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BTS Film Out is now ARMY’s new mission and this part is everyone’s favourite

ARMY’s all over the world are again in love since BTS has released their Japnese single “Film out”. Like Dynamite and all other songs of BTS Film out is also trending. This has become an another mission for our lovely fandom ARMY to reach this Film Out on top charts by streaming Film out MV on YouTube.

There is a lot to talk about this new Japanese song of BTS. Its a long list that fans are keep posting theories related to it on social media. One more special thing about Film out song is that it’s lyrics are co-written by Jungkook along with Japanese pop-rock act Back Number.

BTS ARMY’s mission

Here is take a look what ARMY’s are planning and talking about their new mission :

ARMY’s are keep counting the views of Film out MV on YouTube to make it a new Big Hit like other songs of their boys. Film out got 280 million views in less than 24 hours.

This is not it! ARMY’s are keep streaming Film out MV on YouTube and talking about it on all the social media platforms. (So if you are an ARMY go and stream MV okay?)

But apart from the streaming mission there is one part of Film Out that is in talk everywhere. And yeah you got me right!

The La La La part in BTS film out MV is being shared and loved by everyone. This part is so warmth and also continues the La La La saga of BTS.

Jin is also getting a lot of applause and love for his acting skills in this MV. His closer look and sad expressions are being praised my K-media also.

Okay so now i am going to stream Film Out leaving you here with some facts about Film Out song! Have fun !! Borrahae !!

BTS Film Out FAQ

How many views BTS Film Out MV got in 24 hours?

BTS Film Out MV got 280 Million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

What is the meaning of Film Out song?

BTS Film Out meaning is about the inability to save someone dear or something precious. It expresses the emotion of being lost.

Is BTS film out a Japanese song?

Yes BTS Film Out is a Japanese language song. It is a new single from their upcoming Japanese Album “BTS, The best”.

Who wrote film out BTS?

Film Out is co-written and composed by JungKook along with Iyori Shimizu who is a member of Japanese band Back Number and Producer UTA.

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