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YG studio linked girl group XG is debuting in 2022 | XG girls created mystery with their first dance cover

xg girl group

Annyeon chingu ya!

Do you feel bad not following your favourite Kpop or Idol group since the beginning even when they didn’t debut? I think most of us do, right? But as we know every year many Idol groups debut.

So recently I came across this soon to be debuted  girl group – XG, through a YouTube video. And the first word I spitted watching this 1:29 minute dance cover video was – DAEBAKK !

These young girls were so good in their dancing skills while the face of the girls were covered (the video gave me vibes of the first MV of BTS when they debuted).

They covered this dance on soundtrack Everybody Mad’s O.T. Genasis and the video is titled as – XG – Dance Performance #1

Take a look, I bet you would also love it !

The group made me excited that I started searching about them and found some information. And I came across some amazing insights that after reading it, you will also be get excited.

First thing first….

What is this video?

So this is a dance cover video 1:29 minute long on the song Everybody Mad’s O.T. Genasis and is considered to be the first video showing XG’s dancing skills. Overall the video creates a mystery for the audience.

The video is a dance cover by THE LAB and it is led by Sienna who is a  rising American dance star. One thing to note that Sienna has provided choreo for both BTS and BLACKPINK.

It was mentioned that the performance director is Hyojin Choi and guess what? She has appeared in the dance show STREET WOMAN FIGHTER(it is a famous show in South Korea).

In the video all the girls are giving powerful metallic vibes of modern day cool girls ( I felt that).

Apart from this I found an introductory video of the group on their YouTube channel titled as XGALX. The video shows the glimpse of group’s journey till now including their practice days. The group was started 5 years ago (seems like a long way).

Here is the video – XGALX

Now the channel is also uploading individual dance cover videos of each member, you can check that too !

Now The important thing !

What is this XG ?

XG is the public name for this new  girl group.  When I was researching I found that XG is going to debut soon in 2022. However there is not much information available about the girls and their background.

The group is co-produced by Simon who is a second generation Idol from the group DMTN.

So who are these girls?

Recently Simon held a zoom meeting where he told that all the girls in XG are teenage and they live like family with each other (so we can expect fun behind the scene videos soon, right).

 Simon has been working on this group for past 5 years and now they are soon going to debut.

One important thing here is that Ezaki Hikaru is also one of the members of the XG girl group. However other member’s identity is being revealed slowly.

 Don’t worry as soon as they will reveal it I shall update you (cause I am also looking forward to it).

So what should we look forward to?

Honestly to me the group looks promising. There performances are directed by Hyonjin Choi and choreography has been done by Sienna who has choreographed big groups like BTS and Blackpink, the group is backed by second generation Kpop Idol Simon as producer and at last girls look so enthusiastic (and pretty).

Their first cover video has been shot in YG studio (I don’t think YG need an introduction to Kpoppers, right). I am currently looking forward to their debut. If I get more updates I shall post it, so you can also look forward to it!

AND let me know in the comment what do you think about the group after watching these videos? 

However if you want more information on the girls and group’s future you can follow them on social media and YouTube –

XG on YouTube

XG on Twitter

XG on Instagram

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Saranghae 😀

Your chingu…



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FAQ “XG Group”

Who is XG?

XG is a girl group who is looking for their debut in 2022.

Is XG a YG girl group?

XG is linked with YG as their first dance cover video has been shot in YG studio so the girl group seems like connected with YG.

Who made XG group?

XG girl group has been co-produced by second generation Idol Simon of DMTN.

Where is XG performance video shot?

This stunning looking video has been shot in YG studio.

Is XG popular?

It doesn’t look hard for XG to not be popular in the future as girls are seeming promising. Along with this big and talented names like Simon and YG are also associated with the group.

Where I can find XG girl group?

You can follow XG girl group on social media and YouTube here –
YouTube –
Instagram –
Twitter –

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