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6 Best websites and apps to shop for Kdrama merch in 2024 (International)

kdrama merch India

Just the opposite day I overheard a conversation between two girls who were discussing buying Kdrama merchandise.

And Therefore, the struggle they’d to look for one proper site which ships internationally and is affordable yet good quality made me write this blog list today!

So directly coming to the list of Korean drama merchandise online.

What are different types of Kdrama merch?

Classic Dad Hats (Men / Women) Quite

Stylish with Snapback adjustment which allows for a comfortable, yet relaxed fit. They are quite sturdy ones with its slightly curved brim makes it so in vogue and cool! Thus, men’s hats look a part of him each day on all occasions. The #ootd is completed with these hats and show them off to your friends and family! 

Kdrama Mugs.

This has a lot of enthusiasm and positivity with it! (Should definitely start a Petition to make this happen)

K-Drama & K-Pop T Shirts

K-Pop T Shirts are stylish, perfectly designed and exuberates confidence. Perfect for your friends! These tee shirts splurge out fandom and fits best for a decent Netflix and chill session

K-Drama Bracelets and Keychain

Key charms to form your day brighter and charms your personality too! Express through key chains and make others happy! Brighten their day by giving them a keychain which contains a happy vibe to it!

Kdrama Tote Handbags merch

You are missing out on lots if you are doing not have a tote bag!  Especially if you’re wearing baggy tee shirts and mom jeans, all you’re missing is one tote which expresses your love towards Koran Drama!

Korean Drama CD

These have some big fat energy. Collecting albums of K drama is different kindness of madness which you will love to do. Amazon has some very good collection of these Cds which you should look through.

Kdrama Stuffed toys

Gund Pusheen Snackables-Pizza plush stuffed animal Cat Believe it or not! they’re CUTE CUTE CUTE! This plush soft toy is right and excellent gifts for birthdays or for your pizza partner or perhaps your snuggle partner. An apt gift for any Pusheen or cat lover. 

Kdrama Signed Memorabilia

These are once in a lifetime opportunity to have Kdrama actor and acresses signed memorable. They are authentic and a pride moment for a true Kdrama fan!

Kdrama Posters

We all love sticking posters, so why not make it Korean drama theme with beautiful quote?

Kdrama Photocards

This is a sure shot conversational piece to your collection. Photocards of Kdrama actors, actresses and your fabourite scene are very cute and is an apt thing to carry around or for small gifts. They are affordable too!

Where to shop for K-drama merchandise from India?


Whenever i want to buy something online my first search is always on Amazon. And why not there is everything available on Amazon we need to buy. So obviously if you want to whop for some cool yet cheap K-drama merch then must give a try to AMAZON.


An Online, buy Japanese and Korean Drama merchandise. Mostly English-subtitled DVDs, OST albums, and photo books of Korean dramas. Cool mugs, calendars, pushier, character memorabilia, jewellery, and accessories are available. This website even includes a lot of offers and promotions occurring now! Try their global page here


Innovative stuff like drama-themed phone covers, meme stickers, shower curtains, cushion covers, tapestries, and tote bags. Conventional stuff like mugs and t-shirts are available. These products are designed by independent artists who are true K drama fans and that they have such cool designs. Here could be a quick link to you to test out.

Café Press

This is up to now the simplest merchandise store we’ve seen online. SO trendy and funky stuff and duh! they got Kdrama merch too! From Mugs, pyjamas, stickers, water bottles, t-shirts, greeting cards, and tote bags and therefore the list just goes on!


A lovely online k-drama merch store which recently started to ship to India with its super cool collection. This store is so dreamy and has THE perfect outfit to pull off. Highly recommended for its tee shirt collection!

K-Drama Gear

It’s a Korean Drama themed website for all cute merchandise! They believe eat K- drama, sleep and repeat! So cool right!? Good for t-shirts, but also mugs, jewellery, and tote bags. You can explore variety of Korean Drama merch here and they are giving international shipping also.

So that’s it for today chingu-yaa ! I hope this list helped you to know all kinds of Kdrama merch and where you can buy them. Share in the comment section which list you want next and i will write it for you.

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Happy shopping !!



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FAQ for K-drama merch

Are all the mentioned websites in this article shipping to India?

Yes, all the websites mentioned in the articles for kdrama merchandise ship to India. You can also check the particular website’s FAQ for detailed information about shipping.

Do the websites mentioned contain secure payments options?

Yes, all the websites mentioned have 100% secure payment with SSL Encryption

Are the products designed merchandise of Korean Drama?

Yes, the products available are designed by some artist or the fans of Korean Drama. You can check each website for the details of products which you like.

Are these official merchandise websites for Korean drama ?

Merchandises can be of two types Official and Unofficial. You can check out more information in this blog . The mentioned websites are not official Kdrama companies, they are just sellers of Korean Drama Products

Can we buy Kdrama merch on Amazon?

Yes there are a variety of option available on Amazon to buy Kdrama merch.

What to get someone who loves Kdramas?

If you want to gift something to someone who loves Korean dramas then try these things –
Kdrama featured toys and jewellery,
Poster and postcards of their favourite Korean drama actor (OPPA),
Kdrama mug or phone case
Signed memorabilia

What should I keep in mind when buying K drama Merchandise in India?

There are few things which you can keep in mind while buying Kdrama merch mentioned below:
·  Check the website’s origin and see where they are located in the world
·  Input your country and Pin code to see if their sellers have access to your location to send the product
·  Check for secured payment systems and be aware of your debit/credit card security
·  Research well before directly buying the product, you can even mail the company to have full information.

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