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Where to buy BTS Butter and Permission to dance merch in India?

bts butter merch india

Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover, Gon’ pop like trouble breaking into your heart like that!


To electrify and sky rocket this tempo of BTS Butter and Permission to Dance MERCH are now available in India! Bright and spotless colours blended with the BTS Logo levelling up your #OOTD!

Believe us ..It’s a Haul!

Celebrate Butter era with BTS butter and permission to dance merch

Melting its way to more ARMY hearts around the world, the new single “Butter” has broken numerous YouTube records.

To add more freshness and vigor to the Pop Music lovers Now BTS-Butter & Permission to Dance are on Youtube. BTS-Butter, a dance-pop track buzzling with a cool, sweet yet a lovely version of the pop music. Same is the spirit and version with ‘BTS-Permission to Dance’, an upbeat internet sensation.

The whole world has been immersed and have been enjoying the waves of K-Ds and BTS’s pop music. 

Maybe it’s because the theme of the video is quite optimistic to see the end of the pandemic across the globe, as many countries have resumed activity and have declared that the worst of Covid-19 seems to be behind them. The artists sporting face masks in the start of the pop fling them off towards the end signalling better days ahead. As our boys always show something extraordinary in everything they do :3 am i wrong?

YES…. It’s Happening!!

Shop for BTS butter & PTD merch

We are celebrating our loyalty towards BTS by sporting the Merch branded with Butter & Permission to Dance. Here i am listing down the official and unofficial merch available in India for you. If you are still confused as to what they are , checkout this blog where we discuss merchandise to instantly  grab for K Pop  in India.


  • It’s COOL (like duh.) Look at them and we bet you will fall in love with them!
  • To join the BTS Army and exhibit your fandom
  • Upbeat and spreading optimism around the globe in the midst of pandemic with a social responsibility
  • Unity around the globe through BTS ARMY…..

Shop for OFFICIAL Butter and PTD merchandise


Checkout here how HYBE MERCH broke twitter by introducing merch which looks so darn cute!! 

We saw the release and we are already HYBED up! (if you know what we mean :P)


The global merchandise shop for fans around the world. Get the official merch of your favorite song right here 

Those T-shirts are just something right? But most of the time we see the products and merchandise do not come to India. They do ship to India but for not all the goods. Plus, there is custom duty fee and much shipping price. So, you can watch your budget for that before selecting them.

However, the best thing would be you checkout individual sellers and stores on social media like – Twitter and Instagram. You can ask them everything to ship BTS merch in India. But always go with a verified option because there are many scammers also.

Shop for UNOFFICIAL BTS butter and Permission to dance merch


It’s almost impossible to not get anything from AMAZON.

Thank me later for these amazing finds which we loved in their BTS merch section.


Kpop Indian Store is also a strong Instagram Store where you can easily access the merchandise available for your requirement.

One of India’s largest K-pop IG stores and you know what! …. their Albums which are sold are counted in Gaon, Hanteo chart.

(PS: It’s not a sponsor post 🙂

So, what we try to drive a point is that…. It’s not only Commercial. All this carries a social responsibility for which we all are up for in the BTS way! 

Above all K-POP spreads the message of importance of Mental Health, which is the need of the hour. The entire world is grappling around hard to come out from the clutches of this pandemic. It sends a strong and optimistic message to the world that we are out of this mess with more vigor and power.

We know that BTS- Butter & Permission to Dance are big hits in the young and dynamic music world.  And you have been listening to it on Loop! 

We strive for your support for this noble cause and be a part of this campaign for the wellbeing and uplifting the Society. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get it, Let it roll!

I hope you enjoyed it ARMY, share it if you did 🙂 And let me know what are you doing to celebrate BTS Butter era !!

Borahae :3 Have a butterful day !!!

Where to buy BTS butter merch in India?

To buy unofficial BTS butter merch explore catalogue on
For official BTS butter merch explore the official HYBE Merch 🙂

Where to buy BTS permission to dance merch?

KdropCart has just added and keep adding new and affordable BTS permission to dance merch ! Explore the catalogue now 🙂

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