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8 Shops & Hotels : Buy or Eat Korean Food in India in 2024

Korean food india

Annyeon Chingudeul!!!

What are the Korean foods that are available in India? And Where to find the diners? I know all of you have this question in your mind.

In this article, I will share some of the Indian restaurants which have Korean cuisines, what foods are available, and their cost. I will share both Online and Offline modes to get Korean Foods in India. You can dine in or shop online.

With the prevalence of Korean music and shows in this time, interest in this food is at an unequalled high.

 Meat-related food sources, soy-based dishes, noodles, and rice are the backbones of Korean cooking. Korean eateries in India imitate the flavour of Korean food without a beat.

Table of Contents

Where to eat and buy Korean Food in India?

Offline Mode :

1. North East Kitchen, Chennai

korean food india

It’s a little café with restricted seating and just serves lunch and supper. It is claimed and worked by a Korean family and serves conventional Korean food.

The ramen they serve is chewy and one of the best I’ve ever had. They offer a wide variety of pork-based dishes, as well as steak, fish, and weakling.

The side dishes are boundless, and a piece of watermelon is given after the feast to assist us with processing all that we’ve eaten.

Service-  Dine-in, Delivery, Takeaway

Online service- zomato

Dishes available and their cost

Korean Meals- Rs 250

  1. Ramyun (Noodle)

(Spicy noodle)

  • Janchi Kuksu

(Plain Noodle with Veg)

  • Om rice

(Veg Fried rice with omelet)

Korean Vegetable Combo Meals- Rs 350

  1. Kim Bap

(Rice, Vegetables, Roll by Seaweeds)

  • JanchiKuksu

(Plain noodle with veg)

  • Kimchi bokkum Bap

(Rice with kimchi fried)

  • Doenjang Jigae

(Soy Bean sauce with vegetable gravy)

Korean Chicken Combo Meals- Rs 350- Rs 390

  1. Kimchi jigae

(Chicken with kimchi gravy)

  • Om rice

(Omelet with fried chicken)

  • Chicken ramyun

(Spicy noodle with crispy chicken)

  • Kalkuksu

(Fresh plain noodle with chicken)

  • Samgae Tang

(Steam chicken with Korean ginseng root)

Korean Chicken Appetizers- Rs 250- Rs 1000

  1. Tofu fried

(Plain pan-fried)

  • Chicken Kas

(Crunchyboneless Chicken fried)

  • Orirose

(Korean smoke duck meat)

  • Chicken Barbecue

Korean Seafood Appetizers- Rs 500- Rs 590

  1. Kanpungi

(Crispy Prawn)

  • Tempura

(Crispy prawn fried)

  • Nakjibokum (Spicy octopus fried with Vegetables)

2. Gung- The palace, Haryana

korean food india

Just lunch and supper are served in this unobtrusive café with restricted seating.

 It serves conventional Korean food and is possessed and shown to a Korean family. They give magnificently leathery ramen that is truly outstanding around.

They serve steak, fish, and chicken, as well as an assortment of pork-based feasts. The side dishes appear to be perpetual, and toward the finish of the supper, we’re given a piece of watermelon to assist us with retaining all that we’ve eaten.

Service- Dine-in, Delivery, Takeaway

Online reservation and order- zomato, swiggy

Dishes Available and their cost

Korean Special Rs 650- Rs 950

  1. Pajeon

(Korean Vegetable Pancake)

  • Bindae Teok

(Mung Bean Pancake)

  • Tteok Bokki

(Spicy rice Cake)

  • Kimchi Jjigae

(Kimchi Stew)

  • Sundubu Jjigae

(Bean Curd Tofu Stew)

Liquor & Wine – Rs 400-3000

  1. Soju

(Korean Wine)

  • Maesil Soju

(Sweet Plum Soju)

  • Makkoli
  • Kingfisher
  • Carlsberg
  • Foster

Meat Special- Rs 900- 2000

  1. Kimchi Bossam

(Steamed Pork with Kimchi)

  • Jokbaengi

(Spicy Seasoned Trumpet Shell with Pork trotters)

  • Golbaengi Muchin

(Spicy Seasoned Trumpet Shell)

Barbeque- Rs 200- 1100

  1. Wang Galbi

(Marinated Barbequed Pork Ribs)

  • Samgyeop Sal

(Barbequed Pork Belly)

  • Spicy Samgyeo

(Spicy Red Chilly Paste Pork Belly)

  • Hangjung Sal

(Pork Juwls)

  • Dak Galbi

(Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken Ribs)

  • Dak Bulgogi

(Marinated Chicken with Glass noodles and Vegetables)

3. Heng Bok, Mumbai

korean food india

The BBQ and barbecue are this Korean cafés in Mumbai’s fundamental attractions.

