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Get  “Tippy Toes” the first digital single of girl group XG | XG Discography for Debut | Tippy Toes

xg tippy toes

Annyeon Chingu-ya !

JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA and COCONA are no longer a new name for our KdropCart fam… If you remember I have been following this new girl group XG consisting these seven super talented girls.

As few days ago I had updated you about their debut date – 18th March which is approaching soon. And now they have came with something big !

Tippy Toes teaser video released

Regarding their debut XGALX have released a teaser video for their first digital single MV – TIPPY TOES. They have named the video “XG – Tippy Toes (MV Teaser #1)”.

Here is the video, watch and enjoy –

In this super mysterious teaser all the seven members have a cool and confident looks on their face hinting the mega arrival of XG girls. Music video is set in a lab like background so it gives dark and suspenseful vibes.

This HipHop / R&B girl group XG has been getting a lot of popularity before their debut. And the teaser has just increased fans’ curiosity. Fans have been getting excited for XG’s debut day (count me in).

The group has also launched a premier page on their YouTube channel for their official MV. This music video will premier as XG – Tippy Toes (Official Music Video). Official music video will be released on 4 A.M. EST and at 6 P.M.  JST/KST.

Here is the link to set reminder ( I did J )

Get the TIPPY TOES single

XGALX is going to release official music video of TIIPY TOES. This is the first digital single of the group. XG is also going to launch CD for this digital single.

Fans can shop for it on their official website here.

I have been watching XG’s released videos including their introduction video XGALX and their recent performance videos. So for now I am excited and want to see their first music video to say anything about their success or failure.

Are you looking forward to it? Comment down if you have liked or disliked anything about the group to share with us.

I hope you enjoyed reading it chingu-ya. If you want Kpop merch visit our KdropCart shop.


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FAQ “Tippy Toes by XG”

What is XG’s debut song?

XG is debuting with their digital single “TIPPY TOES”.

How many members are there in XG girl group?

There are 7 members in XG girl group.

Where I can find XG’ discography?

XG’s new digital single will be available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple music.

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