comfort and how many people are going this cost may vary.

Are BTS having concert in India in 2022?

No BTS are currently not having any concert in India.

Are BTS coming to India in 2022?

No there is no official announcement of BTS coming to India in 2022.

Is BTS having a world tour in 2022?

Yes ! BTS can have a world tour and concerts in 2022.

When is BTS concert in 2022 ?

BTS will hold their Permission to Dance concert in March, 2022 in Seoul, South Korea.

What is BTS SEOUL concert ticket price 2022?

BTS permission to dance concert in Seoul ticket price is reported to be from $240 to $1400.

Is India included in BTS World tour 2022?

No currently there is no announcement of BTS visiting India for their world tour.

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  1. Its amaJiN 😃 i really love it i hope one day i can met them and see OT7 in real life

  2. I pray for their very very fast recovery so that they again came back together and perfom on the stage … And do a world tour where I wish that they will visit India also🤩

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