 An ordinary eight-seater room with a table in the center and a barbecue on top permits burger joints to set up the actual meat, very much like in Korea.

The samgyeopsal is best presented with Soju, which is a well-known drink in South Korea.

Service- Dine-in, Delivery, Takeaway

Online reservation and order- zomato, swiggy, Uber Eats

Dishes available and their cost

Korean Hotpot- Rs 1500- 1600

  1. Haemul Jeongol

(Mixed Seafood Hotpot Stew)

  • Bulak Jeongol

(Beef bulgogi & Octopus Hotpot stew)

  • Kimchi Dubu Jeongol

(Kimchi tofu and pork/ Veg hotpot stew)

  • Budae jjigae

(Sausage, Spicy kimchi, Slice pork, and Mixed vegetable stew)

  • Mandu jeongol

(Dumpling, Kimchi, and mixed vegetable hot pot stew (beef, chicken, pork, Veg)

Main Course- Rs 550-780

  1. Hengbok Special Grilled Miso Fish

(Grill miso fish served with red, spicy, and green cilantro sauce)

  • Steamed Fish

(Steamed halibut fish with sake soya and burn with new style oil)

  • Grilled Salmon

(Grilled salmon with spicy teriyaki sauce)

  • Ojingeo Bokkeum

(Spicy stir-fried squid)

  • Nakji Bokkeum

(Spicy stir-fried octopus)

4. Restaurant De Seoul, New Delhi

korean food india

Just lunch and supper are served at this Korean café in Delhi. They give delicious pork feasts that will leave you needing more.

This eatery’s strengths incorporate bibimbap, pig wieners, and kimchi jeongol. This area is expensive, yet it is certainly worth a visit.

Service- Dine-in, Delivery, Takeaway.

Online reservation and order- Zomato, Swiggy

Dishes available and their cost

Fried food- Rs 500- 1000

  1. Tteokbokki

(Spicy rice cake)

  • Pajeon

(Green onion pancake)

  • Sundae

(Stir-fried pork intestine)

  • Mandu

(Korean-style fried dumplings)

Korean soup- Rs 700

  1. Teog Gug

(Rice cake soup)

  • Mandu Gug

(Dumpling soup)

Noodles- Rs 550-700

  1. Kal Gug su

(Hand-rolled Seafood Noodle Soup)

  • Ramen

(Spicy Noodles)

  • Ja Jang Myeon

(Noodle with Black soybean)

  • Kong Gug su

(Soybean Cold Noodle Soup)

  • JJamBbong

(Spicy Noodle Soup)

  • Janchi Gug su

(Korean Traditional Soup)

  • Bibim Gug su

(Chilled Spicy Noodles)

5. Busan Korean Restaurant, Delhi

korean food india

Busan is a region in Korea that is practically inseparable from new fish and sashimi.

 Situated at the Majnu Ka Tila, this delightful cove window and bamboo tasteful of Busan Korean Restaurant is the spot for tapas-style feasts.

Be it Omurice or a Yukgaejang supper all things being equal (rice suffocated in hot buff and vegetable soup), or a straightforward feast of flapjacks like Ganja Jeon (potato) and Kimchi Jeon (kimchi), this café nails the brief with them all.

Offering liberal divides, there’s a ton to be enjoyed as a component of the broad menu as you disregard the banks of Yamuna. There’s a great deal from Bulgogi Gukbap (marinated meat with steamed rice) to Jjamppong Sujebi (a blend of fish with hand-torn noodles) to considerably more, there’s a great deal happening here and we’re living for it!

