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BTS SUGA recovered from CORONA on 3rd January 2022, ARMYs trended “Thanks God”

bts suga recovered from COVID-19

Annyeon ARMY!

Today on 3rd January at noon KST BigHit music, the music company of BTS has released a statement where they mentioned that BTS member SUGA, our August-D has been recovered from COVID-19.

I know like millions of other ARMYs all over the world you were also concerned about our “Swag King” and his health but now let’s be assured.

BigHit in their statement has also stated that Yoongi can now continue his daily activates without showing any symptoms of COVID-19.

On 24th December 2021 BTS SUGA was tested positive for CORONA after which other two member of BTS – Namjoon and Jin were also tested positive for COVID.

BIghit immediately announced this to ARMYs all over the world which led this biggest fandom to concern for their Idols.

But now BigHit announced on Weverse that SUGA has been recovered after his 10 days of home quarantine and can continue his activities.

ARMYs trended “Thanks God” after Yoongi’s recovery

As soon as BigHit announced this, ARMYs all over the world started trending #thanksgod on twitter.

However there is still no statement on recovery of other two BTS members Jin and Namjoon. But let’s pray for them more ARMY so they can also come back to their work and continue what they love doing.

Have a SUGA, ARMY ….


Your chingu…

Kdropper !


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SUGA recovery FAQ

When did BTS SUGA recovered from COVID-19?

BTS Suga has been recovered from COVID-19 which was announced by BigHit at noon KST on 3rd January 2022.

Is BTS SUGA tested negative fro COVID?

Yes after his 10 day home quarantine Yoongi didn’t show any symptoms of COVID.

Are BTS member Jin and Namjoon recovered from COVID?

BigHit has not announced about RM and Jin’s recovery.

5 thoughts on “BTS SUGA recovered from CORONA on 3rd January 2022, ARMYs trended “Thanks God””

  1. I hope no one else contracts covid….. hoping that rm and jin recover fast 🙁

  2. Woww 😍 that’s great news and now armys are eagerly waiting the same news of recovery of RM and Jin 💜💜💜💜💜

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