Service- Dine in, Takeaway.

Online Order– Zomato

Dishes Available and their cost

Pork(Deji)- Rs 350-550

  1. Samgyeopsal

(Pork belly BBQ set: Sauces, Garlic, lettuce etc)

  • Bossam

(Boiled Pork wrap set: Sauces, Garlic, Lettuce etc)

  • Khama Thang

(Pork, Chinese, Cabbage, Potatoes with a bowl of rice)

  • Kimchi Jjigae

(Kimchi and Pork soup with a bowl of rice)

 Kimbap (Korean Rice Roll)- Rs 160- 200

  1. Yachae Kimbap

(Veggies Kimbap)

  • Modeum Kimbap

(Crab Stick Kimbap)

  • Dak Kimbap

(Chicken Kimbap)

  • Pork Kimbap
  • Bulgogi Kimbap (Buff Kimbap)

Online Mode :

6. KS Foods

KS FOODS is India’s most memorable Exceptional Brand beginning around 2008 of ability in Korean norm of prepared to eat and prepared to cook items. KS foods is the Best online shop to buy Korean Foods in India.

At KS FOODS, They are a group of enthusiastic food darlings, focused on making electrifying food utilizing unquestionably the freshest and best fixings.

Foods Available

  1. Fish Cake
  2. Snacks
  3. Kimchi
  4. Korean sauce and Paste
  5. Tteokbokki
  6. Noodles

7. Seelamart

korean food india

Might it be said that you are somebody who’s partial to Korean dishes and wishes to duplicate these astounding recipes at home?

Then you should peruse everything we’re going to say to you, because we’re here with data about this supermarket that has some AWESOMESAUCE Korean fundamentals!

For Everything Korean , Seela Mart is defo going to be something that you’d want to look at assuming you are somebody who fantasizes about Korean food.

They know that it is so hard to get our hands on these lip-smacking fixings in the city at stores, so the way that there’s a shop that arrangements in such stuff that takes us leap with bliss.

Aside from famous bundled food, they likewise serve new produce, for example, bean sprouts (Congnamul), garae tteok and tteokbuki tteok, to name a limited handful.

Furthermore, assuming you feel excessively apathetic to make kimchi at home, you might actually get a few pre-made ones here – sounds astounding, doesn’t it?!

Foods available

  1. Noodles
  2. Snacks
  3. Drink and Tea
  4. Chilled and Frozen
  5. Sauce and powders
  6. Canned Foods

8. Korikart

korean food india

“Track down it, Love it, Buy it”!!

Korikart is a web-based store that gives unique Korean magnificence items in India alongside KFashion, K-Food, K-Toys, K-Kitchen and other individual adornments.

Korikart overcomes any issues and gives certified and unique Korean Cosmetics items on the web.

This web-based Korean restorative store gives the best offers and arrangements with the goal that you get your number one Korean items effectively at home and at sensible costs.

Korikart, brings for you, a gigantic scope of Korean Products In India, in a solitary truck.

Korean Food: Hunger ought to kick the can! Along these lines, Just Spice Up your Hunger with scrumptious KFood and partake in our scope of Korean Gourmet Foods, Korean Snacks, and a lot more in our truck.

K-Food Section incorporates every one of the flavorful assortments of Korean food by keeping up with the validness of taste of Korea in all its packs. Must-Try!!

Foods available

Cost- Rs 109- 4830

  1. Gourmet Food
  2. Snack Food
  3. Health Food
  4. Noodles
  5. Tea and Coffee

Final Words

I hope all get your answers. What is your Favourite Korean snack/food?

And which food would you like try and What are the foods that you already tried? Let us know in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya.



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FAQ “Korean Food India”

Is Korean food accessible in India?

Yes, It is available.

Is Korean food famous in India?

Yes, the korean cuisine is famous in India.

What is kimchi brought in India?


Is kimchi accessible in India?

Yes, in most of the part Kimchi is available in India.

Where can i buy Korean foods and Snack  Online in India?

KS Foods

What are the foods available in Korikart?

Gourmet Food,Snack Food, Health Food, Noodles, Tea and Coffee

Which korean food is most popular?

Spicy Rice Cake

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